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What do you need to move multiple cars across state lines? Although it sounds very complicated, shipping cars to another state all starts by knowing what to expect. After that you must choose the right auto shipping company.

This guide will help you to minimize the cost to ship multiple cars. At the same time we explain how to ship multiple cars across the country, whether you are an individual or an organization.


  1. Auto Shipping Multiple Cars Explained
  2. Vehicle Types—Can you Bring Your Cars?
  3. Who Moves Multiple Cars at the Same Time?
  4. How safe is it To Move Multiple Cars Across Country?
  5. The Cost to Move Multiple Cars
  6. How to Save Money When You Want To Move Multiple Cars
  7. Need to Move Multiple Cars?

Auto Shipping Multiple Cars Explained

One of the most common questions we get asked is, “How to ship multiple cars across the country?” Let’s start by explaining how companies move multiple cars across state lines and over long distances. Our BLOG has a trailer load of articles on how to ship cars, including what types of car transport are available to you.

Now, how do companies like Nationwide Auto Transportation move multiple cars all over the United States? By using multiple vehicle transport vehicles like car transporters with trailers, up to ten cars can be shipped. These vehicles are normally uncovered, but covered shipping to move multiple cars is also an option. If you are unsure about any company, ask them if they are licensed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Furthermore ask whether they have sufficient insurance cover.

As a company owner, moving multiple cars in your fleet could be a daunting task. Corporate Relocation Auto Transport is a post that will assist you to get the best out of your fleet, and employees.

Car dealers, collectors of classic and other vehicles, as well of those readers who own more than one car will find many benefits from multi-vehicle transport and by using the services of a professional shipping company for cars:

  1. Cost—In this case putting your eggs in one basket, or rather all your cars on one truck, is a lot more cost effective than shipping them through different companies.
  2. Convenience—Multiple vehicle transport can move multiple cars at the same time, this reduces scheduling hassles and ensures that all the cars that you are shipping arrive simultaneously at their destination. 

Vehicle Types: Can you Bring Your Cars?

There is usually a very good reason when you need to ship multiple cars and further on we look at who, and why, would want to move multiple cars across the state. What kind of vehicles do you think are the most common when it comes time to move multiple cars? We take a look at the kind of car or vehicle that is most commonly shipped in batches or multiples: 

  • Muscle cars and sports cars
  • Luxury, high-value, and exotic vehicles
  • Vintage and classic automobiles
  • Vehicles for military personnel
  • Trucks, SUVs, and pickups
  • ATVs
  • Motorcycles, Racing and recreational motorbikes
  • High-performance cars as well as rally and race cars… If you like sports cars and pretty girls, our post on Super Car Blondie is right up your pit lane.

The above vehicles are regularly shipped in batches of more than one, but larger vehicles like construction vehicles and RVs can also be moved in multiples, depending on what equipment your auto mover of choice has available… As with most things in life, size really does matter.

There is always an option of shipping cars on trains when you are shipping cars across the country, and there are also ways of shipping cars from mainland to Hawaii. In the section below we look at who moves multiple cars at the same time. 

Who Moves Multiple Cars at the Same Time?

When it comes to shipping cars state to state, things are a bit more tricky than just driving some cars a couple of streets downtown. Consumers need to choose a company that are experts at how to move multiple cars at once. There are very few Americans who know how to ship your car to another state, and this makes choosing the right shipping partner even more important.

At Nationwide Auto Transportation we take the fear and hassle out of shipping cars across states and our blog is full of informative articles on how to move multiple cars. Click on the link to see our five-star reviews by hundreds of happy customers.

If you want to know what the cost to move your cars to Alabama is, there is a handy cost calculator, or look at this page on Alabama Car Shipping.

Auto shipping companies excel when they need to move multiple cars, and when it comes to shipping cars from state to state, this could even save you time and money—which means that you could be paying less, and getting your cars delivered sooner! It is always a good idea to check with your HR department when your company decides to move to another state as they may be able to assist you with relocation costs. If you, or your company are thinking of moving, this Ultimate Relocation Guide is a great read.

Now, let us focus on who may move multiple cars across the country:

Rental agencies and car dealerships

Car rental agencies as well as auto dealers often make use of vehicle movers to move multiple cars at a time when shipping cars across the US. By doing this they are able to save a substantial amount that can be filtered down to keep prices in check. But when it comes to pricing, how does one find a cheap car rental? Here is a handy guide.

Families and individuals

More than a third of American families own more than one vehicle, while around 4% have five and more that they can use daily.   

Corporate clients and companies

When it comes to who and why move multiple cars, the business sector is one of the leading relocators of automobiles in the country. Why? They own fleets of cars that can be needed in different parts of the country at short notice, and this makes multiple car moving the best choice for shipping cars when moving cars to another office in another state.

Military Personnel 

Attention! Military and moving become synonymous for people in the armed forces and to move multiple cars is an everyday routine. Besides having to move for active duties, they often receive short notice PCS orders.

Reputable companies should know what type of shipping is best for cars of all types, and often give military discounts. Ask what other rebates are available and know that Nationwide Auto Transportation offers the following additional discounts:

  • Car collectors

One of the first questions a car collector normally asks is, “How many cars go inside a 40′ shipping container, or how many cars fit in a shipping container?” To be honest this practice can be a bit dubious. Enclosed, or classic car shipping are much safer options.

