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Are you moving to New Orleans without a job or are moving to New Orleans alone? Is there a trade-off between the money and opportunities and the possible loss of network? In this article, you will see if it’s worth moving and how you can make the right decision.

The city of New Orleans lies on the Mississippi River near the Gulf of Mexico, in Louisiana. New Orleans is known as the “Big Easy”. The city has a lively live music scene, spicy food, and round-the-clock entertainment.

The cultural characteristics of New Orleans are part of the city’s history as a melting pot of French, African and American cultures. Winter is the season for the Mardi Gras and is a reflection of the festive character of the season with parades and street parties.

The decision to move home can be huge, we all know that. And sometimes we make hasty decisions, regardless of all the possible consequences. Making an informed decision will allow you to enjoy your new home and to feel at ease. 

You will discover that there are few bad things about living in New Orleans, and plenty of pros. How do you decide whether to move to New Orleans? As you consider moving to New Orleans, there are a few questions you should ask.

Moving to  New Orleans

Should I Move To New Orleans Quiz: Should I Move Or Not?

These significant points can be turned into questions and you can create a moving to New Orleans checklist. Here are some ideas to help you get started:

  1. Why are you considering moving to New Orleans?

Determine if moving is a necessity or a desire, then consider your reasons for that. You can argue that you should move to New Orleans using two completely different factors.

  1. Can you afford to move right now?

If you are moving to New Orleans, you should consider all factors, including the costs and getting the funds together. When moving to New Orleans remember not to overlook any associated moving costs. 

  1. Will there be any effects on future finances when moving to New Orleans?

Besides your new home’s ongoing costs, consider the overall cost of living in a new community. Financial problems can’t be predicted, but you can prepare for them. 

  1. What impact will moving to New Orleans have on your work life?

Your salary will be a concern if you are moving to New Orleans without a job. However, you may be taking advantage of a new job opportunity when you move to New Orleans. In either case, think of the opportunity, will the relocation cost be worth it?

  1. What about your family? 

Are you moving to New Orleans alone or with a family? Think about how your family’s lives will be affected if you move. Consider your family’s suggestions and opinions when making your decision. 

Before you make the final decision of moving to New Orleans, NAT recommends you go on a trip there first. When you visit schools and communities in person, you can learn more about the different neighborhoods and amenities.

When Moving To New Orleans, What Are Some Things To Consider?

There can never be 100% certainty since moving destinations are usually foggy. Here are a few objectives to take into consideration. When moving to New Orleans, what are some of the things that you need to consider?

  • The Weather 

If you’re moving to New Orleans, you may want to consider the seasons. You may need to get snow tires for the winter. The best time to visit New Orleans is from February to May, as the weather is mild and the crowds are at their peak.

  • Living expenses

The housing costs of Nola are 1% higher than national averages, but utility rates are 14% cheaper. In New Orleans, grocery prices are 3% lower than in other major cities.

  • Job Opportunities 

There are opportunities for employment and rewarding careers in Louisiana’s Southeast area. New Orleans is one of the most financially vibrant cities in the country. This is attracting new companies who are moving to New Orleans to begin a business there.

  • Safety when moving to New Orleans

74 percent of New Orleans residents believe the city is becoming more dangerous, and 64 percent do not believe that the city is safe. 

  • Education 

Charter schools serve the majority of students. New Orleans offers a city-wide choice of public schools for students and their families, along with autonomy and accountability for school leadership, teachers, and staff. Benjamin Franklin High School, Lake Forest Elementary Charter School, and Lusher Charter School are three of the best public schools in New Orleans, LA.  

Expert tips: Request relocation assistance from your employer. Discuss tax deductions for moving expenses with your financial adviser. Consider getting a job before moving to New Orleans.

Is Moving to New Orleans Something You Should Consider?

Relocating to a new city can be scary and it is a big choice to make. These points highlight some important factors if you are considering moving to New Orleans:  

  • Changing companies

Over the past few years, companies have reorganized and relocated their employees and their families to other states, cities, and countries. If you find yourself in this situation, consider how far you have come in your career. Ask yourself if moving to New Orleans will help you to take that next step.

  • Are you retiring? 

If you’ve just retired and want to move to a sunnier, warmer place, it’s important to look at your options. Consider health care and medical insurance options, the cost of living, and how moving away from family and friends will affect you. A long-term vacation of three to six months is oftentimes the best way to discover whether or not a permanent move suits your lifestyle.

  • Following your dreams and life choices 

Many hobbies you enjoy may not be available in your area, whether they are cycling or hiking. Activities that you enjoy may also be seasonal, such as winter sports. If you are thinking about moving to New Orleans, then make your list, take a trip, and then make it happen. 

A New Job Location: What To Consider When Moving to New Orleans

Professional choices sometimes lead to moving thousands of miles away in order to get the right job. Choosing whether to relocate for a job isn’t an easy decision. It can be great for your career and personal development to relocate for a new job. Here are some ideas to help you decide whether moving to New Orleans is right for you.

