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What are the rules for towing a car long distance? Do I have options for towing a car long distance? What can I do when I need to get my car somewhere more than 250 miles away?

Your safest option is to hire a reliable auto transport company! Besides that, you can drive it yourself! That is if you have the time and nerves of steel. You could lastly learn how to tow a car long distance

In this article we discuss the pros and cons of your long distance car towing options. We highlight why hiring a professional car transport company like Nationwide Auto Transportation is your safest vehicle transport choice.

The Nationwide Guide to Long Distance Car Towing

What do you do when you need to get your vehicle to a point that is a long distance away? If you have never moved your car from one state to another, what do you do? Your first solution would more than likely be to just drive it there right? But what if you also need to drive a moving truck? Or you simply do not have the time it takes for a long distance car tow? 

Read this post on the pitfalls of self-driving. It shows that the best way to get your car safely to its destination is with a reputable and reliable vehicle transport company like Nationwide Auto Transportation.

You can use a tow dolly or a car transport trailer to tow your car where it needs to be. In the sections below we look at the dangers of towing a car with a car long distance. We compare the pros and cons of auto transport vs tow dolly.

Tow Dolly vs Auto Transport

Compared to a uHaul car dolly a reliable auto carrier is still the safest way to move your car for any considerable distance. 

But first: What’s the difference between car shipping and car towing? Find out here…

What is a Car Tow Dolly?

If you can choose between auto transport vs tow dolly, auto transport is again a better option. How does a tow dolly work? In principle this is a trailer with only two wheels. These replace the function of the towed car’s front wheels. The rear wheels of the vehicle roll on the roadway.

Not all cars can be towed with a car dolly. How do you know if you can consider long distance car towing with a tow dolly:

  • It is make and model dependent
  • Weight and distribution
  • Length of car
  • Ground clearance

Check your vehicle’s owners manual for information regarding the best practice for your specific vehicle model.

Should I Tow My Car With a Tow Dolly?

Will a tow dolly really suffice for your needs? Do you trust those two wheels to get your precious car to its destination? And in the same shape as when it left?

Granted, renting a dolly is relatively inexpensive in the short run, but don’t forget fuel consumption is much higher when you are towing a trailer with your car halfway on it. If you’re taking your car to your buddy’s place a few blocks away, then a tow dolly (fitted with an aux braking system), may be just the ticket. The problem starts with anything that is much further than this… The wear-and-tear on your car, and nervous system, means that a tow dolly is unfortunately not your best long distance car towing option.

Flat Towing With Four Wheels on the Ground

If you own an RV or a truck, the chances are that you have already attached a tow bar, and four-down towed a vehicle behind it at some point. This has been a preferred towing method for most cars for as long as there has been easy to disengage, manual transmissions. Nowadays though, all the different drive types, combined with electronic and auto transmissions, make dingy (4-wheels down) towing a lot more complex.

Flat towing may sound like a dream, but the cost of towing a car on a long distance move can turn it into your worst nightmare, and should be avoided if possible, and here is why:

  • Wear and tear plays a negative part in the choice to use flat towing to get your car somewhere far away.
  • Check the fine print on your warranty as there are certain car producers who will not honor a warranty after a car has been moved by means of a flat tow.
  • Car producers will always recommended the use of an auto transport trailer instead of flat towing

What other long distance car towing services are available when you need to ship your car from one state to another? The two most popular shipping methods that nationwide auto carriers use to get your car from here to there are:

  1. Open Car Transport –  Open vehicle transport carriers are a regular sight on our highways. They usually are safe for most types of cars but are best suited for standard models and previously owned vehicles.
  1. Enclosed Auto Transport – Enclosed vehicle transport gives your vehicle the highest degree of safety and security because it is literally shipped inside a box with wheels.

What Kind of Cars are Shipped Using Enclosed Transport?

When it comes to the safest way to transport any vehicle, and in particular high value, or classic cars, there is nothing better than enclosed transport. Although enclosed transport is one of the safest ways to transport any vehicle, a reputable auto carrier company should always have sufficient cargo insurance to cover the transported vehicle’s value. Check the insurance cover of any prospective companies before making a confirmed booking.

Here is a list of what type of vehicles can get shipped with auto carriers:

Dealing with an experienced and reliable car transport company takes away all the stress that accompanies car towing. In the next section we take a look at car shipping using an auto transport trailer, another stress-filled way of long distance car towing.

car types

What is an Auto Transport Trailer?

These trailers are built with four wheels and can accommodate any car that weighs less than 5, 000 lbs. Without any wheels that touch the roadway, the vehicle that is transported on an auto transport trailer, has no mileage added during transportation. It also means that there is less chance for something to go wrong with your car, and the wear and tear is minimized to the max.

As your vehicle is safely secured with straps to the trailer, most car types can be shipped on a car trailer including:

  1. Shipping a non-runner
  2. Front, or rear wheel, drive vehicles
  3. Four-wheel drives
  4. Electric cars
  5. Cars with electronic transmissions

How Much are Long Distance Car Towing Rates?

But how much is the average cost of towing a car long distance? For starters, just to hook your car up can set you back anything from $75 to $130, with most towing companies having some kind of minimum charge for the initial 10 miles or so.

