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How Can You Get From Hartford CT To Miami FL?

If you live up north, but have things to do all the way down south, you’re going to have to occasionally go down there. For instance, you might find yourself wondering how to get from Hartford CT to Miami FL. Fortunately, there are multiple ways you can get down there.

If you own a car, the most direct road route is without a doubt Interstate 95. It runs near Hartford and through the Big Apple, going directly to Miami. Expect to spend approximately 26 hours of time on the road itself, so plan on breaking up the trip across two or three days unless you’re aggressive and switching with another driver.

Flying is often going to be your fastest bet. Direct flights take off and land every day between many cities around Hartford and Miami. Without layovers or stops, expect to spend around five hours in the air. Helpful hint: to save money, consider taking off from Philadelphia or Boston.

If you live in Hartford, you might be used to passenger rail service going quite a few places. It’s not the same down South, but there are passenger trains that let you ride the rails to the Sunshine State.

Another option that just lets you ride and relax is that of taking a bus. Often cheaper and faster than train rides, modern buses can be a little cramped, but often have power outlets and Wi-Fi.

If your itch is to just see Miami for a day as part of a vacation, there are cruise lines that sail out of New York City during the summer that makes stops in this port of call. You would not likely be able to stay long or schedule the exact day you want though.

Hitchhiking is always a possibility, but it’s generally not recommended as it’s illegal in many places and quite dangerous.

If you’re truly hard-pressed for time, money is no object, and flying is not a possibility, then one extreme option is one that is extremely expensive. That would be to take a taxi, Uber, or Lyft.

Whether it’s for business or to see family or just a vacation, there are obviously many ways to get from Hartford CT to Miami FL. Some of them can possibly be arranged as round trips with return transportation arranged in conjunction with the initial transit, which can save money.

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