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Stepping into the world of police car auctions, I can’t help but share the wealth of opportunities these auctions present for finding your next vehicle at a steal. As a retired police officer, I’ve witnessed countless times how police car auctions near me and police car auctions online offer an array of well-maintained vehicles that once served on the front lines. Whether you’re eyeing a sturdy sedan or a durable SUV, police car auctions are where you’ll discover unbeatable deals.

And when you secure that perfect find, remember, Nationwide is here to ship it home safely, ensuring your new treasure arrives right at your doorstep, hassle-free.

How do Police Auctions Work?

police car auction

Understand the mechanics behind police car auctions, from government surplus sales to local police department clear-outs. We’ll debunk myths and offer a clear view on how to participate, whether you’re in Philadelphia PA, Las Vegas NV, or anywhere in-between.

This post will show you how to find police car auctions and that you CAN find a good deal. Next, see where police car auctions are held.

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Discover the best car shipping routes and tips for a hassle-free vehicle relocation with our detailed guides and articles. Learn about routes. Now you have more options with police car auctions online.

Explore a wide selection of vehicles at police car auctions with GovPlanet, discover great deals on surplus vehicles in Wyoming, and gain insider tips through our informative YouTube video. Start your journey with these resources: GovPlanet Automobile Auctions, Wyoming Vehicle Auctions, Auction Tips Video.

What are Government and Police Auctions?

buy a car at a police car auction

Police car auctions are events where vehicles retired from law enforcement duties are sold to the highest bidder. These auctions offer a variety of vehicles. Find from sedans to SUVs, often at lower prices than in the traditional used car market.

The world of police car auctions is like stepping into a marketplace where history, duty, and opportunity collide. Public agencies, bound by duty to offload surplus or seized items, set the stage for some of the most thrilling auctions you could imagine.

Police car auctions online and others

Picture this:

  • vehicles that once roared down highways on high-stakes chases.
  • military gear that’s seen more than we could fathom.
  • and yes, even homes caught up in foreclosure.
    • All lined up and waiting for a new lease on life. At these auctions, it’s not just about clearing space. It’s about giving these items a second chance while offering you the deal of a lifetime.
auto auction

And yes, for those wondering, snagging an ex-police service vehicle at Police car auctions online is possible! In fact, it’s a popular highlight of these auctions. These retired heroes of the road are often in prime condition, having been maintained with rigorous precision. They’re part of the vast array of goods you’ll find up for grabs. You will find web-based government car auctions channel these sales through platforms like GovDeals. Obviously, this is where the array of items spans from the practical to the unexpected.

Beyond the allure of securing a piece of law enforcement history, auctions are a treasure trove of the eclectic and the essential. From artwork that could grace your living room walls to agricultural equipment that could start your venture into farming! And yes, even to the oddities like gambling machines or medical equipment, the range is as vast as it is fascinating.

But let’s hone in on what brought us here: the police car auctions. These aren’t just transactions; they’re stories waiting to continue on the road, with you behind the wheel.

Police car auctions online | Practical advice

Before you leap headfirst into bidding on your future cruiser, consider a moment of practical advice: preventing a tire blowout. It’s an essential piece of know-how that could not only save your day but preserve the integrity of your new (or new-to-you) police cruiser.

police car auction

And once you’ve successfully claimed your prize, remember that getting it home safely is the next step. With Nationwide, calculating your car shipping quote is a breeze. We ensure your newly acquired treasure arrives at your doorstep without a hitch. Discover the best in car shipping with Nationwide Auto Transportation. Make the transition from auction floor to home garage as smooth as the ride in your new police car.

How to Find Police Car Auctions Near Me | How do I Find California Auctions?

Find Local police car auctions through several channels:

Benefits of Online Police Car Auctions

Online auctions, like those found on, offer convenience and accessibility, allowing bidders to participate from anywhere. They often have detailed listings and photos for each vehicle, making it easier to make informed decisions.

Police car auctions and government auctions take place across the USA at many different times and in many different ways. Access is free and public police auction information is available online from the federal, state, and local governments.

police car auction

Joining an Auction Site | Pros and Cons

Evaluate the benefits of paid sites like against free public listings. Discover how to streamline your search for the perfect police auction vehicle. Use ZIP codes and distance filters to your advantage.

Winning Strategies for Police Car Auctions

Uncover practical tips to navigate the bidding process successfully. From vehicle inspections to understanding car depreciation rates, equip yourself with knowledge to make informed decisions.

How Police Car Auctions Work

Ever wonder why cars end up at state police car auctions? Here’s the scoop:

How Police Car Auctions Work
  • They could be proceeds from crime.
  • Maybe involved in fraud.
  • Perhaps due to defaulted payments.
  • Or tied to other white-collar crimes.

