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How to Prepare Your Car Ahead of a Hurricane

The Nationwide Auto Transportation team would like to extend our best wishes to everyone who has suffered loss and devastation in the recent hurricane Florence that swept through Charleston, South... Continue Reading
6 mins to read
Car Preperation

Car Shipping Preparation in 8 Steps

At Nationwide Auto Transportation, we believe that preparation is key to success in every part of life - including auto shipping. Whether this is your first or tenth time shipping a car, it's... Continue Reading
5 mins to read
automotive industry trends

15 Most Revolutionary Automotive Industry Trends

Recent years have seen groundbreaking advancements in the transport industry and stakeholders continue to make investments into new innovations that will continue to revolutionize the way we use... Continue Reading
6 mins to read
move a car

3 Ways to Move a Car During Relocation

Moving can be a complicated process, especially if you're making a long distance move. Perhaps you don't want to drive the entire distance in an older car, or perhaps it's just a long distance to... Continue Reading
3 mins to read
shipping reviews

Shipping Reviews: Legitimate Online Companies

There are many reasons why you may be looking for a company that's great at auto transportation. Perhaps you're moving abroad, or perhaps you bought a car in another state and want to bring it home.... Continue Reading
2 mins to read
disable your car alarm

Disable Your Car Alarm Before Auto Shipping

When you schedule your car shipping through Nationwide Auto Transportation - or any vehicle shipping company - you will be asked to disable your car alarm before the vehicle is collected from your... Continue Reading
2 mins to read
car shipping costs

Car Shipping Costs: How to estimate my rate

When it comes to car shipping costs, there's a fine balance between a cheap rate and good value. After all, you want your vehicle to be collected on time, shipped safely, and delivered in the same... Continue Reading
2 mins to read

Does Your Roadside Assistance Cover Vehicle Shipping Costs?

Life can be full of surprises, much like your car's dead battery... Roadside emergencies tend to happen at the most inopportune moments, and accidents can bring about many issues that you never even... Continue Reading
2 mins to read
military deployment

Military Car Shipping: Take your car when you’re deployed

At Nationwide Auto Transportation, we know that military life can be complex, which is why we do what we can to keep military car shipping simple. We appreciate what our men and women in uniform do... Continue Reading
2 mins to read