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Are you considering heavy haul shipping rather than hauling your own cargo? Choose a heavy haul shipping company with experienced drivers to move your wide load. In this article you will see why hiring a transport brokerage company is a good idea.

Heavy haul shipping loads fall under different rules and regulations. You need a heavy haul trucking company that you can depend on to avoid accidents or damages. NAT specializes in heavy equipment hauling.

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Before taking on a job, a truck driver must prove they are capable of hauling heavy loads. The drivers of heavy-haul shipping trucks do not simply move to the next weight and size class. Truck drivers must first pull standard 53-foot trailers, meet certain standards and learn safety and security techniques. 

Professional heavy haul shipping truck drivers are trained to protect your investment. Let Nationwide Auto Transportation brokerage company make all the arrangements for you.

What You Need to Know Before Hiring a Heavy Load Transport Company

When you transport a wide load of equipment, there may be challenges along the way. Industrial machinery can be difficult to transport due to its weight and size. It is important that you hire a professional heavy haul shipping company.

Nationwide Auto Transportation is linked to transport networks throughout the country. Compared to most U.S. organizations, NAT provides safe and secure heavy haul services. Here are a few things to look for when searching for a heavy haul shipping company in the United States:

heavy haul shipping
  • Load sizes 

To find a company to haul your load, you must be aware of your loads’ size and weight. Special vehicles and transportation equipment are often needed to handle heavy haul freight. Make use of a hauling company that uses high-quality equipment, trailers and trucks. 

  • Is the distance covered? 

Trailers must be able to support the required loads for the required distance. The heavy haul transport company must be familiar with shipping the best vehicles.

  • The haulers’ delivery timeframe

When transporting heavy items, receiving your delivery on time is important. Timing is critical for construction equipment delivery. The use of a trustworthy and reputable transport company is the best way to ensure this. 

  • Verify permit requirements 

To transport heavy loads, you need the required permits and proper documentation. Your heavy haul shipping company can assist you in meeting all permit requirements.

  • Price comparison

Find a heavy haul shipping company that meets all the above requirements and offers a reasonable price. The company you choose should suit your needs, even if it costs more.

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Nationwide Auto Transportation Can Assist

Heavier machinery shouldn’t pose a hassle to a legitimate heavy haul shipping company. Nationwide Auto Transport makes it simple by connecting you with a network of the top, professional heavy haul transport companies. With NAT, you can easily compare competitive quotes from various transportation companies and this allows you to shop for the lowest possible price.

Ship Your Heavy Load The Right Way

What are heavy haul loads? The term heavy haul shipping refers to any shipment that is larger than the majority of standard loads. We’re not talking about a few pallets. The freight is massive and includes things like pipeline spools and industrial machinery for large construction projects.

Here are 5 tips that will ensure you go through the process stress-free.

  1. Plan ahead for your shipment’s dimensions

A few extra inches can lead to extra contracts and more expenditures. You need to know how much a load weighs so that you can get the correct permits to legally transport your goods.

  1. Prepare the loading process

It is not easy to lift heavy pieces of equipment or material. To load it, you may need a crane operator or a forklift operator. The company may also need to plan for an operator to unload it.

  1. Requirements

Heavy haul transport permits have extra requirements. For example, installing the flags or rotating the lights at the widest point of the load.

  1. It’s the carrier’s job

Carriers make sure all permits are obtained through the department of transportation, and the cost is charged to your invoice. The carrier shouldn’t handle the permitting by default. So ensure that all the paperwork is in order before signing anything.

  1. Plan for the worst, but keep a positive outlook

Most of the time something will slip through your fingers. To react quickly if any issues arise, you should have a backup plan, right? Thus, knowing what can go wrong, you can avoid it more effectively.

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Additional Requirements For Heavy Haul Transport Permits

Documentation and permits are required for heavy haul trucking, and most permits are granted per shipment. City, county, and municipality permits may be required depending on the jurisdiction. State issued permits specify the most likely travel time for oversized freight (usually 3 to 5 days), as well as the details of transportation. 

The state of Minnesota, for instance, requires a machinery permit for shipping heavy haul loads, including a seven-day trip permit. A cargo shipper needs more permits especially if the cargo travels during the winter. Also, the state limits the number of hours that heavy freight can move during the week, and is also affected by the season.

State law also restricts travel on weekends and holidays. To ensure you have all the permits you’ll need, you should talk to your carrier before relocating your shipment. And learn the guidelines of each state where your shipment will travel. 

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Nationwide Auto Transportation Offers Clients Fast and Reliable Service

Nationwide Auto Transportation provides you with free quotes from qualified transport companies. We will submit your request within 30 seconds.

  • Providing seamless, cost-effective transportation across North America, the carriers allow you to ship flatbeds, step decks, vans, and other specialized equipment. Nationwide Auto Transportation also provides oversize and over-dimensional shipping, as well as door-to-door pickup and delivery. 
  • The best shipping and customer service. Nationwide Auto Transportation’s network consists of carriers who maintain the highest DOT safety ratings, including extensive liability insurance, industry certifications, and international documentation. NAT also provides operating authorizations and other vital documents for every carrier in our network.
  • Shipped quickly and reliably. With years of experience and a network of carriers, Nationwide Auto Transportation can optimize your shipment’s route and pricing. You can count on NAT for tailored logistics, with competitive prices for your shipment. All shipments can be tracked using GPS technology in real-time.
  • Logistics for all types of cargo shipments. Nationwide Auto Transportation ensures that the route is tailored to your cargo for quick delivery. Logistics managers have the skills to select the ideal route, and their team coordinates with local authorities and utilities. We will handle permits, schedule pilot cars, and ensure that your cargo is transported by experienced carriers.
  • Nationwide Auto Transportation always have trucks on hand in case of a breakdown. This helps to ensure that your cargo is delivered on time. In the event of a breakdown, we will dispatch equipment and complete the delivery.
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4 Important Things to Consider Before You Hire a Trucking Company 

It is a great idea to use group shipping to cut shipping costs. You should not just hire a company on the basis of its price, companies must be able to deliver quality services. 

Are you hiring a truck company for the first time? Maybe you don’t know how to do it, and you have no experience? Here are four important factors to consider:

  1. A licensed and insured trucking company is a must

Ask for proof of registration.

  1. Look at the company’s customer relations

A heavy haul shipping company needs to develop and maintain good customer relationships. The level of respect they show their customers reflects the level of service you can expect. Make sure you can trust them with your valuable possessions; read up on their reviews.

Do Your Due Diligence

  1. Examine the trucking company’s fleet as a priority

You want to ensure that your goods will be transported by a reliable heavy haul trucking company. You should inspect and check out their fleet before you hire anyone, and to see if the trucks are in a good condition. Trucks in good condition will prevent any delays on your heavy haul shipping and save you money and time.

  1. Check the company’s references and record of past customers

Request a reference list of past clients from the trucking company to see if their claims of excellent service are true.

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With all requirements to take into consideration, how can you benefit from heavy haul shipping and who can you trust with your wide load? You can rely on Nationwide Auto Transportation to take care of any heavy equipment transport for you. 

Are you considering shipping your wide load with a heavy equipment transport company? Dealing with the right heavy haul trucking company will ensure your goods reach their destination fast and safely. Nationwide Auto Transportation provides free quotes to make your heavy haul shipping experience a happy one. 

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