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Car transport reviews can be of great use to anyone looking for a good auto shipping company to move their car from one city to another. However, it has happened that people have missed out on a wonderful car relocation service by being dissuaded by one or two negative car transport reviews. Remember, most people are faster to leave exaggerated complaints than to provide honest, legitimate compliments.

Social media has made it easier than ever for people to access information. It has become a part of our daily lives, as it encourages personal expression and free speech. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter provide the average person the opportunity to make a significant impact – impact that should be used responsibly as a form of communication rather than a tool to manipulate the news that is spread in the form of reviews.

While most people have good intentions, there are the bad eggs:

  • Companies use the platform to manipulate information
  • Certain companies use reviews as a platform to damage the image of competitors
  • Some individuals see reviews as a tool to get freebies or to manipulate companies

But how do you know which reviews you can trust, and which not? Ultimately, it’s best to look at a company’s overall ratings.

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The Science Behind Car Transport Reviews

Next time you’re looking for a great auto shipping company, look at the following aspects.

1. Legitimate car transport reviews sites

With easy web building tools and cheap internet rates, any yahoo can build a website and put together some car relocation reviews to promote or tarnish any business. Instead of looking for reviews on some obscure sites, look at legitimate sites, such as:

Google Business
and BBB.

2. Consider what the car transport reviews cover

When it comes to sifting through negative reviews (which are inevitable), you want to consider the aspects that are being reviewed. What’s important to you? Is it –

  • shipping duration?
  • price?
  • transparent service?
  • your vehicle’s safety?

Weigh up what aspects the reviews cover, and consider whether you can handle if that happens to you. For instance, if the majority of negative car transport reviews involve slow delivery, but all of them are happy with the customer service and the fact that their cars were delivered in immaculate condition, you know how to get around that.

3. Star ratings on car transport reviews

If a car relocation company has all good or all bad reviews, there’s usually something amiss. However, if a company has 80 reviews in total and five negative reviews, that does not make them bad. Companies are operated by humans, and humans make mistakes. It does not indicate malicious intent.

Ideally, look for a company with 70% or more positive ratings and you should be just fine!

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