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As an industry pro, I’ve seen firsthand how Enterprise truck rental reshapes the moving experience. Whether you’re snagging an Enterprise one-way truck rental for a cross-town shift or comparing Enterprise truck rental rates for the best deal, the difference is clear. Cost matters, and that’s why “how much does Enterprise truck rental cost?” is often the first question I’m asked. With competitive Enterprise truck rental prices and a range of options like Enterprise commercial truck rental and Enterprise box truck rental, convenience and flexibility are just a reservation away. For locals, “Enterprise near me” opens up a world of easy-access moving truck rental—vital when you need a moving van rental stat.

Whether you need to move household goods or business stock or equipment during a relocation, Enterprise Truck Rental can assist with a variety of options, including pickup trucks and box-style moving vans. 270+ Locations in the US, as well as in Canada and Puerto Rico.

enterprise truck rental

Looking for the best way to relocate your vehicle or need a reliable moving truck rental for your big move? Read our comprehensive guide where we compare the perks of using a car shipping company versus renting a trailer. Plus, don’t miss out on our in-depth rental truck comparison to see how Enterprise measures up against the competition. Get all the info you need to make your move smooth and stress-free!

Enterprise Truck Rental | Custom Solutions for Every Move

Embrace the Enterprise Advantage for Local and Round-Trip Rentals

Undoubtedly, when it comes to moving, the name Enterprise Truck Rental echoes as a beacon of reliability. Particularly when you’re planning a round-trip move or need to rent a truck locally, the Enterprise fleet stands ready to support your journey.

The Spectrum of Enterprise Rental Options

Different options for rent

Subsequently, let’s delve into the variety of trucks available. Enterprise doesn’t just offer a one-size-fits-all solution; it’s about providing the perfect fit for your move. From the handy 15-foot parcel truck to the capacious 26-foot straight truck, every rental is an invitation to move with ease and confidence.

The One-Way Rental Dilemma | Solved

Moreover, for those pondering one-way rentals, Enterprise has solutions that cater specifically to your needs. The Enterprise team is equipped to guide you through the process, ensuring a seamless experience.

Balancing Cost and Convenience | Enterprise’s Transparent Pricing

Finally, cost is key. With transparent Enterprise truck rental rates and no hidden fees, budgeting for your move becomes a straightforward affair. It should be noted, empowering customers with clear pricing is an Enterprise hallmark.

This section introduces Enterprise Truck Rental with a focus on their tailored services for local and round-trip moves, emphasizing the diverse selection of rental options and transparent pricing. For the complete exploration of Enterprise’s unique offerings and customer stories, continue reading the full article.

Moving truck rental | Options

Truck SizeSuitable ForFeaturesFuel Type
15-foot Parcel1-3 bedroom house movesPull-out ramp, seating for twoGasoline
16-foot Cab-Over3-4 bedroom house movesLift gate, seating for threeDiesel
24-foot Straight5+ bedroom household movesLift gate, seating for threeDiesel
26-foot Straight5+ bedroom household movesLift gate, seating for threeDiesel

*Note: Lift gates make DIY moves easier, sparing your back the strain of lifting heavy items. For certain pickup truck models, towing equipment is available at select locations. For auto shipping needs across the country, it’s recommended to hire a professional service.

*Please note that vehicle specifications like weight may vary by make, model, year, and location.

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Enhance Your Move with Enterprise’s Additional Services

Enhance Your Move with Enterprise's Additional Services

Complement Your Rental with Essential Moving Accessories

While Enterprise Truck Rental provides more than just vehicles, their additional services can undoubtedly make your move smoother. Along with the essential hand trucks and furniture pads, it’s important to note that while they do not offer boxes or car carrier trailers, they do ensure you have access to essential moving accessories to protect your belongings.

Transparent and Competitive Pricing Structure

Furthermore, the transparency in Enterprise truck rental prices makes budgeting for your move an easier task. With a flat daily rate and clear mileage charges, you’ll find no surprises when budgeting for your rental. Also, they conveniently offer eight standard options that you can book directly on their website. For bespoke needs, like a larger Enterprise commercial truck rental, simply reach out to your local Enterprise for a personalized quote.

Notably, some unique fees set Enterprise apart, such as a license fee and an optional additional driver fee, ensuring that all your potential requirements are covered.

Hassle-Free Reservation with Secure Payment Options

Subsequently, to secure your chosen truck, a deposit is efficiently handled via credit or debit card, safeguarding your reservation.

Streamlined Booking Process for Your Convenience

After securing your reservation, navigate effortlessly through our straightforward booking process. For more information, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page, and ensure a seamless experience from start to finish.

Comprehensive Rental Insurance for Peace of Mind

Additionally, investing in insurance is a smart move. Enterprise provides an optional, but highly recommended, suite of insurance products to protect you against unforeseen circumstances on the road.

Secure Your Rental with Enterprise’s Protection Plans

Road-Ready Coverage for Every Scenario |

Chiefly, Enterprise offers four levels of coverage to ensure that every aspect of your rental experience is safeguarded against the unexpected:

Damage Waiver: This coverage option ensures that you are not held responsible for any damages or theft, offering you peace of mind. The cost varies, ensuring that no matter the Enterprise truck rental rates, you’re covered.

Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) and Personal Effects Cover (PEC)

Personal accident insurance and more

Based on the latest information available, the cost for Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) and Personal Effects Coverage (PEC) through Enterprise Truck Rental typically ranges from about $5.99 to $15.67 per day, varying by location. It’s designed to protect you, your passengers, and your personal belongings while using the rental truck.

For those seeking liability coverage, Supplemental Liability Protection (SLP) is also available. It provides up to $300,000 in third-party liability claims. The cost for SLP can vary but is generally between $8.00 and $17.00 per day, depending on rental location and other factors.

It’s crucial to note that these coverages are optional, and it’s recommended that renters review their own insurance policies or credit card benefits to determine if they already have coverage that may overlap with what is offered by Enterprise. This could help avoid unnecessary costs for coverage you may already possess.

For the most accurate pricing and options for your specific rental situation, it’s best to contact Enterprise directly or begin a reservation online where you can review the costs associated with these protection products for your selected rental location and vehicle type​​​​.

For those looking to go the extra mile in safeguarding their vehicles during transport, Nationwide Auto Transportation offers robust protection plans to keep your car secure. Delve into the details and find peace of mind for your vehicle’s journey at Protect Your Car with NAT.

Want to drive around in the world of auto transport? Check out our comprehensive guide on Expedited vs. Standard Car Shipping and discover which option suits your needs best.

Roadside Assistance Protection (RAP)

This cover will waive financial responsibility in the event of chargeable roadside incidents such as fuel outages, lockouts and lost keys.

enterprise truck rental

Nationwide Auto Transportation vehicle safety and security

For those looking to go the extra mile in safeguarding their vehicles during transport, Nationwide Auto Transportation offers robust protection plans to keep your car secure. Delve into the details and find peace of mind for your vehicle’s journey at Protect Your Car with NAT.

What else you should know about Enterprise Truck Rental

For renting a truck from Enterprise Truck Rental, the minimum age requirement is 25 at most locations, with specific provisions for renters between 21-24 years old at certain locations. For renters aged 18-20, rentals are only available in New York or Michigan with certain restrictions and additional fees. As such, it is crucial to contact the Enterprise branch associated with your rental for detailed information and any additional considerations that might apply​​.

Truck rental gives you freedom

Regarding one-way rentals, Enterprise does offer the flexibility to rent a vehicle at one location and return it to another at participating locations. This service may come with additional fees, such as a one-time drop charge or mileage charge, depending on the rental and return locations, as well as the time of year. Rates for one-way rentals may be higher than returning to the same location, and it’s best to book these in advance. Always ensure to confirm the availability of one-way rentals and any associated fees when making your reservation to avoid surprises​​.

To get the most current and specific information, please visit the Enterprise Truck Rental website or contact their customer service directly.

What do customers say about Enterprise?

Since Enterprise Truck Rental offers a variety of locations and different options, reviews tend to be mixed.

It is important to note that there are no mileage fees on the smaller vehicles that are available for rental.

The Enterprise website is easy to navigate, and to book smaller cargo vans and trucks.

Is it the best option for your move?

Enterprise Truck Rental is not as big as some of the other truck rental companies, but it is still popular enough, and offers affordable options for local, round-trip moves.

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Your Move, Simplified | Enterprise Truck Rental & Nationwide Auto Transportation

Concluding Your Moving Plan with Confidence

As you wrap up your moving plan, remember that Enterprise Truck Rental offers a wide range of reliable vehicles to transport your belongings safely to your new home. With their extensive selection of trucks and transparent pricing, they stand out as a top choice for those looking to manage their move efficiently. But what about your car? Driving it yourself alongside managing a moving truck can be cumbersome and tiring.

The Smart Choice: Nationwide Auto Transportation

This is where Nationwide Auto Transportation shines. While you focus on driving the rental truck or managing other aspects of your move, let Nationwide handle your car with care. Opting for car shipping services offers peace of mind and frees you from the stress of long drives. Explore more about our services and how we can make your move smoother:

  • Car Shipping – Discover the ease of shipping your car to your new destination.
  • Open Car Transport – A cost-effective and popular choice for car shipping.
  • Customer Reviews – Hear from those who’ve trusted us with their precious vehicles.
  • Quote Request – Get a personalized quote for your car shipping needs with no hidden costs.

Take the Next Step Towards a Seamless Move

Don’t let the logistics of moving overwhelm you. With Enterprise Truck Rental, you have the flexibility and reliability to transport your belongings. And with Nationwide Auto Transportation, your vehicle is in safe hands, ensuring it arrives at your new home without adding miles or wear and tear. Ready to simplify your move? Reach out to Nationwide Auto Transportation today and cross “move car” off your to-do list with ease.

Make your move smoother with the perfect combination of Enterprise’s moving solutions and Nationwide’s auto shipping expertise. Your belongings and your car deserve the best care on this journey. Let us help you make that transition as seamless as possible.

