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Cross-country RV shipping, exciting as it is, can often get you scratching your head worried about the costs involved. I mean, your desire to see the crystal beaches of California or the serene valleys of Colorado through your motorhome’s windows can be hindered by the thought of shipping it all across the country, right? Want to know how much does it cost to ship an RV? Read on with a smile friend! 😊

I will help you unravel the mystery behind the RV shipping cost calculator. Then, we discuss how companies come up with cost per mile estimates. Finally we talk about several factors that play into the final number. The goal is simple, to put you at ease and guide you through the process. Buckle up! We’re starting our journey into the realm of RV shipping costs. Trust me, it will be a ride full of useful insights and you might even enjoy it as much as your next RV vacation!

Cross-Country RV Shipping | The Ultimate Guide to Costs

Average cost of RV shipping per mile

Are you planning a getaway but dreading the long distances driving in your RV? Or maybe, you’ve purchased your dream RV from out of state and now you’re left wondering how you’ll get it home? Well, this is where RV shipping services come in handy. It can take the hassle out of your RV transportation needs. But, how much does it cost to ship an RV per mile? Let’s break down the numbers.

RV shipping calculator says that typically, the cost per mile to ship an RV can range from as little as $4 to as much as $7. However, it’s worth noting that this number isn’t fixed and can vary based on a number of factors. Let’s get into the finer details:

  1. Distance: The further the distance when shipping an RV cross country, the more cost-effective your per-mile rate can be. It’s simple mathematics, really; longer distances can help spread the cost of fuel and labor, hence reducing the per-mile rate.
  2. Size and Weight of the RV: An obvious one, maybe, but it’s worth pointing. Larger and heavier RVs can cost more to transport due to the increased fuel usage and the specialized equipment required for transportation.
  3. Season of the year: Unexpected, right? But yes, the time of the year also affects shipping an RV cross country cost. For instance, shipping rates can increase during summer, which is peak RV usage time.

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Even More About Cross-Country RV Shipping Costs

Now, you may ask, “Is there a way I can know the exact cost to ship my RV?” Absolutely, there is! Head over to RV Shipping Quote to get an accurate cost estimate for your specific needs. All you have to do is fill in the details of your transportation needs and you’ll receive a quote tailored just for you. No more guesswork!

Remember, while Cross-country RV shipping cost is a significant factor, it should not be the only one. Quality, reliability, and credibility of the shipping service should also play a central role in your decision.

So, whether you’re shipping your luxury RV across the country or a modest camper a few states over, understanding the costs will help you budget better. Let’s make your RV adventure a little less stressful and a bit more exciting! 😃Our RV shipping calculator is waiting!

Considerations in Cross-country RV shipping

Shipping costs, oh boy, they can really add up, can’t they? Whether you’re business owner, a savvy consumer, or just somebody trying to send a special gift to a loved one, shipping expenses can take a substantial chunk out of your wallet. That’s why it’s crucial to take certain considerations into account when planning transportation; specifically, the distance covered and the location are the main players in determining these costs. Let our rv shipping calculator point you in the right direction.

You know, there’s an interesting thing I found out recently – when it comes to transporting within the continental US, particularly for distances under 100 miles, the cost sits comfortably around $3.32 per mile. Pretty steep, huh? But then again, have you ever tried driving a truck filled with goods across the state? I haven’t, but my guess is, it’s likely to be more complicated than my weekend road trips!

For an authoritative guide on cross-country RV shipping, check out FMCSA’s guide on transporting your RV.

Recreational vehicle on trip

Cross-country RV shipping | Continental US Transport

Now, going beyond this, let’s say you are looking into shipping your beloved RV across the country. Well, wouldn’t you know, there actually is a Recreational Vehicle Transport Guide that helps with this! It provides detailed information on the ins and outs of transporting your RV, including the logistics and general information, such as costs. An RV shipping calculator is the answer.

Less Than 1000 Miles Transport

For shorter distances, things get a bit trickier – the cost per mile can range quite a bit, varying from $1.05 to $4.00. That’s quite a range, isn’t it? 😅 It pays to do your homework and know what you are getting into.

Long Distance Transport

And finally, for the adventurers looking to transport their RV long distances, brace yourselves – depending on various factors, this could set you back between $1,000 and $5,000! 😱 But hey, adventures usually come with a price tag, right?

All in all, an RV shipping calculator takes into consideration the distance, location, and specific requirements of your transport needs to be able to accurately estimate your shipping costs. Familiarize yourself with the charges, do your research and you will be better prepared for whatever shipping costs come your way! ⛟📦💰

RV Shipping Cost Estimations

How much does it cost to ship an RV? Estimating RV shipping costs can sometimes feel like trying to hit a constantly moving target. However, once you know the key contributing factors, it’ll be as easy as pie. Two of the most significant determinants will be the distance covered (especially the first 100 miles) and the size and weight of your RV. Let’s break this down further.

