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Going to college is an opportunity to learn new things and to expand your mind in the hope of finding future job security and a better income… Many people have asked, “can a child move schools in Michigan to live with grandparents?” and “if we move do kids have to change schools if it is after count day in Michigan?” Well, that is the initial drawcard when it comes to top student cities and schools to move to in Michigan, North Carolina, and Colorado.

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Moving out on your own for the first time to college in Michigan?

Your home away from home for 1461 days will be determined by which college or university you choose to further your education at—and by default will dictate your hometown. With so many options and variables when it comes to schools to move to and what determines the top student cities, we have compiled a list of Schools to Move to post to take the pressure of you for a bit.

Aristotle was a bit judgemental when he called people who did not go to college akin to the dead, but can you imagine how soul destroying it will be if you end up in a college town that sucks? Read on to see how Nationwide Auto Transportation and this post can save your soul… and be your study buddy…

Defining Top Student Cities

There are certain features, feelings and amenities that sets the top student cities apart from not the best college towns in the U.S. and factors that influence parents and students when choosing the schools to move to. Nationwide Auto Transportation is here to be your study buddy. How? We are experts at student shipping services and moving vehicles safely, timeously and affordably all over the country. While we look after your car, you can start the important stuff, like finding the best fraternity.

This post was written with the intent to help parents and students to get instant information on some of the top student cities and schools to move to in the U.S.A. In this installment we look at colleges and universities in Michigan, North Carolina and Colorado. We have chosen the following top student cities:

Top Schools and Their Cities

  1. Ann Arbor, Michigan
  2. Kalamazoo, Michigan
  3. Chapel Hill, North Carolina
  4. Greenville, North Carolina
  5. Boulder, Colorado
  6. Fort Collins, Colorado

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Schools to Move to

College Towns are Easy to Spot

How do you recognize a college town or a student city? You will just know! The institutions in the town seep into every part of the culture and fiber of residents and buildings alike—host cities and their schools are inseparable and those who do not work or study there are more than likely feeding, clothing or providing some or other connected service to those who are. Our post on the Top Student Cities and Schools to move to in California, has some prime examples of quintessential college towns.

Here is a question.

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How do you see ‘your’ perfect college town and what is your vision of the top student cities? Maybe you see green everywhere… trees and little tables with students clustered around the delicious buzz of friends, food, fun and the occasional romance. Do you prefer lounging lawns, quiet book stores and movie houses? The best schools to move to and the top student cities offer all of these, and more – think Ann Arbor in Michigan or Boston, Massachusetts and the picture will be sharply put in focus.. 

Feel the Spirit

When you live in a college town, you grow an allegiance to your local university or other institution of higher learning, that is similar to what the residents of  Washington, District Columbia feel about The White House and the Federal Government… or even what GM or Ford meant to the good people of Detroit, Michigan.

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Calm, peace, smiles and laughter are thoughts linked to college town living… The reality is probably even better and more idyllic.There are really no urban, mid-city learning place that inspires a town the same way that any of the top student cities in California, Utah, Georgia and Michigan does. (By the way, we start our list of best schools to move to in the The Great Lakes State.

What else makes a college town or city?

  • Nearly everyone works for the institution, or is connected to it in some way. You either work there, sell something to it, or supply something to the people that work there.
  • Your marketing is focused on students and alumni.
  • The town could have more enrolled students than full time residents.

This post will give you a few options of schools to move to but you’re on your own figuring out how to convince your parents to let you move schools, sorry! If you are looking for reasons to move schools we can help with information on what schools to move to. Read on to see what you can learn.

Where are the best schools to move to

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Schools to Move to

What Are Some Top Student Cities and Schools to Move to and Why?

When it comes to institutions of higher learning like universities, colleges and such, The United States offers young academics a literal buffet of choices… both in top student cities and the best schools to move to.

