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So, you’re looking for a used Tesla for sale? Whether you’re trying to live life in a less wasteful way, or – like the rest of us – trying to save money, the good news is that there’s a pre-owned Tesla waiting out there for you. There are certain things one should never buy second-hand; baby accessories, make-up, upholstered furniture, shoes and hats. 

The good news is that iSeeCars’ 2019 survey showed that the Tesla Model S holds its value twice as well as your average gasoline car and three times better than the average electric car, in spite of the impact of EV incentives. Electric cars tend to depreciate faster than gasoline cars, comparatively. 

About the Tesla Model S

Tesla’s oldest vehicle that is currently in the market, the Model S is an electric vehicle (EV) with a floor mounted battery pack and high-strength architecture. Model 3 is an AWD that focuses on safety. It can resist four times its own mass, despite the fact that it has an all-glass roof. The Model X offers room for seven people, and happens to be one of the safest SUVs ever. It was designed to limit the probability of occupant injury. Tesla Model Y is another safest-in-its-class vehicle with a rigid body structure and a low center of gravity. 

There are many different models of used Tesla for sale online. One great way to get a good deal on a pre-owned Tesla – or any car really – is to buy an inventory car. These vehicles are technically new, as they were used as demo or loaner cars. 

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used tesla for sale

How Much is a Used Tesla for Sale?

You might be considering investing into an electric vehicle to save the environment and of course, on fuel. However, you must bear in mind some of the hidden costs of powering electric cars. Owning an electric car means that you don’t refill with gas, but with electricity. The cost of your fill-up will depend on the utility company’s rates at the time and place when you fill up. 

Charging Your Used Tesla

Perhaps you decide to use a home charging station or a home solar system. That will definitely be more convenient than going to a charging station. However, you must consider the amortized costs of that infrastructure. Once you know that cost, you can multiply the vehicle’s kWh/100 miles total by the electric rate for your usual charging time at home. 

Now that you know the cost per 100 miles, you can also calculate how long it will take to charge your battery. Once you have an answer, you can add to that:

  • Costs for home charging setup
  • Supply equipment
  • Installation costs
  • Solar car charging equipment

If you’d like to buy a used Tesla for sale now is the time to jump the  opportunity. Of course, you’d have to get the appropriate charging technologies in place. This equipment makes owning a plug-in car more than just a vehicle and it makes your job as owner more simpler.

Now that you know what costs to be prepared for in owning an electric vehicle, you might be wondering where to actually buy the vehicle. As usual, we did the research for you…

Where to Buy a Used Tesla for Sale?

Edmunds has a large inventory (at the time of writing), including:

  • A used 2018 Tesla Model S 75D for $57,890
  • A used 2019 Tesla Model 3 Mid for $43,987
  • A used 2016 Tesla Model X 75D for $52,990

At the time of writing, CarGugus has a variety of used Tesla for sale, including:

  • A 2012 Model S Performance RWD for $25,500
  • A 2018 Model 3 Long Range RWD for $39,896
  • A 2016 model X 90D AWD for $55,900

OnlyUsedTesla sells – you guessed it! Only used Teslas. They recently sold a 2020 Model Y Long Range AWD Performance in midnight silver metallic for $68,000. They also have:

  • A 2019  Model X for $89,000
  • A 2018 Model S for $79,950
  • A 2019 Model 3 for $50,000

Buying a car for sale by owner? Read this guide to avoid buying a lemon!

A used Tesla for sale could be located anywhere in America, so you may have to have it shipped to you. That’s something else to factor into the cost of a used Tesla. Luckily, we make the process easier than ever with our free online car shipping calculator.