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Washington DC is home to many of the nation’s most popular tourist attractions. You will never find yourself without something to do while you’re here. You might even end up buying a car at one of their many different car lots. If that’s the case, but you don’t live there, then vehicle shipping may be necessary. Residents of Omaha, NE can have their automobiles shipped to them quickly and at an affordable price using Nationwide Auto Transportation.

There are a number of different reasons why you might want to have a vehicle shipped. As in the example above, you may have purchased a vehicle while visiting Washington DC. Or you may have purchased a car online via a service like Craigslist, eBay, or a dealer’s website. In those cases, you’ll need to make arrangements for shipping the vehicle to Omaha, NE.

Some people need their vehicles shipped to Omaha, NE because they are moving there from Washington DC. They have more than one vehicle and can’t possibly drive both of them at the same time. Instead, they drive one vehicle themselves and have the second vehicle shipped using an auto transportation service.

Nationwide Auto Transportation is a company that can ship a vehicle from any location in the country to any other location in the country. A lot of vehicles are shipped between Washington DC and Omaha, NE but those certainly aren’t the only pickup and drop off destinations. They can accomplish this nationwide shipping using a number of different shipping methods.

A Few Different Shipping Methods

The two major shipping options are open carrier or enclosed shipping. Each has its own advantages. The open carrier transport is the most commonly utilized option because it’s the fastest and the most affordable. If you’ve ever seen a large truck pulling an open trailer with several vehicles, then you know exactly what it looks like. Car dealers and shipping services across the globe use this method on a regular basis.

The major setback of the open carrier method is that the vehicle is exposed to the elements. This includes heavy winds, sunlight, and rain. It all depends on the weather conditions along the route where the vehicle is being transported. While this is still fine for most vehicles, if you have a luxury vehicle or a vintage car that you want to protect, then you may want to use an enclosed shipping container.

Enclosed shipping is more expensive and fewer vehicles can be transported at a single time. However, it does offer some added protection to what is being transported. It could be beneficial if you know of harsh weather conditions along the route between Washington DC and Omaha, NE.

Shipping a vehicle is a great way to get it from point A to point B without driving. It doesn’t add any extra miles to your vehicle so you know it will be in the same condition when it arrives. You’ll be able to take a plane or train and know that your car will be there shortly after you arrive.

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