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Hiring a reliable auto transport company could save you a lot of hassle and stress when moving your car across the country

You might want to ship your vehicle or vehicles for any number of reasons. No matter the reasons, you must hire a reliable auto transport company.

Perhaps you’re moving from one part of the country to another. Maybe your child (or you!) could be taking on college life and need a vehicle to make things easier. Or maybe you just went online and bought the car of your dreams from out of state or out of the country. Whatever the case may be, you want to know that when you ship the car, it is in good hands. That’s where a reliable car shipping company comes in handy. 

What does it cost to ship a car?

Driving across the country is time-consuming. It could take days to reach your destination and cost a small fortune to do so when you take into consideration fuel, time, overnight stays, food, and … CONVENIENCE.

Let’s put it into perspective:

Driving from New York to Miami will take you 18 hours, 30 minutes if you drive at an average speed of about 70 mph in typical traffic conditions for this route.

new york to miami

You will have to stop at least four times

  • at rest stops,
  • for fuel,
  • food along this 1,277 mile road trip.

How much you spend depends on the number of people driving with you (food and accommodation), what you enjoy eating (fast food, prepared food or hotel meals), and how much fuel you need. Fuel averages around $145-$180, depending on the average price for your fuel grade.

If you decide to stay over in Baltimore (190 miles from New York), a night at the Holiday Inn Express, Baltimore Plaza, or Days Inn will set you back around $100 for two adults.

Expert Tip: Don’t forget to budget for a nice meal out. Baltimore has amazing seafood such as crabs and oysters.

Six hours beyond Baltimore, you may need to stay over again in Dillon, SC. Stay at the Best Western Executive Inn for around $100, and remember to budget for your evening meal.

Next stop, Savanna, Georgia is a perfect lunch-time stopover or even overnight stay  before proceeding to Daytona. 

Another 235 miles later, you will reach Daytona. Depending on whether you stayed over in Savannah, you can overnight in Daytona. 

Another 260 miles, and you reach your final destination: Miami.

reliable auto transportation company

To put this in perspective, you could fly from New York to Miami for under $50 and in less than 5 hours (for a connecting flight). You could spend around $800 to have your car shipped from New York to Miami. This will save you time, risk, and money. 

That’s not even mentioning the mileage on your car and the wear and tear that comes along with it, or the 300% markup on restaurant food.

When only the best car transport companies will do

Moving will always be a big and life-changing decision. Adjusting to all the new surroundings could be overwhelming, to say the least. But when it comes to moving your car, boat, SUV, ATV, or even your recreational vehicle with the help of a reliable auto transport company,you can rest assured that the process should be hassle-free.

We understand how valuable your car is to you. You probably worked hard to purchase and maintain it. So,we agree that you should find a professional car carrier to move it.  

What are the benefits of hiring a reliable auto transport company? 

Driving across multiple states during a residential move can be a schlep. Apart from the risk of driving across thousands of miles—potential road damages, breakdowns or accidents—you might choose to avoid adding extra mileage on the clock. 

Long drives with many moving parts increases the wear and tear on your car’s mechanical parts and other hidden costs, including:

  • Cost of capital
  • Depreciation
  • Service and MOT
  • Fuel
  • Tires
  • Car tax
  • Labor and replacement parts
  • Parking and tolls
  • And breakdown cover 

AAA rates the average cost of wear and tear to 33.94 cents per mile.Use their worksheet to calculate your wear and tear and driving costs.

Why should I use a professional car shipping company?

Most people start out thinking of driving their cars to their new homes. Weigh your options carefully and see whether auto transport won’t suit you better.

Hiring a reliable auto transport company to ship your car across the country could just be the right choice for you.  Here are just a few benefits you will enjoy when hiring a reliable car shipping company.

  • Reduced risk of damages. A reliable auto transport company will use the correct equipment to move your car, SUV, or RV. This will ensure that your car reaches its destination in the exact same condition as when you last see it being uploaded. The company is insured and has professional, licensed haulers and loaders who will safely move your car.
  • Insurance coverage on your vehicles. When you hire a reliable auto transport company is that they offer auto transport insurance on the vehicles they ship. This basically means that your vehicle is fully insured in the unlikely event that anything should happen. 
  • Trained professional drivers. Reliable auto transport companies only use highly skilled and trained professional drivers that are qualified to handle all challenges that could occur while moving your car. These individuals are on the roads daily, covering the busiest routes. They are familiar with the dangers and the pitfalls of driving in certain areas. Most importantly, they know how to handle an abnormal load.  This has been proven to be a much safer option than driving yourself.

If you’re going to ship your car, it is important to find a reliable auto transport company that is known for excellent service. When you’re under time pressure,  you want to work with a company that will meet their deadlines. 

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How to find a reliable transport company

Make absolutely sure before you hire a transport company that they are legitimate and not a fly-by-night scheme. As in any business, you will find fake companies and big chancers  who promise the best service and then fail to deliver on those promises. 

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What to Look for in a Reliable Auto Transport Company

Sometimes, a car shipping contractor may not intend to be sly, but come across that way because they lack:

  • industry knowledge,
  • Business experience, 
  • and auto hauling equipment. 

In many instances, you will be able to spot a fake company profile by looking at their website. In many cases, their websites focus mainly on what they can get out of visitors, rather than on providing value. Scammers don’t usually like to spend money on developing a good website or a legitimate business.

Look out for these red flags when you’re looking for a reliable auto transport company:

  • A poorly designed website with nothing much beyond contact details
  • An obscure domain name, or one that indicates a free hosting package
  • Poorly written website content
  • Incomplete contact details

A legitimate nationwide auto transportation service will list their motor carrier number.

As a final step in your research to find the most reliable auto transport company, call them, or send them an email. This will give you an opportunity to assess their service.

As a final step in finding a reliable car carrier, look at the following:

  • Read all their reviews. Good and bad. Make notes of all the information that you want to remember about each company. Reviews will tell you a lot about the quality of service they provide through the satisfied customer reviews. And you will see if they are fit to fulfill the duties you have for them to perform.
  • Ask for their FMCSA number. Every company must be registered with the FMCSA. This allows the FMCSA to monitor the carrier and which loads and areas every transport company may work in.
  • Look for their USDOT number. Registered car carriers and moving companies will have a USDOT number. This number is normally located at the side of every truck in the fleet. This is an effective way to check whether a company is permitted to perform transportation and shipping of cars.

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