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Here are some Shipper Tips for you to get ensured about the safe shipment of your vehicle.
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Nationwide Auto Transportation is an industry leader because of our total commitment to providing our customers with the finest quality service. So, feel free to check the Shipper Tips and enjoy Shipment with a free mind. We take great pride in being able to offer competitive pricing while providing world-class customer care and service. Below you will find automotive shipping tips that will help the transportation process go smoothly for you. Our goal is not simply to meet your expectations but to exceed your expectations. We ensure the safe transport and delivery of your vehicle to your chosen destination. We have a great team of licensed and insured transport drivers. So, you can sit back and relax while your vehicle is reaching the destination. Nationwide Auto Transportation monitors your auto transport from start to finish. You are welcome and encouraged to contact our customer service at any time to inquire about your vehicle. We are available 7 days a week for dispatch service and inquiries as well as SMS chat. Please check out these Shipper Tips:


  • Remove all personal items from the car.

  • Be sure to have no more than ¼ tank of gas in the car.

  • Make sure to have a complete set of keys for the auto carrier and a spare for yourself.

  • Wash your vehicle before shipping in order to ensure the most accurate inspection.

  • De-activate any alarms.

  • Always request the bill of lading from the driver upon delivery.

  • Make sure the battery is in good working order and the car starts easily. A vehicle that stops operating in the midst of an auto transport will be treated as an inoperable vehicle.

  • Secure any loose items such as racks, convertible tops, etc.

  • Disconnect projecting antennas.

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