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Guide How to Buy car on eBay Motors

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Many consumers have continued to choose eBay Motors when it comes to buying and selling of cars because of its ease of use. The two main ways to purchase cars on eBay motors. Auction-style formats require you to place a bid on the car you are interested in while the Buy It Now allows you to purchase the car automatically at the price set by the seller and there is no bidding process.

Method 1; Auction-style format
Determine the budget
You will need to know how much you want to spend on the car. Set the maximum limit and make sure you don’t go above that amount. There are many people who have been caught by “bidding fever” at the last minute of the auction.Car Shipping Service

Review sellers feedback
You should make sure you have reviewed the feedback of the seller you want to bid on. Choose sellers who have high feedback score.

Research Your Listing
You will need to invest a little more time doing research. Sellers usually list the Vehicle Identification Number on the description of the listing. You will be able to get the vehicle history report, though most of the vehicles listed usually come with a free report or directly buying it from the eBay Motors site.

Buy the Car
Once you win the auction, you will move to the next process of paying the seller. You will have to follow the instructions by the seller regarding accepted payment methods. You will then arrange for pickup or delivery, which is usually the buyer’s responsibility.
You will be required to contact the Department of Motor Vehicle to find out what is needed to transfer the vehicle to your name. Don’t choose sellers who want you to pay through MoneyGram, Western Union, or other cash transfer method because there is a high chance they are scamming you.

Buy It Now on eBay Motors
This is a good option if you have the money available. You don’t have to bid on the vehicle, and the amount you pay is what the seller is comfortable with. You are sure about how much you are going to spend.

Choose vehicle type
You will first need to decide which type of vehicle you want to purchase. You have to know the year, make, and model of the vehicle, in addition to the many other features you might be interested in. You will still need to have a budget before starting the process.

Search for listings
You can easily search for the vehicle you are interested in from the many options. You will have filter options that will let you see results you are interested in, and not waste time going through listings you are not interested in. eBay Motors provides you with the option of having the vehicle you are interested in inspected by s third-party mechanic.

Research the sellers
Take time and research the sellers of the listings you are interested in. This will give you a rough idea on how reliable they have been with their past sales.

If you are satisfied, click the Buy It Now button and you can decide whether you want to add it to the cart immediately or you want to purchase later. The listings will still be available to other buyers until you click the Confirm and Pay button. Waiting too long can sometimes mean losing out on the vehicle. You will also need to consider shipping and additional costs when determining the final cost of the vehicle.

Buying a car on eBay Motors is not as hard as it may look, provided you know what to do.