  • Think from a holistic perspective. Consider the lifestyle that moving to New Orleans will offer you. Are you suited for a small-town or big-city living? Don’t be tempted to act immediately. Consider what is best for you in the long term. 
  • Whether you are moving to New Orleans alone or with your family is also another important factor. This decision will not only impact your future but the future of your loved ones and their input is important.
  • Talk to your partner about the opportunity. Your partner must be able to get work without any big setbacks when moving to New Orleans.Will this move suit both of your needs?
  • Talk to your kids before making the final decision of moving to New Orleans. Moving with kids of any age is possible, although there are certain ages when it may be more difficult. Moving an older child is more challenging; moving a child younger than eight can be easier.
  • Think about your development. You may be able to meet people from different departments, get new ideas, and build a larger network. Maybe you will learn about new cultures in New Orleans that you weren’t aware of.
  • Consider your long-term professional plans when considering the opportunity of moving to New Orleans. Make sure that you know what you will do after three years, and that you have a backup plan if something goes wrong.
Overanalyzing Whether Moving To New Orleans Is A Good Idea

Overthinking any situation can cause analysis paralysis, leading to no decision being made or making a decision by default. Perspective is important, especially when making a big decision like moving to New Orleans. 

As you get older, you feel more hesitant about making decisions in life. Remember that careers last for a lifetime. Moving to New Orleans is an affordable event and allows you the benefit of exploring and experimenting in the new city. 

When moving to New Orleans you can consider asking your organization if you can do a short job swap. Or even a temporary stay home before you move to New Orleans if you’re uncertain. Depending on your employer, you may qualify or request a trial period before permanently moving to New Orleans. 

Here are a few things you should keep in mind when considering moving to New Orleans:


  • Consider your decision as an expression of who you are. Ask yourself: Should I be moving to New Orleans without a job
  • What kind of family do you want to be?
  • Make sure your partner is happy.
  • Consider a temporary position or job swap to get a feel for the new location.


  • Don’t think about the short-term. Concentrate on how moving to New Orleans will affect you and your family in the long term.
  • Don’t think all by yourself, seek the advice of trusted peers.
  • Don’t overthink the decision. If you decide against moving to New Orleans, you can always have a backup plan.
Living In New Orleans Pros And Cons And What You Can Expect

The city of New Orleans is beautiful. Hundreds of thousands of people attend Mardi Gras, one of the country’s top parties every year. You can expect both good things and bad things when living in New Orleans. 

Living and moving to New Orleans has its pros and cons: 

The pros:

  • New Orleans has plenty of excitement and festivals are held all year round. The French Quarter Festival and the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival are included. There is also the Essence Festival, which is one of the best in the United States. 
  • New Orleans has spectacular architecture everywhere. Make sure to look at a “shotgun house.” This is a house without many (if any) walls within it. A shotgun could be fired from one end without hitting any walls before it exits. 
  • New Orleans is full of friendly people. When moving to New Orleans it is nice to know that you can ask your neighbors for help if you need it. The New Orleans locals are friendly despite all the partying.

The cons:

  • There are no beaches in New Orleans. The beach is within driving distance, but it takes about 90 minutes to get there. You will need to drive quite often to enjoy the ocean spray and sand between your toes. The highest recommended beach in New Orleans is Biloxi Beach.
  • Insects are everywhere. In New Orleans, there are many brown recluse spiders. And Mardi gras is the perfect time of year for fire ants to emerge until it gets cold again. Insects might be the biggest con to consider when moving to New Orleans.
  • Louisiana’s economy is on the rocks. Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans nearly 15 years ago. Previously, the city had a vibrant and robust economy. Slowly, the city is returning to its former glory. 

Why You Need a Car When Moving to New Orleans 

Life can be stressful if you do not have your own vehicle. You should find a reliable and easier mode of transportation to improve your quality of life. Learn more about why you should own a car.

  • Independence and convenience are important when moving to New Orleans. Investing in a car when you live in New Orleans is a great step towards independence. If you are at college or university, you can drive there with your own vehicle without problems.
  • Owning your own car will allow you to save time. With the bus, you have to go through several stops on your way. It is less stressful to own your own car, and you’ll have more time on your hands. 
  • Heavy items are easier to transport and to shop for. You don’t need to carry heavy bags through the streets or on a bus if you own a car. Invest in a car when you consider moving to New Orleans to make your transport life easier. 
  • When moving to New Orleans you can enjoy reduced transport costs by owning a fuel-efficient vehicle. There are several types of vehicles that are highly fuel-efficient and lower in CO2 emissions. These include midsize cars, coupes, sedans, subcompacts, and compacts. 
  • Safe transportation. When moving to New Orleans your own car will be safer to drive in than public transport. Cars come equipped with safety features like airbags, safety belts, and brake assist.
Top Things To Do When Moving To New Orleans Alone Or With Family

New Orleans offers something to do for everyone. Beyond Bourbon Street, you can enjoy outdoor activities, music, and shopping. Here are the best things that you can enjoy when moving to New Orleans:

  1. Traditionally French quarters

Any time of year, visiting the French Quarter is a must. The oldest neighborhood of the city, the Vieux Carre is home to a wealth of history, beautiful architecture, delicious food, and music. Besides longtime residents, acrobats, and friendly tour guides, the Vieux Carre hosts a colorful cast of characters. 

  1. Frenchment Street

Frenchment Street is a popular music venue in the city. Here you will hear jazz, blues, reggae, and rock performed at places such as Spotted Cat and dba. Restaurants are offering Egyptian fare and pizza.

  1. The National WWII Museum

The World War II Museum tells the story of those who served during the Second World War. You can see actual planes, jeeps, and Higgins boats, and musical performances from WWII. You can also dine in the restaurant, and browse the gift shop full of goodies inspired by the 1940s.

Transporting Your Car When You Are Moving To New Orleans

Does your child attend school in New Orleans? It is important to know that you don’t need to travel long distances or endure the stress of the road alone. Consider NAT to auto-ship your car.