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Vehicle Transport Services are directly linked to customers shipping needs. What (are you shipping)? Where (do you want it delivered)? When (do you need it to arrive)?

Answer these 3 questions and you will have a solid platform to find a reliable, nationwide auto transportation service. In this post I will unload as much info regarding how vehicle transport services operate. We look at what options are available to individuals and business when it comes to auto transportation.

Vehicle Transport Services

What Vehicle Transport Services are Available 

When the average Joe like you and I think about vehicle transport services, we think of it from our own perspective. How are we going to get our car from one town or state, to another? There is however so much more to auto transport and car shipping services than meets the eye. Reputable transport vehicle services like Nationwide Auto Transportation cater to individuals, car dealerships, vehicle transport services, collectors and auction houses, to name but a few.

Let’s find some space on the back of this auto carrier to see where its going, and how it will get there… And how you can prevent damage to your car.

So What is Car Shipping Really?

To answer what vehicle transport services are, we need to understand that it is just a small piece of the much bigger puzzle that makes up car shipping, and its different components. When you speak about car shipping, you are generally referring to moving a vehicle over a considerable distance by employing the services of a auto transport company.

But why would any sane person hire an auto shipping company when you can just get in your car and drive it the couple of thousand miles to where you need it to be? What could be easier? Well, it turns out that self-driving is in most cases, not the cheapest or smartest way to move your car long distances. Using a professional car shipping company like Nationwide Auto Transportation services saves wear and tear on your car. You also don’t add any extra miles on your odometer, and as such you save yourself a huge gas bill and a lot of stress.

Our post Self-Transport Your Vehicle? Beware the Pitfalls and Potholes will show you why using vehicle transportation services are the way to go. If you are looking for vehicle transport services Wilmington NC, Nationwide has you covered.

Who Regulates Vehicle Transport Services?

Everyone needs peace of mind right? Even more so when you are using a company to ship your precious investment over a few thousand miles. This is why there are regulatory bodies who ensure the quality of nationwide vehicle transport services.

Auto shipping companies are regulated by State and Federal agencies. Their primary function is to oversee the activities of car transporters and ensure they follow local and federal guidelines. Consumer protection laws and regulations apply to vehicle transportation companies. It also ensures accountability when something goes wrong (but who are we to spread negative vibes?). Nationwide Auto Transport is a certified member of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association. We offer door-to-door, open and enclosed car shipping that is facilitated by licensed, insured, and bonded carriers.

Vehicle Transport Services

Are you interested in vehicle transport services in California? Moving to California: Your 2022 Guide is a really helpful resource for those considering a move to the Golden State.

In search of vehicle transport services for 2 cars and a 1/2 ton truck? Get a free no-obligation quote now! 

What is Open Car Transport?

Many customers prefer open car transport because it is fast and affordable. At Nationwide, our shipping methods include open and enclosed transport. We offer custom options that are tailor made to fit your specific needs.

Your car will be shipped on an open trailer which typically has two racks. These fit four to ten cars that can be loaded. The truck, which is anywhere from 16 to 24 feet in length, lacks a roof or walls, however it is equipped with safeguards and equipment to keep your car secure to the storage ramps.

Enclosed Auto Transport or Open Carriage? Read this post to decide what suits you—Open vs Closed?

What is Enclosed Auto Transport?

Shipping a car involves a lot more than most people think and there are many people who don’t realize they can ship their cars in an open or enclosed car carrier. Enclosed shipping is a safer and more luxurious option to conventional open air car shipping services.

When using enclosed auto transport You can be sure your car will arrive in exactly the same condition as when it left, and that it will be protected from the weather and road hazards, what’s more is that it certainly adds a layer of security and reassurance to owners of classic, rare or super cars.

Enclosed auto transport is more exclusive, and there are fewer trucks that can transport fewer cars simultaneously, resulting in a price increase of up to 60% more than open air shipping.

It is not only vintage and luxury cars that get shipped. Are two wheels more your thing? Then I strongly suggest that you read our post Vintage Motorcycle Shipping: Expert tips.

What is Door to Door Auto Transport?

When it comes to shipping your car cross-country, you have a few choices. The first option is driving your car yourself and flying back, the second is hiring someone to drive it… or it could even be towed. However, there are several good reasons why most people choose door-to-door auto transport.

Terminal to Terminal Car Shipping vs. Door to Door is a blog article on our page that will put the benefits in full perspective, but what do you do when you have just bought a classic Jaguar E-Type?

What is Classic Cars Auto Transport?

Classic car owners lie awake at night dreaming about owning that special four-wheeled lady with the original  red paint and glinting chrome… In reality, buying your dream vehicle could well mean purchasing it from an out-of-state auction or online, in either case, you will most likely need professional classic cars auto transport to deliver it to you.

Your old car doesn’t need anymore unnecessary miles, and that is why classic car owners in the know, trust reliable transportation services to bring their ladies home. Ship your classic car: how to make sure your baby stays beautiful is a must read for new classic car owners.

What is Car Buyers Auto Transport?