The First 100 Miles

You see, the first 100 miles are like the appetizer in an extravagant meal. It’s the company’s way of saying, “we’re getting your precious RV rolling to its destination!” The funny part is, for these early miles, you might find that RV transport companies charge around four dollars per mile.🤔 But don’t stress over this seeming steepness. Remember, shipping a road warrior like an RV is no easy task, and they’ve got to maintain the fleet that hauls it too. Plus, another exciting thing is – the cost per mile decreases when your RV is set to traverse longer distances. It’s like the fireworks finish to a beautiful melody.🎆

Weight and Size of the RV | how much does it cost to ship an rv?

Now, let’s talk about scale, both in size and weight. Why does this matter, you ask? Well, my friend, the theorem is simple. Bigger the RV, greater the space it occupies, and heavier the RV, more the power needed to tug it along. This often translates to a higher price. You’re paying for the extra room your awesome RV takes up on a shipping vessel or the additional muscle required to get it from point A to B. But no worries! Larger and heavier may mean higher costs, but remember, you’re ensuring your RV gets to its destination safely and securely, and that’s priceless. 😉

Different types of recreational vehicles

To understand more about the various types of RVs and insights around their shipping, check out this CAR TYPES: RECREATIONAL VEHICLE. It’ll serve as your Sherpa guiding you smoothly through the jungle of RV shipping. Because remember, your RV isn’t just a vehicle, it’s a complete lifestyle on wheels. 🚍💨

Factors that impact Cross-country RV shipping Costs

If you’re planning an adventure and considering hitting the road with an RV, you might have asked, “What’s the cost to transport an RV?” Well, the answer isn’t a simple flat rate, and various factors can impact the cost of RV transport. Whether it’s Shipping Recreational Vehicles from state to state, or across the country, the price can vary based on things like distance, RV size, type of transport service, and demand. 🚍

To understand how fuel prices could affect your shipping cost, check the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s fuel price index.


Distance is usually the most influential factor when determining transport costs. Logically, the farther you plan to transport your RV, the costlier it’ll be. Short distances within the same region are often priced lower than long cross-country hauls. 🌍

RV Size

Size does matter when it comes to transporting RVs. You’ll find that the larger and heavier your RV, the more it’ll cost to ship. That’s because larger vehicles require more resources (like fuel) and may demand specialized transportation methods. A compact camper will typically be cheaper to move than a full-size motorhome. 📏🚚

Type of Transport Service

When shipping your RV, you typically have two main options: tow-away or drive-away service. Tow-away service involves your RV being hitched to another vehicle and towed. In contrast, drive-away service requires a driver physically driving your RV to the destination. Both have distinct pros and cons, but generally, drive-away tends to be more expensive. The additional costs compensate for the driver’s time and the wear and tear on your RV. 🚘

Learn about road safety and regulations that may apply to your RV shipping at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.


This one might catch you by surprise, but the current demand is a significant factor in deciding the cost of RV transport. During peak seasons, when everyone has vacation on their minds, prices can skyrocket. Conversely, when demand is low, you might score some fantastic deals. It’s the old story of supply and demand at its finest. ⚖️

Seasonal RV shipping in winter

Remember, it’s essential to factor in all these elements when planning your RV transport. It’ll help you budget accordingly and avoid any unexpected expenses that might rain on your adventure parade. So now you have your roadmap for understanding the costs involved in RV transport. Happy travels! 🚗💨

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Concluding | Cross-country RV shipping

Shipping your RV cross-country has never been so straightforward, cost-effective, and secure, thanks to Nationwide Auto Transportation. We’ve broken down the various factors that contribute to the cost, but keep in mind, there is no “one size fits all” price tag. The great news is that with our reliable door-to-door service, we’ve got a personalized solution that fits your budget and needs.

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Whether it’s a short jaunt of 100 miles or a long-distance haul, you can trust us with your prize possession.🚍 After all, we’re not just transporting an RV – we’re taking care of your mobile home-away-from home.

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Remember, we’re here to make your journey smoother.🙂 Happy travels!

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Cross-country RV shipping | Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is the cost of cross-country RV shipping calculated?The cost of cross-country RV shipping is calculated based on various factors, including the distance to be traveled, the size and weight of the RV, the chosen transport method (open or enclosed), current fuel prices, and any additional services requested (such as expedited delivery or insurance).
  • Should I choose open or enclosed transport for cross-country RV shipping?The choice between open and enclosed transport for cross-country RV shipping depends on your preferences and budget. Open transport is more affordable but exposes the RV to weather conditions and road debris. Enclosed transport provides better protection but is generally more expensive.
  • Are there any additional fees or surcharges for cross-country RV shipping?Additional fees or surcharges for cross-country RV shipping can include taxes, tolls, permits, storage fees, and fuel surcharges. It’s important to clarify the total cost with the shipping company and inquire about any potential extra charges before booking the service.

More RV Shipping Cost Answers

  • Can I get a price quote for cross-country RV shipping?Yes, most companies provide free price quotes for cross-country transport. You can request a quote by providing the necessary details such as the RV’s dimensions, weight, pickup and delivery locations, and the desired transport method. It’s recommended to compare quotes from different companies to get the best deal.
  • Is RV shipping insurance included in the cost of cross-country transport?RV shipping insurance may or may not be included in the cost of cross-country transport, depending on the shipping company and the type of coverage you opt for. It’s advisable to inquire about insurance options and coverage limits to ensure your RV is adequately protected during the shipping process.