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Heading south for the winter? Nationwide Auto Transportation specializes in seasonal travel / snowbirds car shipping. Our aim is to provide damage-free, affordable and reliable transportation for your car between any destinations in continental USA.


Instead of making the long drive on wet, icy roads, rely on Nationwide Auto Transport and our expert snowbirds car shipping deals to safely bring your car to its warm, sunny destination.


Every year, we make many snowbirds car shipping deliveries from Wisconsin, Oregon, Washington State, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa and other frosty states down to the more sunny states, such as California, Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and other milder winter states.


No matter where you’re headed for winter, we’ll take your car wherever you need it to be. But we don’t only transport cars. We also offer:


    • ATV shipping
    • Boat transportation
  • And much, much more.

Benefits of Snowbirds Car Shipping


Why do people consider shipping their cars south in winter, instead of driving? There are many reasons… Here are a few:


    • It’s safer than driving in the snow.
    • It’s much quicker to ship your car and fly down – no rest stops, meals and overnights.
    • It saves on wear and tear on your vehicle.
    • You don’t have to change to snow tires.
    • Car shipping reduces stress – who needs stress during vacation??
  • It gives you more vacation time (a quick flight vs. days of road travel).


Every year, Nationwide Auto Transport dedicates a portion of our partners’ trucks to snowbirds car shipping. By consolidating several cars on one truck, we are able to negotiate fantastic rates for retirees and seasonal travelers. As a bonus, it is more environmentally friendly than if all the cars were driving that distance.


NAT Snowbirds Car Shipping Service


For well over a decade, Nationwide Auto Transportation has been a leading provider of snowbirds car shipping. Every month, we ship more than a thousand vehicles across continental  USA, and this amount increases significantly with the snowbird travel. We understand the needs of seasonal travelers and retirees.

Nationwide Auto Transportation is a car shipping broker that works with reputable carriers who consistently meet our requirements:


    • Required minimum insurance coverage
    • On time collection and delivery
    • Damage free shipping
  • Exceptional customer service

Note: We are not a shipping lead generator that sells your details to carriers. We actually work as a middle man, providing customer service on behalf of carriers, and as your point of contact with the carrier. Carriers are constantly on the road and don’t have time to take calls and handle administration that is required when it comes to customer service.


Snowbirds car shipping headed south usually starts picking up in October, which means transportation becomes cheaper for cars heading north. The opposite is true during March or April when the snowbirds head back up north. If your time is flexible, that window will provide you with the best rates.


Schedule your snowbirds car shipping well ahead of time to save on last minute bookings. Request a quote now.

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