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Car towing fails happen daily. Your car needs a tow. The tow truck arrives, but the driver has no idea how to attach your vehicle!

You will find that 96% of Fords are still on the road. Thankfully, the other 4% made it home. You hook up your car to a Ford Ranger, only for the rope to snap and send the car careening down the road.

These are just two examples of the hilarious (yet frustrating) world of car towing fails. This post shows us the funny side of towing cars. On the other hand, keep smiling when you ship your car with Nationwide Auto Transportation. We are serious about shipping your car.

Car Towing Fails | The Laughter is Real

Don’t become a car towing fails statistic. What do you do when a car starter fails and you’re stranded on the side of the road? On top of this, you have no way to get it started? Unfortunately, there isn’t really a way to get the car started without towing it to a mechanic. However, there are a few things you can try. Jumpstarting only works for some cars, and always check the battery connections first.

A flat tire is such a deflating experience. Read this helpful blog that teaches readers how to avoid potholes when you tow a car.

And let’s not forget the added woes of towing a camper with a car. Not only do you have to worry about the weight of the camper, but also the added stress it puts on your vehicle. Undoubtedly the chance of getting a car scratch after towing is pretty high. Subsequently many car rental companies don’t allow towing at all. 

towing fail

However, RV shipping gets your home-on-wheels to your vacation destination, no fuss, no scratches. Now you have more time to look for that elusive Bigfoot, without any car towing fails!

Car Towing Price vs Car Shipping Price

Car towing and car shipping are two different methods of transporting vehicles from one location to another. The price of each will vary depending on factors that include:

  • Distance
  • Location
  • Type of vehicle transported

Car towing prices

Car towing prices are typically based on the distance the vehicle needs to be towed. In addition, the type of vehicle being towed is of note. The car towin cost can range from a few hundred dollars for a short distance tow. On the contrary, it can be several thousand dollars for a long-distance tow.

The cost can also be affected by whether the car is inoperable or not. Inoperable cars may need a flatbed truck, and that will add to the cost.

Car Shipping Prices

Car shipping prices are typically based on the distance the vehicle needs to be shipped. Moreover, the type of shipping method used counts a lot.

Choose between open and enclosed shipping. Open shipping is cheaper than enclosed shipping, but does not protect the car from weather and road debris. Enclosed shipping is more expensive, but offers more protection for the car. The cost of car shipping can range from a few hundred dollars for a short distance to several thousand dollars for a long-distance.

car shipping fails

Use our Car Shipping Calculator to get an accurate estimate.

In general, car shipping is usually more expensive than car towing because it involves more specialized equipment and a more complex process.

Overall, it’s important to consider the type of vehicle you have, the distance it needs to be transported, and the level of protection you require when deciding whether to choose car towing or car shipping.

Reasons for towing a car in Baltimore MD. a 3 Mile cheap car towing to Bozeman, MT may be cheaper than a 30 mile tow in Baltimore, MD.

Are you looking for a cheap car towing option in Bozeman? You may want to look into pickups for towing another car. Alternatively, Car Shipping or Towing | Explaining the Difference gives readers tips to avoid ar towing fails. Here is another helpful road assistance website for readers to visit.

But perhaps the most embarrassing (and hilarious) car towing fail of all is when the driver of the car being towed has a hole in the roof. Yes, you read that correctly, towing my car; hole in the roof!

The ‘Start Your Car’ Checklist

When a car starter fails, is there any way to get it started without towing? Here are a few things you can try to get the car started without towing it to a mechanic.


Battery Connections

Make sure the battery terminals are clean and tight. Look that the cables are not corroded.


Make sure the battery terminals are clean and properly connected. Sometimes, the problem may be with the ignition switch, fob, or key.

Starter Components

The starter relay is an electrical component that sends power to the starter motor. If it fails, the starter motor won’t receive power and the engine won’t start.

Jumpstarting the car

If the battery is dead, jumpstarting the car may be able to get it started.

It’s worth noting that these methods may help you to get your car started, but it’s important to address the cause of the starter failure. In many cases, the starter may be the symptom of an underlying problem and the car may stall again. So, it’s always recommended to get it checked by a professional.

What do you do when you cannot get your car started? Particularly if you need to ship it elsewhere? You can Ship a Non-Runner with Nationwide Auto Transportation. CONTACT US for more information.

Auto Shipping | Avoid Car Towing Fails

To put it all in a nutshell, car towing fails are not a laughing matter. Nevertheless, the failures that occur during the process can be pretty amusing. 

Now that you know about car towing cost, consider auto shipping. Nationwide Auto Transportation believes that shipping your car is not a joke. We take your vehicle’s safety, and timeous delivery, very seriously. In fact, we guarantee 100% commitment with every car we ship

Avoid car scratch after towing and other car towing fails! Call a consultant or visit our website Nationwide Auto Transportation.

Remember, always check your car’s battery and roof before calling for a tow. You don’t want to go viral as one of those ‘towing a car with a Ford Ranger fails!’

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