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In the last year, nearly half a million people moved to Texas. The Lone Star State is booming, which means that our carriers have their hands – and their trucks – full. But don’t worry. When you need car transportation Texas, we’re able to secure availability for you, whether you need student or military auto transport, snowbird car shipping or any other form of vehicle transportation.

You do not have to be a cowboy to enjoy  Texas. The state is home to several large employers in the big cities that seem to attract people to Texas. Car transportation has in the recent past become so common, since many people are moving from one state to another. If it is your first time to move to a different state, then there are a few things that you need to familiarize yourself with before engaging the services of an auto carrier.

Step #1:  Decide on the type of vehicle transportation you need

Once you’ve considered tow dolly vs auto transport and decided on professional car transportation Texas, you have a few options:

Open Carrier

Enclosed Carrier

Driveaway Service

  • Ship your car on an open car carrier
  • You can make use of enclosed auto carrier
  • Use a drive-away service

Step #2:  Get up to 3 car shipping quotes

Contact a few companies that offer the type of car transportation Texas you need, and ask for quotes. Be sure to be specific in terms of the details of your shipment. It is always important to be honest about the condition, size and age of your vehicle, and to give accurate addresses for pickup and delivery.

Step #3:  Research auto shipping reviews online

When it comes to deciding on which company treat their customers. Be sure to rely on legitimate reviews, though, as many companies actually get friends and employees to write reviews. We’ve created a post to help you determine whether reviews are legitimate. 

At Nationwide Auto Transportation, we can assist with car transportation to or from Texas:

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