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Car dealers tend to score great deals on auto auctions, but transporting the cars to the dealership can be a challenge. In most cases, cars need to be removed from the auction premises right away. If no staff is on hand to drive the cars back, you can contact Nationwide Auto Transportation for auction to dealer car shipping.

Nationwide Auto Transportation offers reliable auction to dealer car shipping, as well as bulk auto shipping services.

  • We offer the fastest auction to dealer car shipping service in the industry.
  • We handle auction to dealer car shipping in the entire continental US.
  • We offer discounts on multi-vehicle transport.

Bulk & Auction to Dealer Car Shipping

Auctions have a significant role to play in the pre-owned / used vehicle market. That’s why dealers often require reliable auto transportation services to facilitate the movement of bulk  and individual vehicle shipments from auctions to dealerships.

Nationwide Auto Transportation has access to a vast network consisting of thousands of car carriers across the nation, covering all major routes. Due our large volume of monthly shipments, we’re able to negotiate the best rates on bulk and auction to dealer car shipping services.

When choosing an auto transport service for your auction to dealer car shipping requirements, it is essential to consider their reputation. Here’s what you should look for in a reputable auto shipping broker and carrier:

These factors can be researched by visiting the company’s website and searching for their customer ratings on Google Business, Yelp and Better Business Bureau.

Planning Your Auction to Dealer Car Shipping

Due to the time constraints involved in auction to dealer car shipping, it is important to plan in advance. Contact Nationwide Auto Transportation a few days ahead of the auction so that we can have a truck on standby. That way, we can transport the vehicles to your dealership in a timely manner.

When you order our service, you will have three options at your disposal:

  • Open auto transport – The most economical option involves loading all the cars onto a truck without a roof and sides. Since these carriers are most common, this is a fast and lowest cost option.
  • Enclosed auto transport – This option is best for expensive vehicles and motorcycles, as the truck has soft or hard panels to protect the vehicles while they are being transported.
  • Individual transport – With this method, we will send individual drivers to bring your vehicles from the auction to your dealership. However, it is usually not the preferred method, as it puts extra miles on the vehicles.

When you ask Nationwide Auto Transportation to handle your auction to dealer car shipping service or dealer trades, you can rely on us to ensure it all goes smoothly. We will keep all parties informed at every step of the process.

Contact the Nationwide Auto Transportation team today via online chat, phone or email to discuss your auction to dealer car shipping requirements.

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