Calculator terms of use:

Our automated calculator system is working based on the history of vehicles that has shipped on the related route. All the quote that you received online they are estimated quote based on the closest metropolitan to the pickup and dropoff point. In some cases when the request of the quote is an area that is out of our route the rate might change if there is a difference in your price you will be contacted with a new quote by a dispatcher with the final guarantee rate before your booking. If you shipping more than one vehicle discounts rate is available, please contact our dispatcher for discounted rate of multi-vehicle shipping. The pickup date is estimated, the dispatcher will contact you with the guarantee date. Once you submit this request you will receive one email with your quote within 5 minutes this is a single time email and is not used for the public or share with any other company, If you do not see the email, please check your spam folder or contact us.

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