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Here is your Snowbird Auto Transport Planning Guide for 2023!

Map of popular Snowbird Auto Transport routes

Ah, the open season for our beloved snowbirds is fast approaching. So let’s talk about one thing on everyone’s mind – Snowbird Auto Transport.

Now, don’t let that freeze you in your tracks with worry. You are not alone in frowning a bit when you hear the term. Organizing the caravan commute can be slightly overwhelming. But fear not, my feathered friends; once you get to know Snowbird Auto Transport, it’ll be as smoothing sailing as your migration!

In this planning guide, we will go through the concept from the ground up. I’ll explain what Snowbird Auto Transport is, the benefits of using such a service, the factors affecting car shipping costs, how to choose the right service, the top destinations popular with snowbirds, considerations for car shipping, and introducing a well-reputed company in the field.

Even if you’ve already used an auto transport service in previous travels, you can still pick up some useful tips and important considerations for your next voyage. So, buckle up and get ready for a smooth ride, as we navigate the Snowbird Auto Transport highway together!

Let’s kick start our journey, shall we?

Learn more about the snowbird lifestyle from AARP for a comprehensive guide on seasonal relocation.

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Benefits of Snowbird Auto Transport

Are you tired of the grueling drive from the frigid north to the warm south during winter and vice versa? I’ve got great news! Snowbird Auto Transport is here to turn that around for you! 🚚 Trust me; this is the game-changer you’ve been looking for.

Ever heard of the term ‘Snowbirds’? It’s an affectionate term used to describe individuals who migrate from the colder northern parts of North America to warmer southern locales, typically during the winter. Since its inception in 1996, this service has been the go-to for countless snowbirds, delivering tens of thousands of vehicles annually.

Convenience and Efficiency

Picture this: While you take a comfortable flight to your destination, your car gets transported separately. 🚗✈️ Isn’t that handy? You no longer need to deal with those long, tiresome drives. The service is remarkably efficient, usually taking 3 to 5 days from pickup. What more could you ask for?

Vehicle Protection

Oh, how we all treasure our rides! 💗 Snowbird Auto Transport ensures it gets maximum protection. With their Enclosed Auto Transport Service, your vehicle is shielded from harsh weather conditions and road debris during transit. So, essentially, it’s like your car getting the VIP treatment it deserves!

Reduced Wear and Tear

Now let’s talk numbers. Transporting a vehicle costs approximately $1.40 per mile for distances between 1-500 miles. Initially, this may seem a tad pricey. But, consider the reduced wear and tear on your vehicle. It really is a worthwhile investment, isn’t it?

Finally, keep in mind that the high season for Snowbird Auto Transport is during the chilly months (late October through May). So you might want to plan accordingly to avoid the last-minute rush! 📆

There you have it, folks! The benefits of Snowbird Auto Transport laid out for you. It’s indeed a win-win situation — you get to your destination stress-free while your car arrives safe and sound, ready to hit the roads. Remember, your vehicle deserves better than a tense journey. Why put it through that when there’s a convenient alternative? Choose Snowbird Auto Transport, the trusted service for your car.

  • If you want to learn more about the safety and regulations of snowbird auto transport, you can visit the [FMCSA website], which is the official source of information and guidance for commercial motor vehicle operators and carriers. You can find out how to get a USDOT number, check the operating authority and safety rating of a transport company, and access various resources and tools to ensure a safe and compliant trip.

Factors Affecting Snowbird Car Shipping Costs

This winter, as you’re packing up to head to your warmer southern retreat, you cannot overlook the transportation of your beloved vehicle. After all, what’s a snowbird season without your favourite set of wheels to cruise around? But, let’s hold on a moment. Have you considered the costs associated with snowbird car shipping services? Sure, it is not your average grocery bill, but here’s what you need to know — the cost can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand. 😱💸

I’ve identified three key factors that significantly influence these costs, and I’m going to walk you through each one.

snowbird vehicle transport | Vehicle Type

Your car’s make and model play a significant role in determining your car shipping costs. For example:

  • Compact or smaller cars: 😎These vehicles are comparatively lighter and take less space on the carrier, reducing the shipping cost.
  • SUVs and trucks: 😮With added weight and size, these vehicles require more resources to transport. That’s where extra fees start creeping in.
  • Club you’re a proud owner of a classic, antique, or luxury vehicle? Then you need to consider opting for enclosed auto transport, which though a bit pricier, offers enhanced protection for your treasure during transit.

Distance Traveled

This one is fairly straightforward — the further the distance, the higher the cost. 😅🚗 However, it’s not just straight highway miles we need to consider, but also the pickup and delivery locations. Loading and unloading from major cities or popular snowbird destinations may cool down the costs a bit, compared to remote areas.

Shipping Method | snowbird auto shipping

Lastly, let’s talk about the shipping method. You basically have two options:

  • Open auto transport: This is your budget-friendly option. Although your car would be exposed to the elements, it is still a safe and popular choice among many snowbirds.
  • Enclosed auto transport for snowbird vehicle transport: Here’s your premium option. Perfect for those who cherish their custom, classic, antique, or luxury vehicles. Your car will be enclosed, protected from all outside elements, resulting in a significantly higher cost.