There are thousands of colleges, graduate schools and universities in nearly every state throughout the country. The leaders of tomorrow go there to prepare for the future and expand their knowledge in a chosen field while having as much fun as possible. As such, the institution impacts well-nigh everywhere and everyone in the town or city… The culture and economy of a college town is linked by a social umbilical cord between town and institution. 

Why do some of the top student cities also have the most desirable real estate?

  • Affordability
  • Culturally dynamic communities
  • Healthy economies 
  • a youthful, upskilled population

Why do some of the top student cities also have the most desirable real estate?

  • Affordability
  • Culturally dynamic communities
  • Healthy economies 
  • a youthful, upskilled population

Schools in California

If you want to know where to move in California for great schools, we have a blog post just for that. Do you have to change schools when you move? That question is more aimed at the education board, but here is our simple answer: It really depends on how far you move. If you are moving within the catchment area, no problem, no fuss. It’s when you move further away that things become tricky and it would be better to contact the school, or district education board.

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Schools to Move to

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Reasons to Move to a New City

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The list below is by no means comprehensive or in any specific order. It will however help you when you are looking for the top student cities and what schools to move to in Colorado, or anywhere really. Nationwide Auto Transportation door-to-door service reaches all the top student cities and college towns – now let’s go find these academic places of peace, learning and beauty.


Top Student Cities and Schools to Move to

Ann Arbor, Michigan

We have discussed this earlier in the article, but when you drive into Ann Arbor, you are really driving into the quintessential college town. Why?

The city has one of the highest ratings for several categories, including:

  • Public Schools
  • Nightlife
  • Family friendliness
  • Easy to get around
  • Diversity
  • Outdoor activities

The city got good to fair ratings for housing and jobs, but unfortunately does not score well on crime figures and the cost of living.

Kalamazoo, Michigan

To be honest, who would not want to stay in a town called Kalamazoo? What makes it even ‘cooler’ is that it ranks high in the top student cities list, and was actually voted as the most affordable and coolest place to call home in the United States. Do you know how awesome this city is? If you graduate from a public school in Kalamazoo, the town has pledged to provide you with college tuition! Life sciences and large pharma companies grow from here, and names like Bell’s Brewery, Gibson Guitars and Stryker Corp, are synonymous with this Michigan destination. In 1856, President Lincoln gave his only Michigan public speech in the famous city.

A Hundred Years Ago

A hundred years ago celery was what made Kalamazoo famous, today the Celery City hosts one of the oldest Michigan newspapers, the Kalamazoo Gazette. Even though the town has been popular with students for decades, it was only added to the list of top student cities in 2017 by the American Institute for Research in Economics. Now a quarter of the cities young population are busy with studies at the city’s world class institutions. Three private universities and colleges, 2 highly rated community colleges and a public university ensures that wherever you go, you will know that you are a top student city.

Why is Kalamazoo one of the Top Student Cities?

This city in the south of the Wolverine State has a bit of everything for everyone, and a lot of specifics for those who know what they want in life. The city has the largest domestic education programme in the U.S. and when you say the word, beautiful… you may do this sexy place a slight disservice.

  • Percentage of people that are students: 24.7% (18.761)
  • How many colleges and universities in the area: 6
  • How many people over 24 have a bachelor’s degree? 34.2%
  • What is the average age: 26.2
  • What is the unemployment rate: 4.8%
  • There are 35.6 bars for every 10,000 residents

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What other colleges are in Michigan?

Let’s move on to look at arguably one of the best college towns in North Carolina and see what other academic opportunities are on offer in The Old North state.

North Carolina’s Top Student Cities and Schools to Move to

Chapel Hill, North Carolina

North Carolina is a great place for education and there are a few places that would like to be called top student cities. The Tar Heel state draws some of the U.S. keenest brains annually, and certainly there are some very good schools to move to. But why look at Chapel Hill?

Why is Chapel Hill one of the Top Student Cities?

  • A mix of suburban vs urban
  • One of the best places to live in Orange County
  • Great nightlife
  • Outdoor feel

The city itself offers everything one of the best college towns to live in 2021 should have, besides the great basketball team and The NC Botanical Gardens, you will enjoy shopping and chilling in Franklin Street. There is also the Morehead Planetarium, Ackland Art Museum and of course, The University of North Carolina.

