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Are you interested in Tulsa to Chicago Car Shipping? This short article will get you on the highway before you know it!

Are you currently in Tulsa, Oklahoma, looking to transport your prized vehicle to Chicago, Illinois? Whether you’re relocating for a new job or you’ve just snagged a sweet deal on a car online, you must be curious about the cost of car shipping from Tulsa to Chicago. Questions about the factors influencing the price and selecting the best car shipping company are likely on your mind. Let’s look into these concerns, and help you make an informed decision for your car’s journey to the Windy City!

Time ro relax! I’m here to break down all these seemingly complicated aspects for you, making your car shipping decision as smooth as a Sunday drive. Let’s get started, shall we?

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Cost of Shipping a Car from Tulsa OK to Chicago IL

Calculating costs for car shipping from Tulsa OK to Chicago IL

So, you’ve decided to transport your car from Tulsa, OK to the bustling city of Chicago, IL. But how much can you expect to shell out? Let’s divulge into the financial part of this journey. It’s quite the road trip, but let’s figure out if the cost is as big as the distance!

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Average Cost Range

Your pockets may feel the pinch, or maybe not, depending on the season. The average cost to ship a car from bustling Oklahoma to the marvelous Midwest ranges from $809 to $1,158. Seems like a sizable sum, doesn’t it? But all things considered, it might just be worth the price.

Specific Cost Estimate

Now, let’s get a little more specific. The cost to ship a car from Tulsa Oklahoma to Chicago Illinois, would be approximately $375.10. That’s like going on a tiny shopping spree without the guilt of overspending, only you’d be investing in your vehicle instead. Not bad, right?

enclosed shipping truck on highway with Nationwide Auto Transportation

Factors Affecting Car Shipping Rates

Now, it’s not just a random number thrown at you. Various aspects play into how these costs are formulated. Car shipping rates can fluctuate based on factors such as distance (it’s quite a ride from Tulsa to Chicago, after all), type of transport (closed container, open trailer, etc.), and even the height of demand and seasonality. It’s just like how busy flight times can jack up those airfare prices. 🛫

Now, if you’re still in two minds about this expenditure, why not visit Nationwide Auto Transportation for an accurate quote? They’ll look at the specifics of your situation and help you get a price that checks all your boxes.

All said and done, remember that transporting your car is an investment in your vehicle’s longevity and a great way to save it from the wear and tear of a long trip. So here’s to a snug ride for your car, and a peaceful mind for you!

Consider This When for Car Shipping Tulsa to Chicago

So, you’re thinking of shipping your car across the country, huh? 🚗💨 I don’t blame you. It’s a convenient option, especially if you’re relocating or planning an extended stay somewhere. But before you seal the deal with a car transport company, there are a few things to keep in mind. Seriously, the shipping process doesn’t have to be as bumpy as, well, a car ride on an unpaved road. Buckle up as we drive through the key factors to consider when shipping your car!


First things first – let’s talk distance. How far is your car going to travel? From New York to LA? Or just a hop, skip and a jump to the next state over? You see, typically, the farther the distance, the more expensive the trip. There’s more fuel used, more toll fees and let’s not forget the wear and tear on the truck itself. But here’s some inside info for you: Rates can actually decrease with longer distances. Yep, you heard it right! For example, moving a standard-sized car for 1,000 miles may cost about $.75 cents per mile, which totals out to $750.00.

Type of Transport

Different types of car transport trucks

Now onto the type of transport. There are two main methods to ship a car: open transport and enclosed transport. Open transport means your car is exposed to the elements while in transit. It’s the most common method and is generally more cost-effective. On the other hand, enclosed transport provides the highest level of protection for your vehicle. It shields the car from external factors like weather and road debris. However, it does come with a higher price tag. Deciding between the two will depend on factors including the value and condition of your car.

To wrap it up, both the distance and type of transport play a big role in shipping a car. It’s all about weighing up the pros and cons and considering what’s best for you and your vehicle.

Choosing a Reliable Tulsa to Chigago Car Shipping Company

Choosing a reliable car shipping company for Tulsa to Chicago route

So, you’re planning to move your car from Tulsa OK to Chicago IL? Great! It’s important to find a car transportation company you can trust and rely on. Believe it or not, choosing a reliable car shipping company can make or break your car shipping experience.

Let’s start with the basics: what to look for in a car shipping company, so you can sit back and relax knowing your prized possession is in safe hands.

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Auto Shipping Companies

You’ll find a lot of auto shipping companies out there. But not all are created equal. The reliability, services, costs, and customer support can vary immensely. So, here are few handy pointers to help you make an informed decision 🧐:

  • Experience and Reputation: Go for a car shipping company that has been around for a few years. An experienced company will likely have all the necessary equipment, expertise, and networks for a hassle-free car shipping process. You can easily find information about a company’s experience online. Also, remember to check out the company’s ratings and customer reviews. 👀
  • Insurance Coverage: It’s critical to ensure the company has an insurance cover for your vehicle while in transit. The policy should cover any potential damages that might occur during transportation. Before making a decision, ask for a copy of their insurance policy and familiarize yourself with its terms and conditions.

Even More Tulsa to Chicago Car Shipping Tips

  • Carrier Options: A reliable auto shipping company should provide a range of carrier options, like both open and enclosed carriers. While open carriers are more commonly used and cost-effective, enclosed carriers could be a better option if you have a luxury or vintage car that needs protection from the elements.🌦️
  • Customer Service: A company’s customer service can speak volumes about its reliability! So, get a feel of their customer support. With the nature of car shipping complexities that may arise during the transit period, it’s vital to have someone ready to answer your questions and address your concerns.
  • Transparent Quote: Lastly, ensure the company provides you with an upfront, detailed quote. There should be no hidden fees, and all charges should be clearly explained to you.

Choosing a reliable car shipping company is not an easy task, but with a little research and patience, you’ll find a company that suits your requirements and ensures a hassle-free move of your vehicle from Tulsa to Chicago! And remember, the lowest quote doesn’t always mean the best service. Consider all the factors before making your choice.

For comprehensive vehicle preparation tips, see AAA’s advice on vehicle shipping.

FAQs on Tulsa, Oklahoma to Chicago, Illinois car shipping

Frequently Asked Questions | Tulsa to Chicago Car Shipping

  1. How much does it cost to ship a car from Tulsa OK to Chicago IL?

    The cost to ship a car from Tulsa, OK to Chicago, IL can vary depending on factors such as the size and weight of the vehicle, distance, shipping method, and any additional services required. It is recommended to get quotes from multiple car shipping companies for accurate pricing.

  2. How long does it take to ship a car from Tulsa, OK to Chicago, IL?

    The duration of car shipping from Tulsa, OK to Chicago, IL can vary. On average, it takes around 2-4 days for shipping. However, it is best to check with the specific car shipping company for a more accurate estimate.

  3. Are my belongings safe during car shipping?

    Typically, car shipping companies do not allow personal belongings to be left inside the vehicle during transportation. It is advised to remove all personal items before handing over the vehicle to the car shipping company to ensure safety and to comply with regulations.

Even More Tulsa to Chicago FAQs Answered

  1. Do I need to prepare my car before shipping?

    Yes, there are a few steps you can take to prepare your car for shipping. These include cleaning the exterior and interior, removing any personal belongings, ensuring the car has a quarter tank of gas, disabling the car alarm, and taking note of any existing damages for insurance purposes.

  2. Is my car insured during the shipping process?

    Yes, reputable car shipping companies have insurance coverage that protects your vehicle during transit. It is important to confirm the insurance details with the shipping company beforehand and also check your own auto insurance policy to understand any additional coverage.

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