Thereafter the per mile costs can range from anything between $2 to $4, and in some cases even more. Cost influencers for car towing to consider are:

  • How far does your car need to go, is just one of the factors that influence towing costs. You will find that the average cost to hire a tow truck service for towing car long distance rates are $75 to $125, without mileage costs added.
  • What car type do you need to ship? Our CAR TYPES PAGE has a breakdown of the different vehicle types that share our roads every day.
  • Time of day and season.

As we mentioned previously, shipping your car using a car transport trailer means that towing a broken car long distance becomes easier than car towing with a tow dolly. You can also pack your car full of your stuff and hope it all arrives safely with your car.

Although this type of towing is relatively safe, if you are not used to driving a strange truck for long distances, it will be difficult to adapt. Here are a few more things to keep in mind before running out to rent an auto transport trailer:

What to Consider When Using an Auto Transport Trailer?

  1. Some vehicles make it difficult to see what is going on in the rear mirrors when you are towing a large trailer.
  2. It is not a requirement in every state that auto trailers must be equipped with an auxiliary braking system. If you rent a trailer without this feature, be aware that all the force and wear and tear will be falling on the car that you are towing the trailer with.
  3. It is very difficult to reverse with an auto carrying trailer, and impossible with a car tow dolly.
  4. An accidental swerve or sudden jerk can not only cause damage to your car and the trailer, it could also result in an accident.
  5. If the towed vehicle is loaded incorrectly, the weight displacement can make driving very dangerous, and can cause dangerous trailer sway.

Towing your car simply gives you the illusion of control. Employing the services of a professional auto carrier may even save you long distance car towing costs, and it will certainly save you a few gray hairs and the cost of calming tablets.

What Car Maintenance to do Before Towing A Trailer Long Distance?

The question above, as well as any others that are associated with towing a trailer long distance, are negated in their entirety when you use a professional car carrier to ship your car long distance.

These professional experts do this for a living and when you use a legitimate auto hauling company, like Nationwide Auto Transportation, you can take comfort knowing that your vehicle will arrive scratch free, and with no extra mileage. While a road trip can be an amazing experience, it becomes a stressful drain when you have to pull a large trailer, usually in an unfamiliar car, for hundreds of miles. Learn how to follow the United States Department of Transport’s guidelines and be aware of the following facts before hooking up a trailer and loading your car.

Road Trip Costs When Towing a Trailer

Long distance car towing service rates vary according to the vehicle that is being hauled, and the vehicle used to tow the auto car transport trailer, so do not make the assumption that shipping your car will be more costly than if you towed it yourself. Here are a few things to consider before towing a trailer:

  • Cost of hotel stays during the tow
  • Food and beverage during the trip
  • Fuel and oil costs
  • Cost of renting a trailer or two dollies
  • Long term wear and tear effect of long distance car hauling on your car
  • Interstate driving can be haunting with a large trailer in tow
  • No matter what they say, it is NOT easy navigating roads with a trailer on
    • Small roads
    • Highways
    • In parking lots and other confined spaces

When you weigh up all the plusses against the minuses, shipping your car may just be your right choice.

What You Need To Know About Shipping Your Car

The most commonly used way to move cars across the country is definitely car shipping, and not long distance car towing that uses a car dolly or a car transport trailer. What are the methods that car shipping companies use to get your car safely from A to B?

Type of Car ShippingExplained
Door to Door Auto TransportYour car gets collected from your provided pick-up address – and delivered to the delivery pin location – or nearest alternative area if you don’t have street address space.
Terminal to TerminalCollect and deliver to and from the nearest terminal or storage facility.
Enclosed Auto TransportYour car is safe in a box with sides and a roof. Usually used for premium vehicle transportation.
Open Auto TransportThe favored and cost effective car shipping option
Classic Car TransportUsed in specialized cases for cars that are:
15 to 20 years and older.
Mostly kept in storage, or in a garage, when not used.
Not driven more than 3, 000 to 5, 000 miles per annum.
Insurance regulations
Nationwide Auto Transportation has specialized equipment for enclosed vehicle shipping of classic or antique cars.
Motorcycle ShippingOpen or enclosed options according to your needs
ATV Shipping / RV shipping / Boat shippingAuto shipping companies can ship your ATV, Boat, RV or even a bus. Learn how to prepare your RV for summer storage.
Car Buyers TransportBuying a car from another state, or even another country, has never been easy – you choose your car and Nationwide Auto Transportation can collect from the dealer, or the nearest port of landing

Why Choose a Car Shipping Company

The biggest edge that car shipping companies have over classic car towing long distance, and other long distance car towing services, is that they take all the responsibility of the journey on them.

Your car is also not subject to any additional wear and tear or mileage, and you can sleep soundly while your car is looked after by professionals. If cost is a prohibitive factor it will help you to know that the hiring price of a four-wheel trailer, or even a tow dolly for long distance towing, is really not that much higher than your complete car shipping price.

What is intermodal freight shipping? We also explore when intermodal shipping is your better car shipping choice.

Why Choose Nationwide Auto Transportation to Ship Your Car to Another State?

With more than 16 years long distance car shipping, Nationwide Auto Transportation offer their clients the following:

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