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In a world where convenience and reliability reign supreme, the option to hire someone to drive your car to another state has become a sought-after service for many. Whether you’re faced with a cross-country move, need your vehicle at a distant family gathering, or simply prefer not to make the long drive yourself, this service provides a straightforward solution.

It caters especially to those pondering “how much to hire a personal driver” or contemplating the feasibility of having someone drive your car cross country. By choosing this personalized approach, you ensure your vehicle is in capable hands, offering peace of mind and freeing you to focus on other aspects of your travel or move.

Ship a Car by Plane | Costs, Procedures, and Tips
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Drive-away Services | What to Expect

When you opt for a drive-away service, you’re choosing a tailored experience that goes beyond the traditional auto transport methods. This unique option involves hiring professional drivers for hire or a personal driver service to operate your vehicle from one point to another, offering a direct, personalized journey for your car, truck, or van. Unlike towing or shipping, drive-away services provide a human touch, ensuring that your vehicle is in capable hands every mile of the journey.

What to Expect with Chauffeur Services

  • Personalized Touch: Your vehicle is driven by an experienced professional driver, offering a more personalized service compared to traditional auto shipping. This is particularly advantageous for location-specific needs, such as hiring a private driver in Chicago or finding someone to drive your car to Florida.
  • Flexibility and Convenience: Drive-away services are flexible, accommodating specific routes, timelines, and requirements. Whether it’s a cross-country move or a shorter interstate trip, you can arrange for your car to be driven exactly when and where you need it.
  • Safety and Security: Professional drivers take the utmost care of your vehicle, treating it as their own. Plus, drive-away services often come with comprehensive insurance coverage for peace of mind during its journey.
  • FAQs Addressed: Common questions about drive-away services are thoroughly addressed, ensuring you know exactly what to expect. For more details on what this entails, visit our FAQ page.

For those considering this service for moves to specific locations, like needing a private driver in Chicago or finding someone to drive your car to Florida, drive-away services offer unparalleled customization and personal care for your vehicle. To explore how this service can fit your needs, including the door-to-door delivery option for maximum convenience, check out our guide on Door-to-Door Auto Transport.

hire someone to drive your car cross country

Comparing Costs | Drive-Away Service vs. Auto Transport

How Much Does It Really Cost to Hire Someone to Drive Your Car?

Figuring out the best way to move your car across the country? You might be thinking about hiring someone to take it on a road trip for you. Let’s break it down, easy peasy.

The Nitty-Gritty of Drive-Away Service Costs | The Cost of a Professional Driver

So, you’re leaning towards getting a “personal driver” or maybe a “professional driver” to do the heavy lifting. What’s the wallet damage? Well, drivers usually ask for about $10 an hour for their time behind the wheel. But there’s more to it:

  • Getting to and from places: They’ve got to start somewhere and end somewhere, right?
  • Maybe a plane ticket: If your car’s final stop isn’t their home sweet home.
  • Fuel and tolls: Cars don’t run on thank yous, unfortunately.
  • Snacks and sleeps: Your driver’s got to eat and rest somewhere.

When you add it all up, those costs can sneak up on you.

Drive-Away vs. Auto Transport | What’s Your Best Bet?

Choosing a “driver for hire” feels personal and flexible. But, let’s pit it against using an auto transport service:

Car transport across USA map with journey cost icons - drive-away service illustration
  • Costs: Drive-away’s a bit like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re gonna get. Auto transport? More like a fixed-price menu.
  • Mileage: Drive-away means your car racks up real miles. Auto transport? It’s like a car spa vacation, no extra miles.
  • Insurance: Always double-check with drive-away. Auto transport comes with peace of mind included.
  • Ease: Drive-away bends to your schedule. Auto transport’s got the routine down.
  • Safety: With drive-away, it’s all about trust. Auto transport ensures pros handle your ride.

Curious about cruising across the USA? Check out our routes for the inside track.

Keeping It Legal and Safe

Thinking about handing over your keys? Knowing the rules of the road is key. Swing by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration for the lowdown on what’s what in driver land.

And there you have it—everything you need to know, short and sweet. Whether it’s a personal chauffeur adventure or a no-sweat auto transport, you’re now in the driver’s seat. Ready, set, decide!

Ready to Ship Your Car? Discover Your Best Options!

Choosing the right service to transport your vehicle doesn’t have to be complicated. Whether it’s aprofessional driver, drive-away services, or auto transport, we’ve got the insights and expertise to help you make an informed decision.

Explore Our Car Shipping Services

Check out our car shipping with our comprehensive services. From coast to coast, we ensure your vehicle arrives safely and on time. Learn more about car shipping and how we can simplify your next vehicle move.

Door-to-Door Auto Transport

Sunny door-to-door auto transport with a car loading onto a carrier

Looking for the utmost convenience? Our door-to-door auto transport service takes the stress out of moving your vehicle. Discover the ease with which we handle the logistics from start to finish. Find out more about our seamless process.

Enclosed Auto Transport Service

Protect your luxury, classic, or exotic car with our enclosed auto transport service. Offering an extra layer of security and protection, it’s the premium choice for your premium vehicle. Explore enclosed auto transport and ensure your car travels in style.

Essential Car Shipper Tips

First time shipping a car or simply looking for ways to improve your experience? Our car shipper tips provide valuable insights and practical advice to help you prepare your vehicle for transport. Check out our tips for a smooth car shipping process.

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Get in Touch or Request a Quote Today!

Ready to move forward or just have more questions? Our team is here to provide the personalized support you need. For detailed pricing and service options tailored to your specific requirements, contact us or request a quote directly through our website. Let us take the wheel and guide you to the perfect vehicle transport solution.

For those looking into auto transport services, understanding the different types of insurance coverage is crucial. Auto transport companies are required to offer basic liability coverage. However, you might find options for additional coverage through your auto transporter for extra protection. It’s also worth checking with your personal insurance to see if auto transport coverage is included in your policy. For a detailed guide on the types of auto transport insurance available, visit’s page on the subject here.

FAQ | Private Driver OR Ship It

FAQ Professional driver or auto shipping

What are the benefits of car shipping compared to hiring a private driver for cross-country moves? Car shipping offers enhanced safety for your vehicle, as it’s not being driven on the road, reducing wear and tear. It’s also typically more cost-effective for long distances.

How does car shipping ensure the safety of my vehicle during transportation? Car shipping companies use specialized equipment to secure vehicles during transport, minimizing the risk of damage. Plus, they provide insurance coverage for added peace of mind. A private driver does not provide this always.

Can car shipping be more cost-effective than hiring a professional driver? Yes, especially for long distances, as car shipping costs are not affected by variables like accommodation, food, and return transportation for drivers.

What makes car shipping a hassle-free option for transporting my vehicle to another state? Car shipping simplifies the logistics of moving a vehicle, offering door-to-door service without the need for driving and a professional driver.

More Private Driver Service FAQs

  1. Can I hire someone to drive my car cross country? Yes, you can hire professional drivers or services that specialize in driving your car to any desired destination across the country.
  2. What does hiring a personal driver cost? Costs vary based on distance, duration, and specific service requirements. It’s best to request a quote for accurate pricing.
  3. Are drivers for hire insured for long journeys? Professional driving services typically include insurance coverage for the journey. Verify specific coverage details with the service provider.
  4. How do I find private drivers near me for a day? Search online for local driving services or use specialized platforms that connect you with professional drivers in your area.
  5. What’s the process to hire a driver for my vehicle? Contact a reputable driving service, provide your trip details, and they will match you with a qualified driver.

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