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When you’re shopping for car shipping quotes, you’re bound to be bombarded with many different options. The most common decision you will have to make is whether you want open of enclosed auto transport. It is important to understand what enclosed auto transport is and for which cars the professionals recommend this method.

What’s the difference between open and covered car transport?

Enclosed car transport is the opposite of an open carrier. Your vintage car is loaded onto an open truck instead of inside an enclosed carrier with sides and a roof. An enclosed car transport carrier can hold between two to six cars. Unlike the configuration of an open carrier that allows it to hold up to ten cars. Therefore making it a cheaper option.

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It depends on the value of your car…

Open carriers are very safe and reliable, however you may want to opt for enclosed auto transport. Especially for your classic, exotic, vintage race car, or expensive sports car. (Make sure they are operated by licensed, trained and experienced operators)

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enclosed auto transport

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Enclosed Auto Transport Carriers

Professional enclosed car transportation trailers have specialized features. This includes unique lift gates, drop decks, climate control, articulating ramps, e-track flooring and customized tie-down systems. This is to ensure a safe and confident journey for your prized possession.

Ship cars with a clearance of lower than 6″ using enclosed auto transport with a lift-gate. To protect your car from rock chips, scratches or any potential damage that might devalue your car, opt for enclosed auto transport. Likewise, roadsters and other cars that have a soft top or no top should be shipped in enclosed car carriers.

Enclosed car transport carriers provide superior protection against the elements. In addition to fluid leakage from other cars, road debris, low hanging trees and even against theft.

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It is true that less than 5% of vehicles carried on open trailers sustain any damage. Nevertheless why take the chance? Covered car transport offers added protection for optimal peace of mind. Speak to Nationwide Auto Transportation today about your routes and options.