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Can you ship a car by plane when you relocate? There are several options available to people who want to move a car from one place to another when driving is not an option. Perhaps you’re wondering how to ship a car to another state?

How to Ship a Car to Another State by Plane

In fact, shipping, transporting or flying a car across country is almost always a better option than driving it. Driving from east to west or north to south covers a significant distance, and there are costs and inconveniences involved that many people don’t think about until it’s too late:

Time. Sometimes, you only have so much time available before you need to be at your next destination. Road safety dictates that you take regular breaks every two hours. That might put you under pressure to drive fast and risk…

Accidents. Busy roads, bad weather, fast driving speeds and distracted or tired driving are just some of the factors that increase your risk for collision.

Overnight and food costs. When you’re driving across the country, it can take on average 3-4 days, which means you have to stop along the way to freshen up and rest. Hotel or motel costs and buying takeout or restaurant food can be expensive. 

Wear and tear. Driving a vehicle across a significant distance adds miles to the clock. A car is made to only safely cover a certain distance when it is well taken care of. It’s better to ship your car it than to drive those wasted miles.

Ship a Car by Plane Fast

The fastest option to get your car to its destination is to ship a car by plane. It can reach its destination in hours, rather than days, and it will probably be there waiting for you when you get there. That’s if you have a nice chunk of cash lying around. The cost of shipping a car by plane averages anywhere between $2,000 to $4,000.

Yes, shipping a car across the country by plane is expensive. In some cases, it costs more than the average cost of a new car. However, it is definitely a viable option for the more affluent clients wishing to ship exotic cars. Shipping a car on a plane is fast, safe and reliable. However, enclosed auto transportation by road can be as safe and reliable for highly valuable vehicles and it is much cheaper. 

Shipping a car by plane is considered the safest, fastest method of transportation for one-of-a-kind vehicles. However, using enclosed transport via a road-bound car carrier can be a safe alternative, even if it takes a few days longer. Some clients have found that transporting a car via plane can take as long as using a car carrier. 

Consider a Car Shipping Company

Shipping your car via open or enclosed auto transport is cheaper than shipping a car by plane, but it is certainly not a dirty or hazardous alternative. In all cases, a transportation crew will be handling your car. However, these individuals are highly trained and vetted by their employers. Legitimate shipping companies only use full-time employees and they follow strict protocols to track vehicles and ensure that they are delivered in the same condition in which they were received.

If you are considering shipping your car by plane in order to have it delivered by a certain date, note that that option is also available when you use enclosed transport by road freight. Preferential shipping by road involves using two or more drivers to transport a truck across the country. They will take turns to drive and rest, which means that the truck is constantly in motion. Schedule your shipment today! Get a free quote here.