So, there you have it! The type of vehicle you own, the distance they need to travel, and the chosen shipping method are the key ingredients in your snowbird car shipping cost recipe. Forearmed is forewarned, so calculating these factors beforehand will ensure no surprises when you receive that final bill. Happy travels! 🚗🌴

Choosing the Right Snowbird Auto Transport Service

You finally made the exciting decision to embrace life as a snowbird. 🏖️✔️ Yet, as you look at the long drive between your summer and winter homes, you start to wonder, “Is there a better way?” Superb news, my friend! There definitely is. By selecting the right snowbird auto transport service, you can get both you and your vehicle where you need to go stress-free.

Terminal-to-Terminal Service | snowbird auto shipping

Car loading for Snowbird Vehicle Transportation

By using a snowbird auto transport service that offers terminal-to-terminal service, you can give your car a vacation too! 🚗✈️. This fantastic service means that your chosen carrier will pick up your car at a designated terminal, then trek it to another terminal close to your winter home. Imagine moving from one destination to another with all the comfort and none of the wear and tear on your trusty companion (your car, of course).

Booking Multiple Cars

But what about those of you with more than one vehicle to transport? 😲 Not to worry! Many auto transport services provide solutions for booking multiple cars onto the same transport carrier during the snowbird season. This means there’s no need to pick favorites. You can bring along your classic vintage car and your everyday SUV, giving them both the break they deserve.

Reliability and Reputation

Finally, and unquestionably one of the most important considerations, is choosing an auto transport service with a reliable reputation. How many times have we heard of horrid experiences with dodgy services? 😱 Steer clear of this by opting for a well-reviewed company so you can trust that your vehicle is in safe hands. Just check out some of the Car Shipping Reviews to get a feel of who you can rely on.

Choosing the right snowbird auto transport service shouldn’t be a roller coaster ride. Remember, it’s all about convenience, options for transporting multiple vehicles, and a trustworthy reputation. So, start planning your journey today and enjoy living the snowbird lifestyle. You and your car deserve it! 😎🚗👍

Multiple cars being transported for Snowbird Season

For insights on vehicle safety during transport, visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration NHTSA.

Popular Winter Destinations for Snowbirds

As Canadian winters make no apologies for being brutally cold, many folks commonly referred to as the “snowbirds” plan a winter escape down south. And why wouldn’t they? Trading the snow-covered landscape for the sun-soaked outdoors is a divine feeling. If you’ve been contemplating a warm winter getaway, you’re in for a real treat. Allow me to guide you through some popular winter destinations for Canadian snowbirds which you definitely wouldn’t want to miss out on!😊


First on the list is Florida, the quintessential Snowbird destination! Its charm continues to enthrall Canadians looking for a winter sojourn, year after year.⛱️

  • Temperature: With temperatures typically in the 20s(C), you’re guaranteed golden rays and bearable climate throughout the winter season.
  • Activities: Whether you’re a fan of strolling along picturesque beaches, exploring spellbinding theme parks, or simply devouring a delicious seafood platter, Florida has got you covered.
  • Accommodation: From chic condos in Miami, cozy cottages in the Florida Keys to camping options, there’s an array of accommodations to choose from according to your budget.


California, the Golden State, is brimming with possibilities for Canadians looking for fun-packed winter vacations.

Climate: The Southern part of California, with its Mediterranean-like weather in the winter, provides a perfect scenario for those needing a dose of warmth.🌞

Florida/Arizona, a popular Snowbird destination

Leisure: Discover the magic at Disneyland, drive through the surreal beauty of the Pacific Coast Highway, or sink your toes in the sands of Malibu’s iconic beaches.

Stay Options: Check into beachfront villas, luxurious city hotels, or quirky bed and breakfast– the choices are plentiful!


Winter Weather: Arizona boasts a high desert climate that sees warm but comfortable winter temperatures– a stark contrast from Canada’s frigid conditions.

Highlights: Take part in outdoor adventures like golfing, hiking, exploring the Grand Canyon, or marvel at Scottsdale’s artsy scene.

Accommodation: With options ranging from luxurious resorts to budget-friendly Airbnbs, locating a temporary home in Arizona isn’t challenging.

Next up is Arizona, the land of desert sunsets and eye-catching landscapes. It’s no wonder it’s gaining popularity among winter escapers.


Last but definitely not least, Texas, known as the Friendly State, is one destination that deserves a spot on your snowbird itinerary.

  • Climate: Texas winters are mild, with temperatures usually around the mid-teens(C) which makes it great for outdoor exploration.
  • Adventure: Tour famous sites like the Alamo, enjoy the eclectic music scene in Austin, or just chill out on the gorgeous beach of South Padre Island.
  • Lodging: The accommodations in Texas cater to varying preferences – be it a charming rental in the heart of the city or a lakeside cabin offering solitude.

