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Country Classic Cars LLC. is a classic and antique vehicle dealer located at 2149 E Frontage Rd, Staunton, Illinois. There, along the iconic Old Route 66, a farmer, Russ Noel, started the business part time some twenty-four years ago when he turned a hobby and passion into what is today a massive showroom and garage-service center and a large display of classic cars and trucks, as well as a historical gift shop that features interesting memorabilia.

The sizable inventory at Country Classic Cars includes both cars owned by the owner and cars that are on consignment, including:

A variety of Fords, ranging from the 1923 Ford Model T to 1929 Hudson Super Six, to 1949 Packard 110 Series and many hundreds more cars. 

country classic cars

Their prices vary by model, but you’re looking at the following price examples:

  • 1941 Hudson Six for $11,990.
  • 1946 Chrysler Windsor for $9,750
  • 1951 Plymouth Cranbrook for $9,950
  • 1956 Packard Clipper for $15,450

Phoenix Rise

Looking at the company’s success today, it is hard to imagine that the company experienced terrible devastation twice over. On Aug. 8, 2017, Country Classic Cars, L.L.C. experienced a terrible incident in which a fire swept through the facility, destroying five buildings and approximately one hundred and fifty cars. 

The company was winding up construction and getting back to normal when, in November 2018, a tornado ripped through the company’s premises, and Country Classic Cars, L.L.C. suffered the most damage. At the time of the storm, there were 210 cars in the facility. Thankfully, no workers or clients were injured. Again, the company rebuilt.

country classic cars

Today, it is once again a busy company with an A+ rating on Better Business Bureau. 

How Does Country Classic Cars, L.L.C. Rate?

As with most companies, reviews vary by customer. Ultimately, one must throw in the fact that classic and antique cars present a few challenges that new cars don’t have the historical aspect that adds to the price and other issues. Limited availability of parts and paints means that you have to make decisions you will not have to make with a new car. 

Then again, true classic car enthusiasts understand the costs and challenges they will face with these sweet rides. It’s like being woken up every two hours at night when you have a newborn baby. You must be someone for whom the challenges are par for the course when you own a classic car.

Country Classic Cars, L.L.C. aims to provide classic cars and services for those who appreciate quality as well as vehicles that require some tender loving care to other car restoration enthusiasts. Some of the cars are restored to almost factory quality, while cars that need some work are available to fellow classic car restorers. 

Ship a Non-Runner? Yes, you CAN!(Opens in a new browser tab)

Naturally, you will not want to drive your classic car across many hundreds of miles from Country Classic Cars, L.L.C. in Illinois to your home, adding unnecessary mileage to a vehicle that has already been around for so many years. Parts may be hard to find on such an old car, which means that they have to be custom made and fitted in a specialty service center.

That’s why it’s a better idea to ship your classic car to its destination. Nationwide Auto Transportation has been providing classic car shipping to Country Classic Cars, L.L.C. clients for many years. Choose from open transportation or enclosed car shipping (covered car transport), and request a free quote now.