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Your high-worth vehicle is a valuable investment. As such it should be treated like a celebrity when it needs American auto shipping. It is well-known that celebrities always choose the best protection they can afford when their safety is at stake. Enclosed auto transport carrier is the best you can afford for classic, vintage or supercar.

This post looks at how to find the best car shipping company. Learn how enclosed carrier auto transport can benefit you.

How do You Know When to Choose Enclosed Auto Transport?

Every day thousands of cars are shipped all over the country for a literal open car carrier full of reasons. Therefore how do you decide what type of car transport services to use? And which auto transport companies have the best enclosed car hauler for your vehicles car shipping requirements?

Before you plan your shipping it is a great idea to make sure your garage is clean and ready. Garage Cleaning Hacks & Tips to Keep Your Garage Clean is a helpful read on our BLOG.

Imagine you need to ship something to a friend that lives a state or two away. When sending them a fragile object like a new pair of sunglasses or fine china, you will more than likely bubblewrap it several times. On the other hand you will take a bit less care with that ‘I Love NY’ t-shirt, right. Open vs enclosed auto transport is rather similar. An enclosed car shipping hauler can be seen as bubblewrap for your vehicular investment. 

Open car transport is the shipping mode of choice for everyday shipping. In itself its safe enough if you choose a reliable vehicle shipping company like Nationwide Auto Transportation. But what happens when you own a classic, vintage, super, or any other high value vehicle? This is when enclosed car haulers, and an enclosed auto transport instant quote, are the way to go. 

Here is a free checklist to help you plan. We look at what situations would require car hauling with a car transport company that are experts at enclosed auto transport Nashville, or basically any other relevant destination in the U.S.A.

Shipping your investment

What do you do when your car is more than just a car, and open car transport just does not give you the level of safety and peace of mind that you need? This is when your best bet is an enclosed car transport car carrier, car movers and auto haulers that offer this service. Nationwide Auto Transportation offers professional enclosed auto transport services that will fit your budget. And if you like building custom cars, and you wonder how to get them shipped, Nationwide Custom Transport will help you to get traction.

When winter arrives and your precious and pristine Jaguar E-Type is not where it is supposed to be, panic can easily set in. Owners of high value vehicles like vintage and classic cars, prefer to ship their vehicles in summer. However when there is no alternative then it is always better to choose shipping with a top rated enclosed auto transport company like Nationwide.

Braving the elements. This is not good for vehicles that have high-quality and high-cost paintwork, or even cars that have interiors that are open to nature and it’s elements. Besides snow there are many other hazards that can damage your precious automotive beauty:

  • Dust
  • Dirt
  • Pollution
  • Wind
  • Rain and sleet

Before you choose your car transport company, it is a good idea to read the enclosed auto transport reviews. Here is the best place to find information regarding enclosed auto transport St Louis to Denver.

Fragile, handle with care

Older cars are more fragile. They need a whole lot of extra tender love and care than their more modern cousins do, especially when you need to ship them over a fair distance. The best and most practical way to ship a classic or unique vintage is in an enclosed auto transport trailer.

This post looks at how to find the best car shipping company and explains how enclosed carrier auto transport can benefit you.

Gone in 60 seconds—It is a nightmare if your auto investment gets stolen. At Nationwide Auto Transportation our insurance claims team are extremely able to assist you in a crisis, but why not avert any little hassle completely? Shipping your super valuable or rare vehicle in an enclosed auto transport container makes financial sense and peace of mind is part of the deal.

Your life and sanity are valuable to you—so why risk a drive of hundreds of miles in your special Studebaker just to save a dollar or two? Besides your vehicle is even more prone to damage when you drive it for long distances and motel parking lots are good notorious as hunting grounds for car thieves. The stress of staying awake and alert for miles on end is not worth the few extra bills you pay for enclosed auto transport. 

How do you know that you can trust your car shipping company? Read up on Auto Shipping Regulations and make sure that your chosen company is registered with the Department of Transport before confirming any booking.

Frequently Asked Questions About Enclosed Car Shipping

Knowing when your vehicle needs enclosed auto transport should be much easier to understand now that you have read up to here. We can now answer any other questions that you would like answered regarding shipping a car in an enclosed car trailer, and if you still not sure about any part of the shipping process, a friendly consultant is waiting for your phonecall.

Explain the difference between open and enclosed transport? 

When you drive around a bit you are bound to see at least one large open truck and trailer that has cars on two levels because open transport is the everyday, customary car shipping method. Although this method is in itself very safe, owners of high worth cars can eliminate any risk of roadside damage by choosing enclosed auto transport.

Do I choose enclosed or open car transport? 

When you have read this article you will know when to decide on enclosed auto transport and when ordinary car shipping will be sufficient. 

What is the cost of enclosed auto shipping? 

As you have seen that when you ship a car in an enclosed trailer, the costs will be a little increased from that of a open car shipping. Our Free Online Calculator can help you estimate what you are likely to pay for enclosed car shipping.

Is it safe to leave a few things in my car when shipping it? 

Nationwide allows our customers one piece of luggage, at no charge, provided it is kept in the trunk and does not weigh more than 100lbs. When you are shipping overseas your car should be completely empty or else it will not be allowed on board.

Do you need enclosed auto transport estimates for enclosed auto transport Pittsburgh?

Nationwide Auto Transportation can ship your valuable vehicle to hundreds of destinations all over the country and to nearly every corner of most states. Our ROUTES cover thousands of miles of popular highways, byways, cities and towns, and we have pickup and delivery points that should suit your shipping needs. Below is a short list of popular routes and cities that you can pick from enclosed auto transport:

Know When to Choose Enclosed Auto Transport

Are you still not sure whether enclosed auto transport is the right choice for your vehicle? If you have read the complete article above, and you are not yet convinced that your car needs enclosed car shipping, here is a short questionnaire to help clarify the issue:

  • Is your car an investment to you?
  • Does snow, rain and the cold worry you when you think about shipping your car?
  • Do you feel anxious when you think of your car on an open transport carrier, and all the debris, dust and roadside debris that could damage it?
  • Is your vehicle registered as an antique or classic car?
  • Does it have a bespoke paint job?
  • Do you want to make sure that no one can easily steal it during transit?

Nationwide Auto Transportation’s trusted carrier network makes classic, exotic or vintage car shipping easy and secure. Dependable and trustworthy drivers meet all the correct compliance standards and our insurance team will guide you to make sure that you have optimal cover for your precious vehicle.

With more than 15 years experience in enclosed auto transport, Nationwide Auto Transportation is the ‘Peace of Mind’ choice when it comes to enclosed auto transport companies. Call us now to book!