Often, these cars are in top-notch shape. Police departments auction them off to clear out space and recoup some cash. For them, it’s not about making a profit. It’s about making room.

The US Treasury Department also gets in on the action, hosting around 300 auctions yearly across the country. These sales often stem from unpaid taxes or breaches of federal laws, leading to the forfeiture of property, including vehicles.

Is Buying Auctioned Vehicles a Good Idea?

Police car auctions can lead to some unbelievable finds. But brace yourself; entering a police seized car auction is like stepping into a bidding arena.

Buying from an impound lot means no guarantees, warranties, or service deals that you might get from a regular dealer. The upside? You snag a vehicle for much less. If cars aren’t your thing, or if you’re not car-savvy, maybe stick to conventional dealerships.

At these auctions, what you see is what you bid on—no test drives here. But the good news? Most of these vehicles are ready to hit the road again, in pretty solid condition.

Finding Gems at Police Car Auctions and Seamless Transport Solutions

Securing Your Next Vehicle at Police Car Auctions

Venturing into the world of police car auctions can lead to some incredible finds, especially for dealers looking to expand their inventory with unique finds from Orange County and beyond. With Nationwide Auto Transportation, moving your new acquisitions from auction to your dealership is a breeze, thanks to our specialized auction to dealer transport services.

Spotlight on Unbelievable Auction Deals

Our recent visit to a Memphis Police Car auction unveiled deals that sounded almost too good to be true, yet they were right there for the taking:

  • A 2010 Dodge Charger with minor wear for just $350.
  • A 2012 Chevrolet Tahoe, needing a bit of care, scooped up for $450.
  • A classic 2004 Ford Crown Victoria, a steal at $500.
  • A 2015 Ford Taurus, in pristine condition, for an incredible $5,800.

Nationwide Auto Transportation | Your Auction Transport Partner

Each of these vehicles presents an excellent opportunity for TLC and a profitable resale. Curious about transporting your new fleet? Nationwide has got your back, ensuring your cars are shipped from any state, safe and sound.

Your Auction Day Strategy

Your Auction Day Strategy

Stepping into police car auctions near me marks the beginning of an exciting journey. I always make it a point to arrive early. This gives me the chance to thoroughly inspect the cars on offer and decide which ones are worth my bid. Let me tell you, the competition is stiff. Dealers and enthusiasts alike are all vying for that top spot, making pre-auction research absolutely crucial.

Staying Ahead with Online Police Car Auctions

I keep a close eye on recommended sites to stay updated on police car auctions online. Knowing when and where the next auctions are helps me plan my strategy, whether I need to have the full payment ready or if I can start with a deposit. Timing is everything in securing and transporting your newfound treasure.

Diving Deeper | Beyond Finding Police Impound Car Auctions

Finding an auction is just the start. I arrive at the police repo car auctions at the crack of dawn on auction day to see the vehicles firsthand. All the online research in the world can’t replace the value of a physical inspection. By narrowing down my options to three or four prime choices, I’m ready to jump in when the auction starts.

Competition is fierce, with many dealers and private buyers looking for that perfect deal at America’s police auctions. I always make sure to stay informed about the police department’s auction schedule to be in the right place at the right time.

Securing Your Auction Purchase

When it comes to buying, some auctions let you put down just a deposit, while others require full payment upfront. But here’s the catch – you’ve got to act fast to secure your purchase.

If the auction is out of town or the car isn’t driveable, that’s where Nationwide Auto Transportation comes in. They offer a professional auction to dealer transport service, making it easy to get your vehicle from the auction lot to your doorstep, no matter the distance.

Nationwide Auto Transport multi-car discounts

Get in Touch for Special Deals

And don’t forget, Nationwide Auto Transport offers multi-car discounts. If you’re looking to transport multiple vehicles from auctions, they’re the ones to call. Check out their quote request page to see how they can help you with your auction transport needs.

Quick Guide to Auction Success

Action ItemDescription
Research and InspectDo your homework before the auction and inspect vehicles early on auction day.
Stay UpdatedKeep an eye on auction sites for schedules and listings.
Plan Your Bid StrategyDecide on your top picks and how much you’re willing to bid.
Secure Your Purchase QuicklyBe prepared with payment or deposit as required.
Arrange TransportationContact Nationwide Auto Transportation for reliable auction to dealer transport.

Navigating the world of police car auctions is an adventure. With the right strategy and resources like Nationwide Auto Transportation, you’re set to uncover and secure the best deals out there.

