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Winter is Coming! And although John is no more, there will certainly be snow… and rain, and hail, and sleet, and all sorts of H20 looking to wreak havoc on your car. So park in a dry spot, and read on to learn how to protect car from rain.

Rain and snow can’t be avoided, but you can take steps to make your vehicle as waterproof as possible. We have compiled a list of tips and tricks that can help you rainproof your car, ultimately extending its life.

What can I Do to Rainproof my Car?

Is an excellent question for those of us who happen to reside in Hawaii, Mississippi, Louisiana or Alabama, the wettest states in winter in the United States of America.

Motorists often ask me, “Is rain bad for your car?”

I normally quip back with, “Dude, it’s bad for my car, it’s bad for your car, it’s bad for most cars… but its good for flowers!”

Keep in mind that Nationwide Auto Transport can ship your car to hundreds of destinations—whether it rains or not.

The wet roads and adverse weather conditions that winter brings is nearly upon us. Read our blog post with some tips from Auto carriers on how to drive safely in snow and ice.

Preventing Exterior Paint Damage

Rain doesn’t exactly play well with your car’s exterior paint. The coat of clear paint that protects the exterior paint against water and contaminants will erode over time. To ensure longevity of your exterior coating, it is vital that you treat it in some way or another.

One way of giving your paintwork that extra protection it needs is by using a ceramic car coating. To find out more about this product, please read our blog post Ceramic Car Coating: Why Should You Get Ceramic Coating for Your Vehicle?

rainproof your car

If your car was out in the rain, give it a good hose down, and then give it a bit more care by adding some wax. A wax seals your paint job and keeps it looking great. It is also possible to add paint protection film to your car when it is brand new. This will also protect your original factory paint from scratches since it provides the ultimate level of protection, and its also easy to remove. It’s a great idea to get a car umbrella if you expect rain, wind, or other weather-related issues.

Properly Sealed Cars Will Last Longer

You need that rubber strip between your car and the outside to keep the elements out. Check to make sure the strips are in good shape.

You can also apply sealant to your vehicle to keep it waterproof. When you go too long between washes, your car’s exterior can corrode from salts and acids present in rain. Applying a sealant after washing will help prevent this.

Sealants protect your vehicle from water damage because of the synthetic materials in them. A microfiber cloth is used to buff it after it is rubbed onto the clean paint. The protective coat can last for up to six months, making it an excellent choice for protecting your car.

A quick reminder that winter is starting to stick her icy fingers on our roads, and with that, many so-called snowbirds are starting their annual migration to more sunny weather.

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The next section is not purely a waterproof tip, but an essential for car safety in the rain at night, or during the day.

Wiper Blades – Check

The safety of your driving depends on your windshield wipers, especially when it is raining. Make sure your wiper blades are not worn out and they have the correct level of fluid so you can keep using them as soon as it starts to rain. In rainy weather, visibility is paramount, so make sure you doublecheck these before the rainy season starts.

Keep it Covered

Carports and garages protect your car from the elements. Consider sheltering your vehicle when possible so that water does not seep between the bodywork and other components.

A small amount of water can quickly make its way into places where it takes longer for it to evaporate, causing corrosion to accelerate. Keeping your vehicle sheltered minimizes the chance of corrosion happening.

Instead of a garage, consider a portable garage to shelter your car. The fact that they allow air flow under the cover sometimes makes them more effective for sheltering cars. The result is an easier drying out process, which minimizes corrosion.

While your car is parked outside, you may want to cover it with a protective, waterproof cover. Waterproof covers are a great way to protect your cars when parked outdoors for extended periods of time. When you need protection, they provide it on-the-go.

You may think the next point is nonsensical, but keep reading and learn why it is actually very important. Nearly as important as winterizing your car – read more about how to Winterize Your Car Ahead of the Cold Months.

Keep Your Vehicle’s Underside Clean

As important as washing the exterior of your car is, it is equally so to regularly wash the underside. Doing so prevents corrosion from water and snow. When waterproofing your car, check the undercarriage carefully, water is particularly damaging to it.

rainproof your car

Try to wash your car yourself every month or visit your local car wash as often as possible. Do not neglect any areas where water may cause corrosion. You should also wash the inside of the wheel, as it will help blast away salt and minerals deposits before they cause rust.

Rain Repellent is a Great Idea

“A rain repellent for cars,”, you say. Yes, say I. The market is filled with products to keep rainwater off windows or to remove it quickly without obstructing vision.

By reducing condensation, these products contribute to the efficient operation of your defroster and windshield wipers. There is liquid rain repellent available that can save lives during the rainy season. Use only high-quality repellent and make sure all manufacturer instructions are followed.

Rainproof Your Car and be Protected this Winter

With the wet season approaching for many states, bringing with it snow and rainy weather, these tips and tricks to help rainproof your car can come in handy. By following these easy DIY steps, you are on the road to waterproofing your vehicle and adding a few extra years to its life.

Winter is a good time to rent a car. If you don’t believe me read this post about the Best Time of the Year to Ship a Car and then ask Nationwide Auto Carriers to get a quote on your winter ride.