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New York State’s second largest city, Buffalo, is located on the west of side of the state. The city has a number of nicknames, including “The City of Good Neighbors”, the “Nickel City” and “The Queen City”. The people are known as Buffelonians. It’s a city with a strong economy in the fields of services, high technology, light manufacturing and industrial.

There’s much to do and see in buffalo, as the city has interesting architecture, churches, skyscrapers and historic buildings. Garden Walk is the biggest flower festival in the country. Interestingly, you can use the Peace Bridge in Buffalo to cross over into Fort Erie in Canada.

Whether you’re moving to Buffalo, visiting the city on an extended business trip, or perhaps bringing a car to or from Canada, Nationwide Auto Transportation can help facilitate the process on your behalf. With more than a decade of industry experience, you can rely on NAT for the best service and industry contacts.

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Need door-to-door auto transport? Nationwide Auto Transportation works closely with you to help you obtain the best quote for the service that is best suited to your requirements. We do offer certain discounts throughout the year, including $50 off military auto transport, and seasonal discounts for students auto transport and snowbirds car shipping. Please don’t hesitate to speak to one of our door-to-door car shipping logistics consultants about the option that best suits your needs.

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New Jersey to San Diego Car ShippingNationwide Auto Transportation has a free, no-obligation car shipping calculator that allows you to get an instant quote. Our superior algorithm ensures that quotes are accurate. We pride ourselves on fast, affordable car shipping services, no matter where you’re shipping your car to or from.

Why NAT is One of the Most Trusted Car Shipping Service Providers in Buffalo NY

At Nationwide our aim is not only to meet customer expectations but to exceed them at all cost and at all times. We are one of the most trusted because we have dedicated the past 15 plus years to developing and improving on our customer and car shipping services to or from Buffalo NY. Our Buffalo NY car shipping services are convenient with door-to-door shipping because we understand that your convenience is priority. We not only ship cars, but motorcycles, boats, RVs, Classic Cars, cars from car dealerships, heavy duty shipping and the list goes on. We cater to regular citizens as well as military personnel and college students. Our Buffalo NY car shipping services offered and customer base is wide enough to satisfy your needs.

Buffalo NY car shipping

Buffalo NY Car Shipping Services Offered

There are two main Buffalo NY car shipping services that we offer and they include Open Carrier and Enclosed Carrier.

Open carrier is generally the more preferred of the two as it is cheaper and faster. In open carrier car shipping, the vehicle is loaded onto and carrier along with up to 10-12 other vehicles depending on the size of the carrier. This makes transportation a lot cheaper as the cost of the carrier is shared among all the vehicles and because so many vehicles can be carried at once, the driver makes fewer trips, which results in faster service. 

In enclosed carrier car shipping, the vehicle is transported in a container and is protected from the elements of nature such as rain, sun and snow. This method of shipping is more costly and is the preferred choice for the following:-

  • Luxury carsBuffalo NY auto transport
  • Vintage Cars
  • Expensive Motorcycles
  • and custom cars

Buffalo NY Car Shipping FAQ 

Is my vehicle insured while in transit?

Yes. The US Department of Transportation requires all auto transporters maintain a valid insurance policy. Nationwide Auto Transportation takes the additional step of requiring all carriers in their network to list them as additionally insured. This means that, in the unlikely event of an accident, if that agent is unable to cover the claim, Nationwide Auto Transportation is able to file the claim through their insurance company directly.

Can I load my vehicle up with personal items?

It is not recommended to place any personal items in your vehicle during Buffalo NY car shipping. Not only are items not insured during transport, but the DOT regulates what can be transported. The DOT can fine a transporter $10,000 if found to be carrying household goods. Moving companies are the only companies licensed to transport household goods. No firearms, hazardous materials, or illegal contraband are allowed at any time.

Which methods of payment are acceptable?

Nationwide Auto Transportation accepts all major credit cards or any type of certified funds prior to vehicle shipment. If you wish to pay upon delivery, a deposit is required to schedule your Buffalo NY car shipping service and the balance must be paid in full to the driver in cash or certified funds.

Do I have to be present for pickup and / or delivery?

Yes. Either you or an authorized agent must be present to sign for the condition of your vehicle at both pickup and delivery.

How far in advance should I plan my Buffalo NY car shipping service?

Placing your vehicle shipment order as far in advance as possible, will help ensure your vehicle is picked up and delivered within your requested time frame.

Where will my vehicle be picked up and delivered?

Your vehicle will be both picked up and delivered as close to your specified addresses as is physically possible. Certain government residential restrictions may prevent our drivers from arriving at your exact residence or there may be loading safety regulation issues. If we should find we are unable to arrive at a specified address, one of our agents will contact you to make appropriate arrangements.

Buffalo NY car shipping

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