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Greenville, North Carolina

‘To be, rather than to seem’, is the rough translation of North Carolina’s motto, and it happens that in  Greenville, everything seems to be better than anywhere else.

This is the economic, medical, cultural and educational hub of the state. You recognize the top student cities by the community impact of an institution/s in the town. The community consists largely of academics and health care workers, which makes sense as the two largest employers are the Vidant Medical Center and East Carolina University. Industry is the third largest employer in Greenville.

Why is Greenville one of the Top Student Cities?

  • Percentage of people that are students: 28.6% (25,861)
  • How many colleges and universities in the area: 4
  • How many people over 24 have a bachelor’s degree? 38.3%
  • What is the average age: 26.8
  • What is the unemployment rate: 4.8%
  • There are 28.10 bars for every 10,000 residents

The leisure activities in this pretty town leave very little time for the fun stuff, like studying and eating… but as a student, cramming becomes a speciality, right? Festivals of food, art and music abound and the local eateries and retail sector is uniquely Greenville.

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What other colleges are in North Carolina?

From North Carolina, we take the road and we head to The Centennial State. If you are considering a move here, this post will help a lot: Moving to Boulder Colorado: What you need to know before your next move.

Colorado’s Top Student Cities and Educational Institutions

Boulder, Colorado

Colorado has it all! The most spectacular vistas in the world play backdrop to an infinite choice of outdoor activities, while quaint towns and crazy good craft beer is only the tip of a thriving student scene and reasons to move to this stunning state.

The University of Colorado is one of the biggest in the country and with only a 2.7% unemployment rate, Boulder’s job market gets big support from the academic institution. 

Why is Boulder one of the Top Student Cities?

  • Percentage of people that are students: 28.6% (30,411)
  • How many colleges and universities in the area: 6
  • How many people over 24 have a bachelor’s degree? 73.8%
  • What is the average age: 28.6
  • What is the unemployment rate: 2.7%
  • There are 34.2 bars for every 10,000 residents

Fort Collins, Colorado

Why is Fort Collins in Colorado on our list of top student cities? For starters, the average age of the residents is less than 30-years-old, (much lower than the national average age of 38) clear indications that this is a college city and besides the natural beauty and host of activities… Fort Collins has a wide choice of top schools to move to.

Even though the vibe and the residents are young and vibrant, the town has old time charm and there are even suburbs with houses from the 1800s. The Museum is a must visit with a myriad of things to see and do, and when you head out west, Horsetooth Mountain has all the nature that anyone could need.

Why is Fort Collins one of the Top Student Cities?

  • Percentage of people that are students: 20.6% (32,849)
  • How many colleges and universities in the area: 5
  • How many people over 24 have a bachelor’s degree? 53.6%
  • What is the average age: 29.2
  • What is the unemployment rate: 2.7%
  • There are 26.1 bars for every 10,000 residents

Fort Collins is certainly in the running for one of the top student cities, and it is just over two hours drive to Colorado Springs. How can you get a 25% discount on car shipping to Colorado Springs? Just click on the link. Colorado has become a bustling and vibrant state that attracts new residents on a daily basis. What do you need when moving to the Centennial State? Moving to Colorado: Everything You Need to Know Before Your Relocation.

What other colleges are in Colorado?

What other colleges are in Colorado?

Are Any of These Towns For You?

If you find any of these towns a place that you would like to call home for a few years, and do your studying at the same time, Nationwide Auto Transportation will make sure that your vehicle gets there, and/or back, in one piece.
Please keep checking our blog for more of the top student cities and schools to move to as we continue our journey to find the best and most interesting schools to move to. What is your favorite state? Our favorite state is the one that you are in when you see your car delivered to your door, and it did not break your party and gas budget. Call one of our consultants now for a free quote – 800-311-7073