Police Car Auctions Near me: Where to Find Police Car Auctions

When you are ready to attend a police car auction and you are a resident of the windy city, your first question will more than likely be, “Where can I find police car auctions Chicago?”, but regardless of your ZIP code, we have put together a list that should answer your question, “Where are police car auctions?”

No local auctions? Look into buying your new car online through Mannheim Auto Auctions.

gavel vehicle auction

For more information about police car auctions in your state or city, click the link to the left:

  • Police Car Auctions New York: Live and online auctions are hosted by the New York City Police Department. As part of its auction process, the NYPD uses an outside auctioneer (who also conducts auctions for other law enforcement agencies) to auction luxury items, such as cars, designer clothing, consumer electronics, rare coins, and jewelry.
  • New Jersey Police Car Auctions – These auctions offer some of the most incredible seized vehicles at unbeatable prices, as well as well-maintained, equipped cars from the police fleet.
  • Looking at Police Auctions Michigan – MiBid’s online auction is available 24 hours a day. 
  • Find Police Auctions Florida – Find all upcoming auctions in Florida on Bidera. 

One near you

  • Police Car Auctions MN – Every first Thursday of the month, the Minneapolis Impound Lot hosts public auctions. Registration and inspection start at 8 am, followed by the official auction at 10:30 am. Make sure to arrive early for registration and inspection. 
  • Police Car Auctions Houston – You can access the online listing of all the vehicles that will be auctioned, and you can attend the live auction at one of the facilities that lists abandoned vehicles and is open to the public. Several locations host these daily auctions, which start at 8 a.m. 
  • Where are Police Car Auctions Texas – The Dallas Auto Pound holds an auction every other Monday, or if Monday is a public holiday, it will be held the following Tuesday. 
  • Police Auctions VA – There are a number of police auctions  throughout the state, including in Norfolk, Prince William County, Portsmouth, and Mobile.
  • Looking for Police Car Auctions Maryland – The Maryland Department of State Police has partnered with Government Surplus Auctions in order to dispose of their seized, forfeited, and found cars. The Department Property Unit can be reached at (410) 799-1218.
  • Police Car Auctions AZ – Surplus Property offers three live police car auctions every year at 1537 W. Jackson Street in Phoenix, Arizona.

They are all over

  • Police Auctions NC – The North Carolina State Highway Patrol has partnered with North Carolina State Surplus to auction off surplus vehicles. All surplus fleet vehicles are valued according to a special retail protocol approved by the Division of State Surplus Property based on the vehicle’s year, make, model, and mileage. A no discount, warranty, or other incentives are offered on any vehicles sold “as-is.” Visit  N.C. State Surplus Property, 6501 Chapel Hill Road, Highway 54 W. Raleigh, N.C. 27607 during regular working hours, except on state holidays.
  • Find Police Car Auctions GA – The Georgia Department of Administrative Services auctions surplus vehicles online. 
  • Are there Police Auto Auctions Bay Area. The Office of Fleet and Asset Management (OFAM) offers three public auction services, namely: online auctions facilitated by, live Surplus Automotive Auctions on the second Wednesday of selected months, and an online State Surplus Property Auction with viewing available weekly on Thursday afternoons between 13h00 and 15h00 –  contact [email protected] or (916) 928-5800.
  • Police Auto Auctions California – The San Diego Police Department disposes of unclaimed items through an online auction service, whereas the Montclair Police Department holds public auctions. These are held every alternating Monday (excluding holidays) at 12 pm in the parking lot of the Montclair Police Department, located on South Richton Street, west of Monte Vista Avenue. Enter the gate on the west end of Richton Street. 
  • Where are Police Auctions WA – Issaquah City Police auction off surplus equipment through PropertyRoom. The Fleet Services division of King County conducts two live auctions annually, during spring and fall. The City of Seattle uses Bidadoo and MurphyAuction to liquidate its surplus fleet.
  • Police  Auctions CT – Connecticut holds online auctions for surplus vehicles.

Is there one near you?

