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When your car is an investment and not just a car, single enclosed car transport is the prudent choice for car shipping. Using enclosed auto transport keeps your car covered and safe from roadside debris and the elements

This post uncovers all about the how, why and who to choose for your single car enclosed vehicle transport requirements

enclosed single car transport

What’s inside?

  • Enclosed Car Shipping In A Covered Car Trailer
  • Single Car Enclosed Transport Defined
  • The Who and Why of Single Car Enclosed Transport
  • Nine Alternate Uses For Single Car Enclosed Trailers
  • What Features Should My Auto Transport Trailer Have?
  • The Cost Of Long Distance Car Transport

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Enclosed Car Shipping in a Covered Car Trailer

Owners of high value cars sometimes tend to look after their four-wheeled girls better than real ones… They will do whatever it takes to avoid any damage or scratches to their precious investments. These cars often need to be shipped across the country to be displayed at a car show. Or perhaps you need to attend a race day or classic car show.

With traditional open car transport, your vehicle is still vulnerable to the natural (and some not so natural) elements. It could be horrible weather, loose rocks, and other roadside debris. With enclosed car transport, your vehicle is completely protected against any outside elements that can damage your car. Although single car enclosed transport companies mostly transport high-value vehicles, it is available to anyone who wants the best auto transport trailers when shipping their car.

Do you know how much it costs to transport a car from point A to point B?

Want to know the going per-mile rate for single-car enclosed transport? Read on as we have prepared a few fast facts regarding long-distance car transport. Visit the Nationwide Auto Transportation enclosed auto transport page to see how the professionals go about single enclosed car transport.

Now, let us hit the highway and see how much does it cost to transport a car by truck? And what do vehicle transport companies do when a client needs single car enclosed transport. But what are we talking about when we mention enclosed auto transport? This post explains the differences between enclosed and open shipping carriages. And let’s take a look at the below we an in-depth look at single car enclosed transport.

Single Car Enclosed Transport Defined 

The usual, everyday multi-car trailer, enclosed car carrier, and auto transport trailer carries an average load of seven cars. Single car enclosed trailers are rather self-explanatory. A single car enclosed car hauler uses a large dually truck like the Ford F-450 to pull a heavy auto transport trailer.

Are you perhaps considering enclosed auto transport St Louis? When you need long distance shipping for your special vehicle it is important that you don’t just fixate on price. Why? Our post, Never base shipping a car on price alone highlights the other important factors to consider when you need enclosed car shipping.

Below we look at who might need the convenience and safety of the industry’s best enclosed car hauler trailer. You’ll see why they always opt for a covered car trailer.

The Who and Why of Single Car Enclosed Transport

Don’t sign any car hauling contracts for enclosed car transport, until you’ll read this post on Understanding Car Shipping Contracts. Whether you are looking for a one car trailer, or a two car enclosed trailer, it is important to have peace of mind when you look at which private car transport companies suit your needs and budget.

Are you perhaps looking at shipping your Mustang GT 40 to a car show in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania? Wondering how much enclosed auto transport PA, inside a single car trailer would be? Nationwide Auto Transportation is your Pennsylvania Auto Shipping expert when it comes to single car enclosed transport. Owners of high value and sentimental cars have placed their trust on our enclosed hauler services for more  than 15 years.

Here are a few more things that you can do with a single car hauler.

Nine Alternate Uses For Single Car Enclosed Trailers

In today’s world of disposal and one-time use products, reusing and repurposing have become buzzwords in society, and car shipping trailers are now being thrown into this mix. Here are 10 different ways that you can repurpose a single car enclosed transport trailer:


Whether you are a professional landscaper or just a huge gardening nut, an enclosed trailer is the perfect carrier for all your equipment, from leaf blowers to ride-on mowers, it all stays safe and dry inside.

Contractor equipment

Contractors of all kinds appreciate the space and usefulness that an enclosed two car trailer, or even a single car enclosed trailer, brings to their business. Not only can any paint, equipment and tools be kept safe and protected from theft and the elements, it makes a convenient workshop when the weather turns foul.

Concession trailer

Single car enclosed transport trailers are perfect for converting into a fun food stall that can easily be towed to the next big event. You can build a mobile restaurant, without the overheads of being in a building, and with the added bonus of being completely mobile.

Mobile Business

Take your business to your customer! With the pandemic people have become quite housebound and with a bit of ingenuity there is practically no limit as to what kind of business you can do in a converted enclosed trailer. You can move between states as a car dealer, junk and scrap metal collector or plant care business – your imagination is the limit.


Do you need some extra storage space? An enclosed trailer is your answer. Store anything from your classic car in winter, or your business files from years ago, the choice is yours.


An enclosed single car trailer is the frequent mover’s lifesaver. Imagine when your teen heads to college, you can pack the whole room, and the kitchen sink… and even go with one last goodbye.


Whether you’re a hunter, snowmobile enthusiast or dirtbike fan, an enclosed trailer gives you the space, convenience and mobile secure packing space you need for an enjoyable time out.


Now this is where it is interesting. You can either convert your enclosed trailer into the perfect little packing trailer that fits your tent and other outdoor needs. Or, you can pimp it out into a glamper caravan with all the mod cons you would like on an outdoor adventure.

The above section shows the versatility and safety that individuals place in single car enclosed haulers and the value it can add. It is also the go-to form of auto transport for people who cannot afford to have any damage done to their vehicle during a long journey. On this note, do you know how long it takes to ship a car? If you need enclosed auto transport Chicago, or even enclosed auto transport Nashville. Nationwide Auto Transportation ROUTES cover most of the USA.

Single car enclosed transport is a lot more pricey than open car shipping. In the next section we look at what you get for your extra dollars when using a single closed hauler.

What Features Should My Auto Transport Trailer Have?

We have established that enclosed car shipping will and does cost more than the standard car shipping methods. To clarify why this is the case, you need to know what the 

If you’re going to opt for the higher cost of single-car enclosed transportation, you’ll want to understand the additional features you’ll be securing:

  • Advanced liftgate technology: Easily lift and slide your low clearance car safely inside
  • Sealed decks: Your vehicle is completely safe in bad weather
  • Temperature control: Snow or desert sun will not affect the controlled temperature inside
  • Electronic track flooring: Reduced vibrations keeps your car safe on bad road conditions

The Cost Of Long Distance Car Transport

Cargo insurance is invaluable and will add to your ease of mind, but what is all of this going to cost you? If you  want the best enclosed car hauler trailer you should consider the following that will influence your cost:

car shipping quote

Before you make a booking be sure to compare your quotes for the best value and peace of mind. Nationwide Auto Transportation is fully insured, and registered with the Department of Transport and the FMCSA and our knowledgeable consultants will guide you through the process in a courteous and professional manner. Call us today or click here for a Free Quote.