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“I know I want a car, but what’s the best type of car for me? Have you asked yourself this too?

I’ve written this post to help you, like me, figure out what kind of car suits us best. I was confused about all the different types and what they offer. Now, I’ve got it sorted out, and I’m here to share that knowledge with you.

By the end of this read, you’ll be ready to dive into our ultimate buying guide. It’s packed with info on which vehicle types match your needs and lifestyle perfectly.

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For authoritative guidelines and safety standards in vehicle transportation, visit the U.S. Department of Transportation. Find essential information and resources to ensure your vehicle is shipped safely and compliantly.

What Car Type Should I Buy?

You have answered all the questions on the ‘what type of car to buy quiz’. Now you know what to buy, right? Wrong! Quizzes have algorithms that are primarily designed around your personality. However, although personality plays a part in the best car type for you, there are other factors that influence which of the many car brands to buy.

Questions to ask yourself before deciding what car type suits your personality include—

  1. Which car should I buy for daily use?
  2. Which car type will be functional for your lifestyle and budget?
  3. What is the number 1 safest car? What type of car will be safe for you and your family?
  4. Which types of car engines are best?
  5. How practical will the type of car be in your daily life and driving requirements?

If there was a one-size fits all car type solution, there would be no need for a blog post about what is the best type of car to buy. We make it a lot easier for you to decide what is the best type of car to buy. Look into foreign cars if you like something a little different.

The Nationwide Auto Transportation ultimate car buying guide helps you to better understand what car type to buy, and why. This user-friendly guide has links to all the different car styles. There is an in-depth look at the best, and worst, aspects of the different types on the market.

What are the Different Car Body Types?

This post does not include vehicles like hearses, limos, motorcycles and large commercial trucks and specialized auto types. Start your buying odyssey by browsing our pages on the different vehicles and their functions.

What is the best car to buy for your lifestyle and budget? Here is a list of the most popular autos in the US:

  1. Sedans
  2. Hatchbacks
  3. Coupes
  4. Convertibles
  5. SUVs/Sports Utility Vehicles
  6. Minivans
  7. Pickup Trucks
  8. Sports cars

People are all about first impressions, and your car is one of the first things a lot of people get to see about you. With the difference in body types, being nearly as diverse as automobile brands themselves, how do you know what you want or need?

What is the Best Type of Car to Buy

What is the Best Car Type for You?

Some car buyers prefer tall and trucklike – others love low and sporty – some even buy a car type, or type of car brands, not for looks, but for functionality. You need to consider how many doors will work for you? If you’re a young YouTube star with no commitments, a two-door convertible could do the trick, but a family with more than one child will more than likely look at an SUV, station wagon, or minivan that has at least four doors, or a sliding door.

Antique cars, of course, are a completely different story.

A good tip that will make it easier to decide what is the best car type for you, is to categorize automobiles by their body style. Then it is just a matter of asking the right questions that will make it clear as to what is the right car type for you. What car type will suit your budget, needs, wants, preferences, and your lifestyle?

Our page on Car Styles will give you the answers, and questions, to ask that will help you choose the right car type/car style for you. We answer questions ranging from…

  • What kind of car should a beginner buy, or
  • How far is your daily drive?
  • By the time you get to the end, you will have a very good idea of what car should I buy in 2022?

Now, let’s go look at what different car types are available on the US car market today.

car types

We Look at the Different Car Types

What type of car saves the most money? If everyone asked this question there would be no more large, fossil fuel vehicles manufactured, but fortunately our vehicular tastes and needs are diverse.

When the time comes to replace your current vehicle, or to fill that empty space in your double garage, it will make it easier if you know what the best type of car to buy to own is. It also helps to know what car type suits your needs, budget and lifestyle. With that in mind, here is a list of the most popular car types available today.

The Sedan

What is a sedan car? For starters, sedans are built with a lightweight, unibody design that aids better fuel consumption and even weight distribution. There are separate compartments for cargo, passengers and the engine. 22% of the cars on American roads are sedans.

The Sports Utility Vehicle

What SUV should I buy? Do you have a family, or are you planning one in the near future? Then the answer to your question, what kind of used car should I buy, could be an SUV. More than half of the cars that share the road with you in the US are SUVs. An SUV combines ruggedness, with comfort and space, and enough torque to tow a reasonable weight. 

The Hatchback

When it comes to compact car types, the hatchback can easily be identified through the trunk door that swings open outwards, and upwards. Hatchbacks are spacious and have good fuel economy, and as such are great for city dwellers, although the new generation hatchback also impresses on the highway.

The Convertible

When you are serious about your image and status, there is hardly any other car design, besides perhaps a few types of sport car, that represents you better than a convertible. In Europe a convertible is often referred to as a cabriolet, and besides their elegance, they invoke a feeling of joyous freedom.

The Sports Car

From the go-getter who has it all, to the weekend enthusiast, there is a sports car to suit most tastes, and a few budgets. The 1900s saw the introduction of these convertible two-seaters from Europe, and since then technology has allowed for some truly magnificent sports car type cars. Can you afford the thrill? (You can, if you are like Supercar Barbie!)

The Coupe

What is a coupe? These compact sedans normally get manufactured with a fixed roof, and two doors. Their sleek designs and big engines are complimented by a host of features. To identify as a coupe, a car has to have less than 33 cubic feet of interior space.

The Minivan

What type of car is a minivan? Minivans are synonymous with safety, comfort and space, everything that the family needs, and wants, in a vehicle. When the family guy wants to know what is the best type of car to buy, the answer is more than likely going to be a minivan, and not any of the small car types.

The Station Wagon

The station wagon could be the answer to what type of car is a good used car to buy, especially if you have a family and want good fuel economy. Estate cars (yes, they were called that), are an amalgamation between a sedan and a hatchback.

The Pickup Truck

The American legend and top selling car type for the last 44 years. A pickup truck offers rugged versatility, with unrivaled haul and tow capabilities. 

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