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Ceramic car coating—a new fad, or a valuable investment?

Purchasing a new car is certainly exhilarating, and you can’t wait to get all the paperwork filed so that you can take the shiny new vehicle in your garage or take it out for a ride. Or you might be wondering how to keep it looking brand new or restoring it to its original mint condition. In this post, we will discuss why choosing ceramic coating is the best option for you and your vehicle.

There are many options, such as conventional waxing methods or newer techniques that are available in the market now. You might feel overwhelmed about which option to pick, and that’s exactly how this article from Ceramic Pro can help you out. 

ceramic car coating

What is Ceramic Coating for Cars?

Ceramic coating is a solution of chemical polymer that is applied by hand to the exterior of the car to protect the paint from damage. It protects the paint by bonding with it, thus creating an extra hydrophobic layer. This extra layer protects the factory paint job. 

Ceramic coating for cars is used as an alternative to waxing, contrary to what many car enthusiasts believe. The main goal of applying the ceramic coating is to prevent the clear coat of your car from being ruined by coming into contact with grime and dirt, and this prevents stains from forming.

Many people consider the ceramic coating to be a permanent or semi-permanent solution, depending on what polymer is used or what type of coating is applied. The best part about this paint type is that it does not break down under bad weather conditions due to its intrinsic chemical properties. 

Enclosed auto transportation is another excellent method for protecting your asset. Although an open carriage truck is almost 100% safe, a truck with sides and a roof provides added peace of mind, especially if you have an exotic or classic car with ceramic paint protector. . So now let’s discuss how ceramic coating can benefit your car.

It Helps to Keep Your Car Clean

The ceramic coating provides a hard surface which makes debris and dirt roll off the paint rather than sticking to it. This results in keeping the car looking new and pristine for much longer. Also, washing your car takes a lot less time and effort if the car has a ceramic coating. Usually, if you have waxed your car, cleaning it can be quite a headache. However, you don’t have to worry about the polymer wearing off if you have applied ceramic coating. 

Another benefit of ceramic coating is that it blends in with the paint of your vehicle and repels water. This removes all the water-based dirt. All you need to do is a quick jet wash, and your car will be spotless again.

Easy On Your Pocket

The fact that applying ceramic coating on your car can be quite affordable for you is what makes it popular among vehicle owners. The upfront cost of getting ceramic coating for your vehicle can be high, but you end up saving in the long run as you don’t need to spend a lot of money on washing, detailing, or waxing. 

Ceramic coating is mostly a permanent solution, so you don’t need to be concerned every year with the additional costs of getting it replaced.  

It Protects Your Car’s Paint Job 

Every time you drive your car, it comes into contact with various contaminants that may cause damage. A ceramic coating acts as a protective surface that blocks all foreign matter from the surface of your car. You will not see any significant signs of oxidation, fading, or chemical damage. 

The sun’s UV rays are harmful to your car and will cause oxidation, but applying a ceramic coating will help prevent this. This is especially important if you park your car outdoors.

It Provides Longer Lasting Protection 

Ceramic coating is far more durable than traditional paint coatings. Wax in particular will wear off far more quickly than ceramic coating. Usually, the ceramic coating provided by a reputable service provider will last at least a couple of years, providing your vehicle protection without wearing off from elements such as bird droppings, weather, atmosphere components, and the usual contaminants.

It Enhances Your Car’s Appearance

If you want your car to keep looking shiny and new, apply a ceramic coating. This will not just protect the surface of your car; it will also leave it with a beautiful gloss. The ceramic coating is perfect for restoring and protecting the look of your car over time. 

How to Apply Ceramic Coating to Your Cars at Home

If you decide to apply a ceramic coating to your car at home, you will need to follow the instructions exactly. Here is a list of the general steps that you need to follow for your DIY ceramic coat application: 

  • Prepare your car for the coating by washing it thoroughly and then drying it off carefully using a microfiber towel. If there are any imperfections on your car such as paint scratches or swirl marks, you will need to fix them before you start the process as you don’t want them to be sealed in.
  • Park your car in a well-shaded place. If you have a garage, leave the door open. Just make sure it is not under direct sunlight.
  • The kit will come with an application pad. You need to pour the ceramic coating on this pad to ensure a smooth and optimal finish. This method will be far better than applying the coating with a cloth or sponge. Use a crisscross motion while applying the coating with the pad over the surface of your vehicle.
  • If there is a leftover residual ceramic coating, wipe it away using a microfiber cloth. After this, buff your entire vehicle using a second microfiber cloth. 
  • The ceramic coating needs to be allowed to dry completely. Although each type of paint has its own drying time, usually it is around 48 hours. Be sure to leave your car in the shade while you wait for the coating to dry, so it’s better to choose a time when you won’t need to use the car.

How to Remove Ceramic Coating

Even though there are many benefits to ceramic coating, there may be some reasons why you would want to remove it. What are some of the reasons?

A Bad Coating Installation

Things might go wrong, especially on your first attempt. You might apply too little or too much product, or maybe you did not spread it properly on the surface. You might also not have given ample time for the coating to cure before you drove off. All these factors may lead to the overall finish not getting the desired quality and the reflections getting hazy.

A Ceramic Coating Can Fail

A sub-par product or one that was poorly applied can fail and wear down much faster. If you see that your car has lost its sheen, and the surfaces don’t have the sleek and slippery feel anymore and have become tacky looking, you know that the ceramic coating is no longer working. Sometimes ceramic coating can get dirty. You should wash your car to see if the shine returns. If it doesn’t, it’s time to put a new coating on.

Poor Condition 

It’s not uncommon for the ceramic coating to get scuffed and scratched, as it is only a few microns thick. Scratches can penetrate the clear coat and beyond. You may need to do some paint correction if your vehicle has undergone dings, scratches, paint transfers, or dents. You may need to remove the ceramic coating and get it reapplied after you have restored the body of the vehicle.

Final Thoughts on Ceramic Coating for Your Car

You don’t have to be a car enthusiast to want your ride to remain in pristine and shiny condition for a long time. Most of us take pride in the condition of our cars, and the paint is the first thing that people see, so it’s important to keep it looking fresh and new. 

A ceramic coating will go a long way to ensuring that your car stays looking new for a long time. So choose the right paint type and ensure a beautiful look for your car.

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