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Most sports car enthusiasts only ever get to realize their dream of owning one such vehicle in their lives; no wonder they are extra protective of it. The average bloke might wonder why one would spend money on custom sports car shipping. After all, any sports car is fast, so it can probably get you there quicker, right? While that is true, one must bear in mind some of the factors that make car shipping a good idea for sports cars:

  • For one way trips, it is costly to drive out and fly back. It also takes time. 
  • Sport cars are fast, which means they are fuel guzzlers. 
  • Custom sports cars have expensive parts, which means wear and tear is more costly than on your average car.

When you can’t waste mileage, professional auto shipping is the way to go.

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How mods affect custom sports car shipping costs

You’ve saved forever and can finally afford to buy that awesome sports car. Now it’s time to make it truly yours by customizing it. From a flashy paint job to awesome new rims, this is just the start! However, when it comes to body modifications, it can add to your custom sports cars shipping costs. 

Customized sports car shipping costs vary based on a number of factors, and you will probably need a custom quote from the experts in the field. However, understanding how different types of modifications impact on the cost of custom sports car shipping is a great start. 

Most smaller modifications, such as decals and custom audio and so forth won’t affect your customized sports car shipping costs. However, modifications that affect the size and weight of your car will affect the cost of shipping. This includes wider tires, large spoilers and oversized bumpers. Other types of modification could make the car difficult to be loaded on a normal car carrier. That means that the auto shipping team will have to use special equipment to load the car. 

The size and weight of your vehicle have the biggest effect on vehicle shipping costs. Some modifications made of metal are heavy, and that adds to the gas costs to transport your car; that will add to the shipping costs. A longer vehicle will take up more than one spot on the truck, which costs the carrier a fare, and therefore, drives up the cost of shipping. Height is an issue that affects the cost of custom vehicles with modified suspensions. 

The width of a vehicle is the most complex issue when it comes to custom sports car shipping. A trailer is only so wide, so if your car is wider than the trailer, a special cargo trailer or a heavy-duty flatbed is needed. In addition, the carrier will require a one-time permit from the Department of Transport to ship your custom sports car. 

Let Nationwide Auto Transportation Ship Your Precious Cargo

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