Enterprise Truck Rental – Your Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Enterprise Truck Rental is small enough to make sure that our customers get hands-on, personal service—yet large enough to give you a wide range of options 

How Much Is Enterprise Truck Rental?

Enterprise Truck Rental provides a vast selection of trucks for various moving needs. Their fleet includes box trucks, pickup trucks, and cargo vans, among others, with the option for daily, weekly, or monthly rentals. The cost of renting these vehicles from Enterprise can vary widely depending on the truck’s make, model, availability, and location.

Enterprise Truck Rental

You might expect to spend from about $90 to $706 per day, plus additional charges per mile if you’re moving over 300 miles. These mileage fees can range between $0.20 to $0.99 per mile. Remember, insurance costs, which can average about $26 a day, should also be factored into your budget. It’s important to note that these costs are just an average and may vary, so checking Enterprise’s deals page or contacting them directly for a precise quote is advisable.

For specific details about truck sizes and capacities, Enterprise offers an extensive range from small pickup trucks to large 26-foot box trucks, ensuring they have the right truck for any size move. The selection is broad, but availability may vary by location.

It’s crucial to consider these factors and plan accordingly to ensure that you choose the best truck for your needs and budget. For the most accurate and current pricing, it’s recommended to visit Enterprise Truck Rental’s website or directly contact them​​​​​​.

What Makes Enterprise Truck Rental Unique From Other Truck Rental/Leasing Companies?

In addition to daily and weekly rates, and seasonal and project-based pricing agreements, Enterprise Truck Rental provides customers with cost-effective and flexible alternatives to owning and leasing vehicles. People who rent trucks from the company especially value their industry-leading customer service and 24/7 roadside assistance.

What Forms do you Sign to Rent a Enterprise Truck Rental?

Before we get to what forms you sign to rent an Enterprise Truck Rental, we can also ask, “Why would someone call an Enterprise Rental Truck?” 

Rental moving truck

Let’s start with the rental requirements. 

  • Drivers must be at least 21 years old (18 in New York and Michigan with an additional young drivers fee).
  • Some vehicle restrictions may apply to non-commercial drivers between the ages of 21 and 24 (18 in NY/MI).
  • Renters under the age of 21 should contact Enterprise Truck Rental for more details.
  • Additional driver and underage fees apply where applicable.
  • For drivers who are 25 years and older, no restrictions apply.
  • You can add drivers when picking up your vehicle at the branch and driver’s licenses are required for all drivers.

What Does Enterprise Charge for a Ram Truck Rental?

Enterprise Truck Rental use the services of a truck that is not just a truck, but more like a long time American tradition—The Ford F150, and our clients absolutely love the experience. Expect to pay around $80 a day excluding taxes and fees.

What are Some of Enterprise features and services?

When it comes to Enterprise Truck Rental how to get a good deal, we really hope that this page is informative. Let’s have a look at what some of the features and services on offer is:

Enterprise Truck Rental
  • A Local move
  • Moving trucks, pickup trucks, and cargo vans for rent
  • Insurance when moving
  • Packing and moving supplies
  • Roadside assistance
  • Used vehicle sales

There are several additional cargo vans, pickup trucks, and stake-bed trucks available at Enterprise Truck Rental.

Enterprise also rents trucks for business purposes, which means that businesses can use the company’s trucks for office relocation and freight. As a result, some Enterprise locations cater more to business renters than to household mover customers. Due to this, your local Enterprise retailer may have more large trucks than small vans… or the other way around!

What is the Emergency Contact Number for Enterprise ?

Call 888-736-8287 or visit your local Truck Rental branch for immediate assistance.

Who is Best Between Enterprise and Budget Truck Rental?

Asking that question can really be likened to how long is a piece of string? Enterprise has great customer reviews; in fact customer satisfaction rates highly with this company. Online reviews are among the highest in the truck rental industry, with superior service listed as their unique selling point by nearly everyone.

6 responses to “Enterprise Truck Rental | Comprehensive Review and Guide

  1. I hired the 26ft truck and the rate was great, even with the extra equipment I hired. Collecting and returning was easy. No complaints.

  2. Great experience with Enterprise from start to finish, especially since it was my first time doing this. The lady who served me at the pickup counter was extremely helpful. They explained the insurance information to me and were patient with all my questions. Kudos to the team!

  3. The manager stepped out of his office to greet and assist me when I arrived at the office. He showed me the inventory and explained how getting the slightly bigger truck would be a better deal. He wasn’t pushy at all and turns out he was right. The move went well and the truck was quite fuel economic. It was bigger than what I was used to driving, but it handled very easily. I’d highly recommend Enterprise!

  4. I was lucky to be able to rent a truck with less than 10k miles on it,so it was basically brand new with all the latest in safety and efficiency. I especially liked the electric loading ramp. They also let me pick it up a day earlier than I initially booked, so that was a bonus!

  5. I chose Enterprise because they had the best rate on a 16′ box truck. I also rented a cargo van and tail lift. The equipment was clean and in great condition. I’d definitely use them again.

  6. We had a great experience renting from Enterprise. The staff were courteous and helpful, the equipment in good condition and rate was not bad compared to the competition. We would use them again in future.


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