Technology has certainly changed the world for the better. It used to be that we had to find a dealership near us that would order the car we wanted, that is if it was available, and ship it to us—a process that could take months. Today, you can buy a car online from a variety of websites, including those of manufacturers, used car dealers, and even private sellers and as a result, auto transport services have become increasingly popular.

We have built a solid and enduring reputation over nearly two decades as the industry’s leading broker for new car buyers. What is refreshing is that much of our new business stems from referrals by happy customers, as well as from recommendations from car importers, dealers and auction houses.

If you are a business dealing in cars and shipping is part of your deal – why not let us save you time, money and your reputation. Read more about car buyers auto transport and how Nationwide can assist you and your company.

But it is not all about four wheels.

There’s More to Motorcycle Shipping Than Two Wheels

Most motorbike owners are fanatics in some way, but they all share one specific eccentricity… Their two-wheeled steeds are sacredly precious and need to be handled with kid (leather) gloves. This is where vehicle transport services have stepped up and there are now several custom designed ways to get your iron horse back in your stable at home.

Here is how we can assist you with motorcycle shipping in the USA, but what if you feel like snowbirding to Vegas in an RV, and flying back?

How Camp is RV Shipping?

About forty million Americans own and use RVs and we have many years of experience when it comes to shipping your home on wheels. Why would you need to ship your recreational vehicle?

  • Are you moving out of state?
  • Want to sell your RV?
  • Do you want to buy a new RV?
  • Need to have your RV repaired by a specialized shop?
  • Need to move your RV south or north during the winter?
  • Shipping a boat, horse trailer, or fifth wheel?

Ship your area to the general area you were looking to explore – fill up the tank – and away you go. If you do own a RV, this post will help you get ready for winter. Winterize Your RV Cheat Sheet: Preparing your recreational vehicle for the trek up north.

But what do you do when you need that big package moved?

Make Light Work of Heavy Duty Shipping

What is heavy duty shipping? Perhaps you’re wondering. Well, in the international vehicle transport services, we define it as something that takes up a lot of space or adds significant weight to the truck that carries it. It includes heavy equipment, such as agricultural implements, industrial equipment, and vehicles such as forklifts, cranes, tractors and other equipment that may require the assistance of a specialist.

Heavy Haul Shipping: Top Reasons to Hire a Transport Company to Handle Your Heavy Loads

Cheap vehicle transport services are obviously not going to be your search term when you are looking for a reliable and professional auto transport service like Nationwide Auto Transportation. Did you know that we can even ship your boat?

Boat Shipping Without That Sinking Feeling

Who has not dreamt to be the captain of their own ship, or boat for us mere mortals without millions in Swiss bank accounts? Investing in a yacht is a huge commitment any which way you look at it, so we understand how important it is to you and your family that it gets the best and safest treatment whenever possible, especially when it will be transported over land.

When it comes to choosing the company that will handle your precious cargo, you want to be certain that they can handle the load. This is a specialty service for Nationwide, and our extensive network of boat carriers can assist with boat shipping nationwide, and we can deliver your boat to international docks if you are shipping internationally. It is especially useful when importing or exporting a boat, but here is All the Ship you Need to Know About Boat Shipping – and Then Some.

What follows the boat? In my mind the next logical purchase would be an ATV! Am I right, or Am I right?

Getting your ATV through the Eldorado Canyon is in most cases easier than getting it there in the first place. So how do you get your ATV across the country? Many people make use of ATV trailers, which are handy for traveling long distances in various weather conditions, IF you are capable of driving a heavy vehicle with a large trailer attached for hundreds or maybe thousands of miles.

You may want to look into less than truckload (LTL) ATV shipping if you cannot travel or do not feel comfortable towing an ATV trailer. There are different options within LTL shipping, including enclosed and open auto shipping. Read more about ATV Shipping Options.

Vehicle Transport Services

Vehicle Transport Services That Cover Nationwide Routes

Whether you need transport vehicle services from Philadelphia airport to Phoenixville, or vehicle transport services in Maryland, top nationwide vehicle transport services companies, including Nationwide Auto Transportation, have it covered.

What does this mean for business owners who run a fleet, or fleets, of cars and/or other vehicles? Find out how a rental car company shuffles and relocates their fleet. One of their most valuable assets, so that it can be most effective. Learn how you can benefit from that by reading: Rental Car Relocation

How does Rental Car Relocation work? Knowing where your fleet of vehicles needs to be for your business to run at its best and earn the highest profits is one thing, but actually arranging to have them there is another. Here are four options rental companies have for fleet relocation:

  1. Select a reputable auto shipping company such as Nationwide Auto Transportation
  2. Employees are paid to move cars one by one
  3. Employ freelance drivers
  4. Renters will move your fleet if you offer low prices on certain city-to-city rentals

Closing the Tailgate on Vehicle Transport Services

I hope that with the knowledge that the readers have gained from this post will help you make a more informed choice when it comes to choosing vehicle transport services. The more you know, the less chance you have of losing any unnecessary money that you can’t afford anyway.

Before you commit to a company, look at their reviews. Read their terms and conditions, and make sure that they are licensed and bonded. Don’t be swayed by price. Do your research first. Check reviews, T&Cs and make sure the company is licensed and bonded.

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