When you own a special car you like to show it off and the best place to show a car off is at a car show. Owners of rare classic and historic vintage or even collectors of unique custom cars, are continually shipping cars from, and to events spread all over the United States. If you are to be shipping cars to California, it is a good idea to read up on the changes to transport policies before booking.

Considering moving to California? Read up on the schools and top student cities in The Golden State. Read on to explore how safe it is to move multiple cars across the country, and click on the link to find out more about shipping cars overseas from New York.

How Safe is It to Move Multiple Cars Across the Country?

So, how safe is it really to move multiple cars long distances and who would I call regarding shipping cars state to state? To answer the first part of the question, your car’s safety is absolutely dependant on the car shipping company that you choose and that leads to the answer of the second part of the question: Nationwide Auto Transportation has more than 16 years experience in moving multiple car and when we move your cars we ensure that they arrive at their destination in the same condition as when they were loaded on our truck. 

When you get a notice to move your cars and you are wondering what shipping company ships cars safely, and want to learn more about the different types of vehicles that transport and move multiple cars, call one of our professional consultants on 800-311-7073.

I you have to ask how many shipping container train cars are there in the US, it may be difficult to get an accurate count as the United States Freight Rail Service has more than 1.6 million freight cars in operation, but it is an option if you want to be shipping multiple cars from California and a few other states. Read our article on shipping cars by train before you decide to get a shipping cars quote from anyone, and this will also tell you more about what is freight shipping price for cars and in turn, how much to ship multiple cars.

What’s the Cost to Move Multiple Cars?

When you bundle products in a retail environment, it usually leads to savings for the customer, the same is true when you need to move multiple cars. By taking a little time to do some planning and discussing options with your car shipping partner, you can save some precious dollars… here is why:

The most important part of planning for a car shipping company is that they balance speed of delivery, with cost effectiveness. A full car carrier means that route planning can start immediately, which speeds up the process and gets your vehicle delivered to you quicker. This works in a similar fashion in the other transport sectors. If you ship multiple cars on the same carrier, you speed up the process and therefore car shipping companies encourage this by offering discounts.

Contact Nationwide Auto Transportation today to enquire about our discounts when you move multiple cars, and remember our 20% discount for first time customers.

How to Save Money When You Want To Move Multiple Cars

When you need to ship more than one vehicle at a time, you have an ace up your sleeve… you can negotiate and save money. Did you know there are a few more ways to save $$$ when you are shipping more than one car?

  • Booking—Snowbirds are experts at using long lead times to save themselves traveling money. By confirming the bookings on both ways of the trip as early as possible, your shipping company will reward you with a discount.
  • Discounts—Auto transport companies offer several discounts, some of which you might not know you qualify for. The most customary discounts are for military moves, but at Nationwide Auto Transportation we go even further and also offer the following discounts:
  • The sooner your booking can be confirmed, the better, for you and the car shipping company. As mentioned before, planning is what makes car shipping companies profitable, and if you can afford the time, you will save the money. That does not mean however that cars cannot be shipped sooner, or even on the same day and anything between two days to two weeks is a good lead time.

Open or Enclosed Car Shipping?

When it comes to choosing how you want to move multiple cars, you normally have two options:

  1. You see them on our roads every day—large car carriers, normally full of shiny new cars from a dealership(because it’s cheap and safe), and a good choice if you have a few normal runarounds to ship. Open shipping is the most popular and affordable way to move multiple cars across the country.
  2. What do you do if you own a more luxurious and valuable vehicle than just your everyday F150? Nationwide recommends that your classic, super and other high value cars be shipped in via enclosed shipping. Enclosed shipping usually costs around 35% more than open car shipping.
move multiple cars

How long before someone picks up my cars?

Depending on the distance of your route, and where it is going, it will take between a day and four days for our driver to load your vehicles.

  • Delivery times? The final stage of how to move multiple cars is the delivery, and once your car has been loaded, it is practically as safe as houses. To give you complete peace of mind we are fully insured and registered with the relevant authorities, and your car will be delivered on the agreed time. A simple calculation to work out how long your car will be on the road is to add a day for each 500 miles that your automobile has to travel.
    • 1 to 2 days: 500 miles
    • 2 to 3 days: 500 – 1000 miles
    • 5 or 6 days: 2000 – 2500 miles

There are a number of factors that affect delivery time when you have to move multiple cars for long distances:

  • The distance
  • Weather conditions
  • population centers
  • Traffic
  • Detours
  • Road construction

A coast-to-coast trip for a car carrier is said to be an estimated 10 days, but with favorable circumstances delivery times are usually a little faster than the time given when you were quoted.

  • Can I pack things in my car? You can, but it is not recommended. It is valuable to note that items of a personal nature that is in your vehicle during the drive, will not be covered under the insurance regulations.
  • What about vehicle insurance? With Nationwide you are comprehensively insured and our trip consultants will guide you through the paperwork process. At pickup you will inspect your cars with the driver and both of you will then sign a Bill of Lading as well as an Inspection Report. The same happens on delivery.

Need to Move Multiple Cars? 

Nationwide Auto Transportation has had to move multiple cars across America for more than a decade, and we pride ourselves on a spotless record. Read our car shipping reviews and then speak to a knowledgeable consultant before booking, or get an Instant Free Quote now!