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Nationwide auto transportation offers Car Shipping From Baltimore, MD to Phoenix, AZ; we have 8 trucks going in this route every week and back on the other direction from Phoenix to Baltimore MD.

Best Rate Car Shipping From Baltimore, MD to Phoenix, AZ

Car Shipping From Baltimore, MD to Phoenix, AZNationwide Auto Transportation is committed to providing our Baltimore MD and Phoenix customers with an excellent experience. Our goal is not simply to meet your expectations but to exceed your expectations. Nationwide Auto Transportation has been recognized for our excellent dedication to our customers. When you use our Baltimore MD to Phoenix auto shipping services, you can expect nothing but the best and to always be treated with exceptional customer service.

Car Shipping From Baltimore, MD to Phoenix, AZ!

Car Shipping From Baltimore, MD to Phoenix, AZWhen you are looking to transport your vehicle from Baltimore MD to Phoenix , you want to go with someone who knows the ins and outs of auto shipping business. We are the people who know how to handle everything just right so when you’re in a rush, you know who to turn to: Nationwide Auto Transportation. We know that auto transportation can be a stressful and tiring task, but sometimes it needs to be done and we specialize in transporting motorcycles, cars, SUV’s, trucks and vans from Baltimore MD to Phoenix .

Why Choose Our Car Shipping From Baltimore, MD to Phoenix, AZ

Car Shipping From Baltimore, MD to Phoenix, AZAuto transport companies are numerous and highly competitive. Selecting the best car transporter to ship your car from Baltimore MD to Phoenix can be a difficult decision. That is why our goal is to make your choice to use our vehicle transport services an easy decision. We strive to be the best auto transport company in the business serving our clients with an elite group of car transporters, within the lower 48 states. At Nationwide Auto Transportation, our mission is to provide you with vehicle transport services at reasonable prices.

FAQS about Car Shipping From Baltimore, MD to Phoenix, AZ

What about my vehicle insurance?

Yes. The US Department of Transportation requires all auto transporters maintain a valid insurance policy. Nationwide Auto Transportation takes the additional step of requiring all carriers in their network to list them as additionally insured. This means that, in the unlikely event of an accident, if that agent is unable to cover the claim, Nationwide Auto Transportation is able to file the claim through their insurance company directly. To know more about Car Shipping From Baltimore, MD to Phoenix, AZ, call now.

Can I load my vehicle up with personal items?

Please do not place any personal items in your vehicle which you wish to ship because of safety reasons. There is no insurance for these items during transport, but the DOT has its own regulations. The DOT can fine a transporter $10,000 if found to be carrying household goods. Moving companies have a license to move household goods because it is necessary. You cannot transfer firearms, hazardous materials, or illegal contraband at any time because of safety reasons.

Which methods of payment are acceptable?

Nationwide Auto Transportation accepts all major credit cards or any type of certified funds prior to vehicle shipment. If you wish to pay upon delivery, please make a deposit. You can pay the balance in full to the driver in cash or certified funds.

Do I have to be present for pickup and / or delivery?

Yes. Either you or an authorized agent must be present to sign for the condition of your vehicle at both pickup and delivery.

How far in advance should I plan my vehicle shipment?

Place the shipment order in advance because it will save you from hassles. If you do this, there will be no delay. As a result there will be no delay in picking up and delivery.

In case of vehicle damage, what will I do?

If there is a damage in transit please contact our claims department immediately so that the process is quick. If you have any information regarding the claim please send it to Nationwide Auto Transportation. A claims representative will contact you within 24 business hours.

We provide a fast Car Shipping From Baltimore, MD to Phoenix, AZ.


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