So pack your sunny essentials and let these incredible destinations warm up your winter spirit! Remember, the journey matters as much as the destination. Wherever you choose to go, make the most of every moment under the southern sun. Happy winter travels, fellow snowbirds!🚗💨

Considerations for Snowbird Car Shipping

When the chill of winter knocks on your door, the idea of escaping to a warmer location can be more than inviting. You might be considering becoming a snowbird! Before you pack your bags, there’s one crucial detail that needs attention – your car. Taking your favorite four-wheeler along should not be a hassle if you plan appropriately. In this article, we’ll dive into some key considerations for snowbird car shipping.

Considerations for Snowbird Car Shipping

Evaluate Shipping Options

Take some time to carefully consider all your options. Not all car shipping services are created equal, and while some may seem more convenient, they may not offer the best protection for your car. Here are a few factors you should weigh:

  • Open or Enclosed Trailer: Open trailers are cost-effective but expose your car to the elements. Enclosed trailers offer more protection but might be a touch heavy on your pocket.
  • Door-to-door or Terminal-to-terminal: Door-to-door shipping offers extreme convenience. The carrier picks up and delivers your car right to your specified addresses. However, with terminal-to-terminal, you would have to drop off and pick up your car at the respective shipping terminals.
  • Scheduling: Timing your car’s arrival with yours can be tricky. Make sure the shipping company can accommodate your preferred delivery date.

Avoid Solely Considering Lowest Prices

As the old saying goes, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” Woefully, this can ring true in car shipping services. Although price is an important factor, it shouldn’t be the only thing you consider.

Try to avoid falling for those flashy advertisements promising outstandingly low rates. These bargain companies often cut corners that may leave your car susceptible to damage or late delivery. Also, many low-cost services include hidden fees that may surprise you later.

When choosing a service, make sure they cover:

  • Insurances: The shipping service should have insurance coverage for any damage that might occur during transportation.
  • Customer Reviews: Did prior customers face any unexpected charges, delays, or damages? Reviews can be your guiding light in this area, providing a sneak peek into the company’s real operation.
  • License and Accreditation: Always go for a licensed and accredited agency. Measures like these ensure that the company operates within the legal framework and has met certain quality standards.

Your car is an integral part of your snowbird lifestyle. While shipping it, considerations must extend beyond how cheap a service is. Your focus should be on the overall quality of the delivery process.

Ensuring your car’s safe arrival at your winter getaway can seem daunting but planning properly and making informed decisions will spare you a world of stress. So, take a minute, evaluate your options, and make the ride smooth for your ride!

Nationwide Auto Transportation Snowbird Shipping

Reputable Snowbird Auto Transport Company

When it comes to snowbird auto transport, one company continually rises to the top: Nationwide Auto Transportation. With years of experience under their belt, they’ve established themselves as a go-to resource for snowbirds flocking south (and back) every year. Why? Let’s break it down. 💡

Nationwide Auto Transportation

When it comes to snowbird auto transport, Nationwide Auto Transportation is a trusted name in the industry. They have been providing quality service for over 15 years, delivering each vehicle with care and professionalism. They guarantee your satisfaction and peace of mind.

Nationwide Auto Transportation offers:

  • Flexible service: Whether you’re traveling from Ohio to Miami or Maine to California, Nationwide Auto Transportation can handle your car shipping needs. They offer nationwide and cross-border coverage, ensuring you can get your car to your destination. 🚗💨
  • Customized service: Every move is customized, according to your specific requirements. Expect to receive personalized attention and support throughout the process.
  • Timeliness: Time is precious – and Nationwide Auto Transportation knows it. They value your schedule and deliver your vehicle on time and in perfect condition. 🎯
  • Affordable pricing: No hidden fees or unexpected charges here. Nationwide Auto Transportation offers competitive and transparent pricing, so you know exactly what you’re getting for your money.

So, if you want a stress-free snowbird car transport experience, Nationwide Auto Transportation could be the company you’re looking for. Remember, it’s not just about moving your car from one place to another. It’s about making the journey as smooth and enjoyable as possible. So, why not let a reputable company like Nationwide Auto Transportation take care of it for you?

Check the American Moving and Storage Association for more tips on choosing the best auto transport services.

Snowbird Car Shipping | Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is snowbird auto transport?

    Snowbird auto transport refers to the process of transporting a vehicle between two locations based on seasonal migration patterns. It is commonly used by individuals who spend winter in warmer climates and need their vehicle(s) brought to their winter residence.

  2. How does snowbird auto transport work?

    Snowbird auto transport involves hiring a professional auto transport company to pick up your vehicle from your current location and deliver it to your desired destination. The company will handle all the logistics, including transportation, insurance, and delivery.

  3. What factors should I consider when planning snowbird auto transport?

    When planning snowbird auto transport, consider factors such as the reputation and reliability of the auto transport company, cost of transportation, delivery timeframes, insurance coverage, and any specific requirements or restrictions that may be applicable.

  4. How far in advance should I book snowbird auto transport services?

    It is recommended to book snowbird auto transport services at least 1-2 months in advance to ensure availability and secure the desired pickup and delivery dates. Booking early also allows you to compare quotes and make an informed decision.

  5. Is my vehicle insured during snowbird auto transport?

    Yes, reputable auto transport companies provide insurance coverage for your vehicle during transportation. However, it is essential to review the insurance policy details and ensure that it sufficiently covers your vehicle’s value.

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