  • Are there Police Property Auctions Cleveland Ohio – Contact the Cleveland Division of Police Vehicle Custodial Unit.
  • Law Enforcement Auctions Illinois – Browse City of Chicago Public Surplus Vehicle listings, view the Clinton Auto Auction website for the latest news and listings or bid online in the June auction of the Illinois Department of Central Management Services. Learn more about Illinois car shipping here.
  • Where are Police Vehicle Auctions Oregon – People who want to purchase surplus property in Oregon have access to a range of options online and at auctions.
  • Police Auctions Denver – Attend an auction of abandoned and confiscated vehicles every second Wednesday at 9 am at the Denver Sheriff Vehicle Impound Facility, 5226 Brighton Blvd., Denver, CO 80216 (York St. & Brighton Blvd., north of I-70).
  • Any Police Auctions MA – Boston’s Police Department holds regular auctions, and you can view the listing online. 
  • Listed Police Auto Auctions Kansas City – Car dealers and the public are invited to attend auctions every third Tuesday of the month. Call 816.502.3318 for more information. Learn more about our Wichita Kansas auto shipping services.
  • Police Auctions Charlotte NC – The City of Charlotte’s Asset Recovery & Disposal (ARD) Facility invites the public and dealers to attend their auctions at All ARD Public Auctions are held at 5550 Wilkinson Blvd. Click on the link to the left for dates of upcoming auctions.
  • Listed Police Vehicle Auctions Sacramento – The City’s Procurement Services Division holds an auction every second Saturday at 4751 Power Inn Road, Sacramento, CA 95826.
  • Police Car Auctions Las Vegas – Clark County holds 3 auctions yearly, on select Saturdays at 8am at a storage facility at 4320 Stephanie St.

Set Sail on Your Police Car Auction Voyage

As I wrap up this guide, I’m buoyed by the thrill of the hunt and the victories I’ve had at police car auctions. Armed with insights, tips, and a list of go-to auction sites, you’re not just prepared; you’re poised for success. My journey through the world of police car auctions has been nothing short of exhilarating, filled with incredible finds and unforgettable stories. Now, it’s your turn to carve out your path and discover the unmatched deals waiting for you.

Ready to look Into Police Car Auctions?

Government car sales at auction

Are you gearing up to explore police car auctions in your locality or perhaps venture into the online realm? Tap here for the freshest reviews and savvy advice to navigate your auction adventure with finesse.

But the journey doesn’t end with a winning bid. Ensuring your prized acquisition arrives at your doorstep, safe and sound, is where Nationwide Auto Transportation shines. Learn how we streamline the post-auction process, making it seamless to transport your auction find, whether by road or even by plane for those urgent or high-value transports.

Delve into our services here and discover why shipping your car by air might just be the perfect solution for your unique situation. Ready to elevate your car shipping experience? 🚗✈️ Continue Reading about the benefits, costs, and tips for shipping your car by plane, ensuring your auction treasure arrives exactly as you envisioned, quickly and without a hitch.

Police auctions FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Police Car Auctions

How do I participate in a police car auction?

To participate in a police car auction, start by researching auction locations and dates in your area or online. Most auctions require you to register in advance, either on-site or through their website. Bring a valid ID and any required deposit or registration fee to the auction. It’s also a good idea to arrive early to inspect the vehicles and decide on which ones you’re interested in bidding.

What types of vehicles can I expect to find?

At police car auctions, you can find a wide range of vehicles, including sedans, SUVs, trucks, and even motorcycles. These vehicles may be former police or government vehicles, seized assets, or surplus vehicles. While many are in good condition, some might need repairs, so always inspect them as much as possible beforehand.

Are there any tips for winning a bid at a police car auction?

Yes, several strategies can help you win a bid at a police car auction:

  • Set a Budget: Before bidding, know your maximum limit and stick to it to avoid overspending.
  • Research Vehicle Values: Use resources like Kelley Blue Book to understand the value of the vehicles you’re interested in.
  • Inspect Vehicles: Arrive early to thoroughly inspect the vehicles and check for any damage or issues.
  • Stay Calm: Keep a cool head during the bidding process to make rational decisions.
  • Bid Late: Sometimes, waiting to bid until the end can be a strategy to avoid driving up the price too early.

Can I inspect the vehicles before the auction starts?

Yes, most police car auctions allow for pre-auction inspections. These inspection periods can range from a few hours to a day before the auction starts. While you might not be able to drive the vehicles, you can usually start them, check under the hood, and inspect the interior and exterior.

Is it possible to participate in police car auctions online?

Absolutely! Many police car auctions offer online bidding options. To participate, register on the auction’s website, complete any required verifications, and follow their guidelines for online bidding. Online auctions are a great way to access vehicles from different locations.

What should I do after winning a bid?

After winning a bid, you’ll need to settle your payment according to the auction’s terms, which typically include full payment within a set period. Once payment is confirmed, you can arrange for the vehicle’s pickup or delivery. If the vehicle is located out of state or is not driveable, consider using a professional auto transport service like Nationwide Auto Transportation to ensure your new vehicle is delivered safely and efficiently to your desired location.

By keeping these FAQs and tips in mind, you’re well-equipped to navigate the exciting world of police car auctions with confidence.

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