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Shipping a car from an auction has become increasingly popular, especially with the rise of online bidding and the need for social distancing. Whether you’re snapping up luxury cars at police auctions or IAAI events, online platforms have made it easier to acquire these vehicles at competitive prices. However, since driving a car with a salvage title is against the law, you’ll need to arrange for transportation to your garage and then to the DMV for title updates.

Opting for auction auto shipping services brings a raft of benefits over driving the vehicle yourself. That said, here’s what you need to understand about the process of auto shipping.

ship a car from an auction

Auto shipping is safer than driving.

Choosing an auto transportation company is a smart move to ensure your car arrives in top-notch condition. Consider the risks of driving, particularly for cars that aren’t driven regularly. Plus, if you’re facing a long-haul move, auto transportation is a lifesaver, sparing your car from unnecessary wear and tear and slashing the chance of accidents. And let’s not forget the bonus: avoiding countless hours of driving and traffic jams.

For those snagging vehicles at auctions, car shipping isn’t just convenient—it’s essential. It’s the go-to solution for auto dealers and fleet owners, including car rental agencies. Here at NAT, we pride ourselves on providing seamless auction-to-dealership transport across the continental USA. Expect swift, expert auto shipping services and attractive discounts to match.

How much does it cost to transport a vehicle from an auction?

The cost of shipping a car from an auction – just like any other type of auto shipping – depends on a variety of factors, including:

  • Distance
  • Type of shipping
  • Fuel price
  • Shipping season
  • Condition of the car
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How to Bring Your Car Home from the Auctions

The first step is to find a carrier that is suitable to your vehicle. An independent Auto broker can be cheaper. 

Shipping Options

There are three main types of shipping which can be applied to both door-to-door car shipping and terminal-to-terminal auto shipping:

Open auto shipping – This is the best choice if you want fast, inexpensive car shipping. 

Enclosed auto shipping – Best if you want the peace of mind that your luxury, classic, or exotic car is safe.

Inoperable vehicle shipping – Let your Shipping Company know.

If your vehicle doesn’t run use a car carrier with a winch, or a flatbed hauler for close-range shipping. If you need to ship your non-operational vehicle long distance, speak to Nationwide Auto Transportation about the best options for your needs. 

A car shipping company that operates on a nationwide basis is your best bet for shipping cars from any auction – including Copart and Mannheim – in the country to your location. 

If you book an operable vehicle, but when the carrier arrives it is inoperable, you will incur additional costs. It is likely that another truck will have to be arranged to accommodate the inoperable vehicle, as not all carriers can handle inoperable vehicles. It’s therefore important, to be honest, and upfront.

Ship a Car From and Auction | Get a Quote

Your auction vehicle must be fully paid for and ready to be released from the auction. Additionally, whether you are a dealer or a private car buyer or seller, it is important to follow these steps to ship a car from an auction.

  1. Settle the car payment due to the auction company.
  2. Request an auction car shipping quote from Nationwide Auto Transportation.
  3. Notify the auctioneers that Nationwide Auto Transportation will collect the vehicle on your behalf.
  4. Provide the auto shippers with the gate pass, lot number, and buyer number. 

Ship a car from an auction | Shipping a vehicle to owner or to dealer

Opting to ship a car from an auction? You’ve got two paths: open or enclosed transport. Eyeing a high-end vehicle? Enclosed transport might suit your needs, safeguarding your luxury car from the elements.

Open carriers are the go-to for many, fitting for a wide array of vehicles. Remember, a car on an open hauler faces the same conditions as it would on the road. If this thought makes you uneasy, our enclosed carriers offer a shield for your car’s engine, electronics, and plush interiors, especially if it’s prone to leaks or other exposures.

At Nationwide Auto Transportation, proximity to auctions means we’ve got carriers ready on popular routes. Skip the unknowns; trust our 16+ years of expertise in auction car transport. Let us simplify your move with reliable, seasoned service.