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Car shipping is not something that you think a lot about. However that is only until you need to move your car across the country. Suddenly you find yourself searching terms like, ‘nationwide shipping’, or ‘bargain auto transport‘. Thousands of unfiltered results can leave you more in the dark than before your search engine spat all this confusion out. This blog helps distinguish the reliable vehicle shipping shipping experts from the auto shipping amateurs.

reliable vehicle shipping

A Glossary of Auto Transport Terms a Reliable Vehicle Shipping Company Would Use

Knowledge is power and the more you know, the better your choices will be.

Car/Auto Transport CompanyProfessional haulers assist people in moving their cars from one location to another. To ship different types of automobiles, they have specially designed open- or closed-air trucks. They can be either carriers or brokers.
Auto Transport BrokerOrganizations or individuals that use a network of reliable vehicle shipping companies to synchronize shipments. Auto shipping brokers usually do not own their own fleet of trailers and car shipment orders are correlated with carrier companies.
Car CarrierAuto transport carriers, also known as car haulers or car-carrying trailers, are open or enclosed trailers purpose built and designed to carry vehicles.
Door-To-Door ServiceAlmost all car shipping companies offer this service, which allows your car to be picked up and dropped off at your desired location. The cost of door-to-door service is not more, and it is usually preferred.
Terminal-To-Terminal ServiceThis seems to be a dying service. Slightly cheaper, but harder to arrange. Because the carrier needs to find, and book, a delivery location – who will more than likely, add their own fees for storage.
Drop-Off WindowYou will be expected to drop off your car during these times.
Open Multi-Car HaulerMulti-vehicle transportation is the most common and budget-friendly method for transportation between states. Although vehicles are exposed to the elements, a professional company will make sure your car is safe.
Enclosed Car CarrierEnclosed carriers come at a premium, but if you are shipping a classic, collectible or super car – you want the full ‘gloves-on’ treatment for your investment. This is a safer option that protects your car from dirt, grime, dust, and other road elements.
Bill of LadingBOL is the document issued by the auto transport company. A vehicle’s condition is outlined as well as proof that the vehicle has been picked up and delivered.
Co-loadingMost people use reliable vehicle shipping because it is convenient and cheap. Co-loading allows auto transport companies to load more than one automobile into one carrier, thereby reducing the total transportation cost.
Cut-off timeThe hauling company needs to deliver your car by this date.
En routeThe term indicates that your shipment is on its way to your preferred pick-up location.

As I said, shipping your vehicle can be overwhelming and may seem complicated. Knowing these terms will make it easier for you to understand what’s going on. These details should be provided by your preferred auto transport company.

reliable vehicle shipping

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Why Use an Auto Transport Company?

We all love a good road trip, don’t we? However, road trips are normally associated with loads of time, holidays and fun. If you have to get your precious wheels to another state—or country because perhaps you’re moving cross-country, or you have bought your valedictorian child a car for their hard work, or maybe even as a reward to yourself—self-drive is not always an option.

No matter what the reason for shipping your car is, you want to have peace of mind that nothing will go wrong. Save yourself tons of stress and hassles by employing a reliable vehicle shipping company like Nationwide Auto Transportation, we will ship your car while you enjoy a safe and comfortable flight. Enjoy peace of mind because your vehicle is being handled by reliable vehicle shipping professionals. Return to work, go back to school, or use your valuable vacation days. While you are having fun, your vehicle will be delivered, safely and on time.

reliable vehicle shipping

5 Reasons Why it’s Better With a Reliable Vehicle Shipping Company:

  1. Value is maintained—Driving across the country adds miles to your car’s odometer, which in turn directly . Your vehicle’s mileage will directly influence the market value – low miles = high dollars. The vehicle’s mileage is not an issue when you use an auto transport company. Our hauling truck will load your car and deliver it to the drop-off location of your choice in the same condition as when it was loaded.
  2. Wear and tear protection—Driving thousands of miles will cause your car’s engine and tires to wear prematurely. Auto haulers ensure they remain in good shape.
  3. Save time—If you’re pressed for time, driving all the way across the country is impossible. When you use a reliable vehicle shipping company, you can plan your schedule without having to worry about driving for long periods.
  4. Safe and reliable—Traveling from one state to another is very stressful and takes a toll—both on you as driver, and the wife and kids (if it happens to be like that). There is the obvious risk of you, or your family being injured in an accident. Why take any risk at all when you can hop aboard a plane, and your car on a hauling truck?

Reliable Car Shipping

  1. The best protection for your vintage or classic car—Professional auto transporters have the tools and expertise to move your vehicle securely and safely. Have peace of mind knowing your car is protected from the elements.
  2. Multiple vehicles at once—A vehicle transportation company is able to transport several vehicles at once. The majority of companies will offer you great pricing based on the number of cars you need hauled. It’s a great way to save money and reduce your carbon footprint.
  3. They have the legal ‘right stuff’—Car relocations require a lot of paperwork. Different states have different laws and regulations. Auto transport companies with the knowledge of industry best practices have professional hauling experts on staff.  When you drop off your vehicle, the legal requirements are no longer your concern.

How Other Consumers Perceive Their Services

You should read the online reviews of reliable vehicle shipping companies before choosing one. There are numerous review sites like Better Business Bureau, Google, HelloPeter, Facebook and other common consumer boards. Review sites help to see the reputation of a company and assess its level of service.

Focus on the negative comments or reviews and see how the company resolved the issues – a company that does not respond, does not deserve your response.

Look what NAT customers had to say about their experiences with us.

From Pick up to Delivery—Reliable Vehicle Shipping by Nationwide

Nationwide Auto Transportation monitors everything from start to finish. Our customer service desk is open throughout the day and night for inquiries about your vehicle and our dispatch service is available seven days a week.

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Our reliable vehicle shipping solutions are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a cost-effective way to ship their car.

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