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Most people tend to be in a hurry when it comes to automobile transportation and end up not preparing their car transportation as they ought to. Pennsylvania has two main cities; Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, which are on opposite ends of the state. There are tons of reasons why you may move from one state to another, Nationwide Auto Transportation has the responsibility to ensure that your vehicle arrives safely. When dealing with a car carrier, please ensure that your car is ready for shipping in the best way possible. So, when thinking about Pennsylvania Car Transport, you must visit us.

Inspect Your Car

Take your time in inspecting the car before it is picked up by the car carrier for transit. Take photos and note any issues that the car may have. This will help you claim for any damages that may occur during the shipping process.

Besides the inspection, you should take out all your personal belongings and hand over the car to the automobile transportation company when it is completely empty. This will reduce the overall weight of the car and thereby reduce the cost. It is also a good way to prevent any loss or damage to your valuables.

Automobile Transportation Pick-up and Delivery

Ensure that you agree on where the vehicle is being picked up and where it will be delivered. Some auto transportation companies may have the option of door to door services, while others will only give you terminal to terminal. These are details that you should agree before the shipping process commences.

It is important to note that shipping a vehicle may take several weeks and therefore you need to be realistic as far as the delivery goes. When dealing with a car carrier, you will need to exercise a lot of patience, while still holding them accountable to the agreement.

Recent Pennsylvania Vehicle Shipping Routes

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