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Are you allowed to ship personal items inside your car during a move? Read on to learn the can’s from the can not’s.

Do auto shipping companies allow things in your car while it is being shipped? Can I pack personal items in my car during car shipping.

When you make use of auto shippers, the company asks for the make and model of your vehicle. This is in order to establish your vehicle’s GVWR. By law, auto shipping carriers must abide by strict weight regulations. Therefore, they calculate the weight of vehicles that will be on the carrier.

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Shipping personal items in the car | The Rules

Some auto shipping companies allow you to transport up to 100 pounds of personal belongings in your car. This is usually free of charge. However, it is important to follow the guidelines and to consider the risks involved.

In order to save some money during your move, you could consider shipping things in the car if your vehicle transport company allows it. If they allow it, that should work out considerably cheaper than posting your goods to your new address. It is important to follow the auto shipping company’s rules and terms and conditions. Items to be sent are checked by the transport company and their weight is also checked to make sure that it is within limits.

Auto transport companies check the weight of cars and other items to make sure that these are within limits when shipping cars and belongings together. If the items loaded in cars are heavy, then their weight could be equal to another car. Therefore, it is important to remain within the weight limits and ensure the items are allowed by the transport company.

shipping car and belongings together

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Shipping car and belongings together: Factors to consider

Quantity Control

When shipping personal items in the car, then you must follow the limits in quantity by the transport companies. Some transport companies allow customers to carry 100 pounds for free while some don’t allow any free weight in the car.


Additional charges may be levied when you ship personal items in the car. You may be charged anywhere from 50$ to 250$ depending on the weight of items you’re shipping in the car.


There is always a risk of theft when you are shipping any personal items in your car. When your personal items are visible through the car windows, they could entice burglars to gain access to your car. When shipping personal items in the car, choose goods of lower financial or sentimental value, as that would be of less attraction to would-be thieves.

Good transport companies have security measures through which theft can be eliminated when shipping personal items in the car. We will lock your car after the items to be shipped are loaded and checked by the company in order to prevent theft.

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Think About This

Weight Limits

Different weight limits apply when shipping personal items in the car. Be sure to follow the terms and conditions in order to prevent extra charges or denial of service.

If the auto shippers limits are crossed then you may not be allowed to ship the items or you may have to pay more money. When you want to ship goods in your car using an auto transportation service, you can save a lot of money as compared to shipping personal items alone.

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Cars are mostly insured against damages. However, if you are shipping personal goods in the car, that can cause damages that are not covered by insurance companies. It is up to you to ensure proper loading and knowing which things to have in your car with safety in mind when loading. Avoid flammable liquids, perishable goods, and live plants when shipping cars and belongings together.

items shipped inside a car count towards weight of the truck

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How do I go about shipping personal items in my car during auto shipping?

  1. Speak to your car shipping company. Find out if you’re allowed to ship personal belongings in the car and what things to have in your car during auto shipping and where it must be stored. Most companies only allow personal items to be shipped inside the trunk.
  2. Keep to the limits set out by the company. If you want to ship more than the allowed amount, you may sometimes pay an additional fee and be allowed to ship personal items in the car.
  3. Don’t stack too high. If you ship personal items in the front of the car, be sure that it is below window level, and keep the driver’s seat clear in order for transporters to drive your car onto and off of the truck.
  4. Recognize that there is a risk of theft when you transport personal belongings in the car during auto shipping. If items of high value are visible, it will attract thieves. Remember that personal items inside your car are not insured during auto transportation, only the car is insured.
  5. Remove any valuables from the car, and only ship large, bulky items such as bedding, curtains instead of expensive technology, or items of high sentimental value.

Need advice about shipping personal items in the car? Get in touch with one of our auto shippers consultants today.

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