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Student relocation is tough—on parents, at least. Every year, parents across the US face the reality that their babies are no longer kids. They are young adults, transitioning into their own lives. You were uber-proud when your graduate received that acceptance letter from the school from across the country, but now that it’s time to leave, the reality has hit. Car shipping can help minimize some of your concerns.

student relocation
They grow up so fast…

When your child is eight hours’ drive away, you will no longer be available to pop into his or her room to check if they need anything, so you need to plan the move carefully to ensure you don’t miss anything. Yes, it can be tricky to move across the country on a budget… And of course you’ll worry about whether he has healthy food, or medicine or toiletries… Not to mention getting to class on time! But you’ve spent your life preparing for this very moment.

Part of growing up is finding a great internship, or a job. But reliable transportation is crucial to making life just a little bit easier. But it’s understandable that you don’t want your kid to drive that distance alone with all their earthly belongings loaded into the car. And you can’t get time off work to drive her.

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Student Relocation Safety Factors

People travel long distances across the country all the time and it’s mostly safe, but most students lack the experience to deal with potential damages and delays. They may not think about checking the gas gauge while they are in town to ensure they don’t run out.

You might want to share this post with your student, just to ensure that they practice safe driving habits, even across shorter distances, and how to avoid tire blow outs

Towns and gas stations are many miles apart in the plains and desert areas. You want to be sure your student has access to help in the event of a breakdown.

Climatic changes from one part of the country to another can also be hard on the car. For instance, well inflated tires are generally good to go in the Midwest, but the warm, dry climates down south can take a toll on tires and the car’s rubber parts.

Cross country drives place unnecessary strain on a vehicle, as well as on the driver. It has been estimated that drowsy driving contributes to as many as 20% of fatal collisions. Why risk your student’s life with a long, cross country drive when car shipping provides a simple alternative?

Car shipping makes student relocation a breeze. Not only does it keep your ‘precious cargo’ safe, but it also saves time. Car shipping is much easier than it sounds, provided you deal with the right company. It’s a good idea to plan your shipping lead time properly to ensure the car arrives at the campus on time. 

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Car Shipping For Student Relocation

Student relocation is a big hassle for parents every year. However, if you opt for car shipping, you can at least put some items in the vehicle, thus saving on luggage and postage fees. This is ideal for clothing, decor, and less valuable items. Get a quote on student relocation car shipping today!

Top student relocation routes include:

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