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Some stereotypes have been in existence for years. As a population, we tend to draw conclusions about people based on the vehicles they drive. It’s said that men of a certain age buy sports cars or motorcycles to regain their ubiquitous youth as they’re experiencing a mid-life crisis. Then there’s the perfect couple that sips on kale smoothies and buys organic produce only. Of course, we assume that they would drive a Toyota Prius. Many people view BMW drivers as arrogant or as show offs. Then you see a woman exit an armor plated Hummer, and automatically assume that she’s probably a ball-busting divorce lawyer with anger issues.  So you might be wondering: what car is right for me?

what car is right for me

How do You Choose?

There was a time when there was only one car – the Ford T. Everyone drove one, because that was the only car around. However, over time, cars have evolved, as have our relationships with these bests that were once merely a way to get around. Today, much more goes into our relationships with cars. The cars we drive are influenced by a wide range of complexities, memories, and emotions.

According to Geoffrey Miller, PhD, an evolutionary psychologist who wrote Spent: Sex, Evolution and Consumer Behavior, says that the cars we drive actually have a lot to do with our sex drive. He explains that male BMW owners, like bower birds native to Australia, build elaborate nests to be inviting to females. He also explains that women who drive zippy Mustang convertibles communicate an assertiveness and openness. According to Dr. Miller, it may not be a conscious decision to use our vehicles to signal our desirability to potential mates, however, our cars are certainly one of the ways in which we make first impressions.

Why Choose a Style at All?

In addition to the style or type of car we drive, color is also an important consideration, as it is telling of our personalities. While most OEM cars are white or silver. White is often considered clean. If you have a white car, your car and probably your home as well, tends to be clean. 

Although silver is another popular OEM color, it also sends an important message. This car colour is linked to modernity and innovation. People who drive silver cars enjoy a sense of being worth more. The metallic sheen generates a prestigious perception. 

Light blue is a tranquil color, and ideal for calm and unshakeable people. If you do yoga and enjoy a clean life, this is the way to go. 

Color and Psychology

Dark blue cars are typically associated with confidence and authority, while red gives an impression of a driver who is outgoing, dynamic and sensual. You can expect to see drivers of red cars as outgoing, vibrant individuals. 

New York City-based psychologist, Dr. Thomas D’Agostino agrees that a person’s choice in a car can and often does say a lot about them as a person. Like the career you choose and the clothing you wear is telling about you as a person, so often does your choice in a car. 

Perhaps when some people ask: what car is right for me? They simply settle for a white sedan, as that gives the most innocent impression.

What Car is Right for Me? It’s not only about color!

While color is one of the first choices we make when we choose a new car, the shape and style also says a lot about you – at least in the minds of the innocent (or judgmental) observer. So you should ask yourself: what car is right for me? At the same time, consider what you want your car to say about you. Of course, you could simply buy whatever car works for you, and falls within your budget.  Let’s look at some examples.

car types car buying guide
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Is Bigger Better?

For some people the style of car has little to do with practicality and more to do with who you are as a person. A stretch Hummer or a Rolls Royce (and other outrageously large vehicles) has all the space you need to transport the entire family. Of course, it will consume most of our budgets several times over. If you can’t afford one of these maxi cars, rather show off how well endowed your car’s engine is. 

Along the lines of exhibitionism, you could put your fun personality on display while enjoying the sun on your skin and the wind in your hair in the wind by investing in a convertible. Another benefit is that you can get an older convertible at a bargain deal at an auto auction, and fix it up. You’ll still be cool enough for everyone to take a look.

Sports car owners are often considered introverts. After all, there’s only space for one passenger. 

Utility or Beauty?

Because four-wheel drive or AWD car drivers can handle all types of terrain, they are often considered macho drivers who want to drive over instead of past all the other cars. They want to be the only people on the road. 

We also tend to judge people with flashy, expensive cars as shallow, and that’s not necessarily the truth. Today’s society encourages materialism and individualism, so this kind of car can soothe their feelings of inferiority. But it may also just be that the person values exclusivity and success. If they have the money for expensive toys, why not?

A “soccer mom” will often choose a minivan that has space for child seats and paraphernalia. The modern mom-mobile is made to keep the whole family entertained on long or short road trips.

What About Driving a Hybrid?

By the same token, driving a hybrid could indicate that you are the type of person who makes good choices that benefit the environment and society as a whole. Social responsibility is an important factor in why people choose hybrids. While many of us would choose that option, it is just more financially possible for some to make that choice than it is for others. That doesn’t mean that someone who drives a gas guzzling SUV is unaware of environmental elements; it could just mean that they are less prone to shame and guilt.

Different cars will have a different meaning to different people. Some of this might have to do with the fact that the shape of a car is telling of the person. We tend to judge a car with a bigger trunk to be a less youthful driver. After all, older people are more likely to be married and have kids or businesses and therefore need a lot of space to transport all of that. On the flipside, cars with a larger hood tend to create the impression that the owner is macho and arrogant. 

what car is right for me

So what car is right for me? 

So it’s true that the car you choose can say a lot about you. To you, it might simply be a means to an end, or the best quality used car you could afford that suits your lifestyle. At Nationwide Auto Transportation, we believe in individualism. You should drive whatever tickles your fancy. It doesn’t really matter what anyone thinks about you unless they actually know you.

What car is right for me? Tell us what you drive and whether the stereotypes apply to you. We’d love to get to know you better!

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