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With roads in general not well-suited to off-road vehicles, how do you get your beast where it needs to be? The answer is vehicle shipping and National Auto Transportation. IN this post I torque a bit about shipping an off-road vehicle. Get your head around it before you go search for the best used off-road vehicles.

Need to ship your off-road vehicle overseas? Roll-on roll-off shipping might just be the answer.

All-Terrain 4×4 Off-Road Vehicles: Drive ‘em or Ship ‘em?

Our country has some fantastic off-roading opportunities. The problem is that unless you live in a rural area, you still need to get your off-road vehicle there and back. This basically leaves you with two options for shipping an off-road vehicle:

  • Drive your off-road vehicle where it needs to go
  • Use a professional car shipping company like Nationwide Auto Transportation

Let’s check under the hood and see why driving an off-road vehicle for long distances, may not be your best option:

  1. In the first place, off-road vehicles aren’t exactly fuel-efficient. Since they require power and torque for optimal performance, you can’t really save on gas. That is generally not an issue, since you are not travelling thousands of miles on the trails, but the journey to get there, may in itself be hundreds, or even, thousands of miles and that can switch costs into high gear. You’ll find that ATV shipping costs are significantly more economical.
  1. The second problem is that driving for such a long time is hard on the engine and nobody needs engine repairs mid-way through a trip, or worse. Other minor inconveniences include shorter oil life, worn out tires, and more. 
  1. The above issues should make you think twice before driving your off-road vehicle far from home, but there is yet another problem… and that is time. In addition to preparing time to go on the off-road trail, you should also consider and take into account the time it will take you to get to the trail – it may take two to three days instead of a short 2 or 3 hour flight… Self-driving doesn’t look as good as shipping off-road vehicles anymore, does it?

Your best bet if you’re looking for new places to go four-wheeling and new people to ride with is to find a club in your area and the 4×4 Off Road Clubs Directory is just the place to look! Remember that if you want to know How to ship your car to another state, National Auto Transportation has all the answers you need.

shipping off-road vehicles

What Are The Benefits Of Shipping an Off-Road Vehicle?

When you are shipping off-road vehicles for long distances, it can be quite the pain, especially since these type of vehicles usually do not put long distance comfort as a first priority. Nonetheless, you need not worry – auto transport is there for just this reason, and for your convenience! Thanks to all terrain vehicle shipping, you can completely forget about the above problems.

When you take all the information and factors that influence the move of your vehicle to another town or state, and weigh them up, auto shipping usually weighs the heavier as it eliminates any wear and tear, extra mileage and hectic fuel costs, not to mention the time that you save to do more income generating tasks… In reality, you may even save a few dollars when shipping off-road vehicles.

Auto transport also offers many benefits across a wide range of shipping scenarios. For instance, you get the same value when relocating ( and shipping your car), or when you decide to buy a car or motorcycle or other types of off-road vehicles from another state.

How does one transport an off-road vehicle?

So, up to this point we should all be in agreement that shipping off-road vehicles is most certainly the way to go? I am sure that there are some of you who may have a few other questions that you need to have cleared up…things like what all of this will cost? How exactly does it work? And the one that is usually asked by the guys… What if it doesn’t fit? Let me try to solve these conundrums.

Our goal at National Auto Transportation is to provide you with a bespoke, tailor-made quote on shipping off-road vehicles. We don’t have flat fees (designed as an overcharging tool) or small print to catch you by surprise. We are 100% transparent!

It is important to note that there are many factors that influence the final delivery price when motorcycle shipping, or shipping off-road vehicles, or anything auto actually:

  • Size
  • Weight
  • Modifications – Generally, modifications alter the weight and size of the vehicle.

Free Shipping an Off-Road Vehicle

In order to offer our potential customers the most accurate price on shipping an off-road vehicle across the many routes that web across America, we offer free, no-obligation quotes on auto transportation, that allows you to calculate the amount of your ATV shipping costs, allowing you to make an informed decision.

Typically, the off-road vehicle is transported on top of an open car carrier that takes care of height clearance issues that are often associated with these vehicle types. One- or two-car flatbeds may be used in some special cases to move your UTV off-road vehicle.

shipping off-road vehicles

Do you Want to Become an Off-Roader?

Would you like me to help you decide whether to take up off-roading as a hobby? You need to consider a few things before deciding whether gears, gas, dust and mud is what you are made of… and if you are up to the challenge, which is everything that this hobby/sport/pastime is about…This may not be for you if you have difficulty handling difficult situations or if you stress easily!

Bought a new AWD from out of state? Learn how to break it in.

A good way to ease yourself into it is by starting as a passenger, or become the ultimate fear buster and just dive right in. Whatever you do, make sure you have access to shipping an off-road vehicle.

The price is another major factor as the hobby is not exactly inexpensive. The obvious beginning point would be to buy a good vehicle, and to make sure that it is maintained correctly and properly…You don’t want it to die on you when the going gets a little tough!

Here is an excellent article if you were wondering what is the Cheapest State for Vehicle Modifications.

To get the best deals, shop online because although off-roading does require some money, it doesn’t mean you cannot be smart about it. I’ve already mentioned that National Auto Transportation can ship your car without any trouble, so why not consider that you may be able to buy a vehicle out of state.

How Hard is it to Drive Off-Road?

The notion that off-roading is too difficult is often a deterrent to people who want to get into it. However, is this really true? In my humble opinion, I think probably not.

You can approach this activity in two ways: as a pure challenge or as an overall experience. Off-roading can be testing for you if you choose the first option, but then isn’t that what it is all about? In fact, you may actually enjoy overcoming the steep learning curve and mastering new techniques and trails.

As a family activity, off-roading is a unique outdoor experience with unparalleled views and stunning vistas. Some of the most beautiful trails in our country are easily accessible and much more children-friendly than challenging… another tick in the yes box is fact that the range of leisure off-road vehicles is broad and expanding.  

If you cannot yet drive a stick-shift (manual) transmission vehicle, I would highly recommend that you acquire this skill if you are contemplating off-roading as a pastime… and just a as a side-note for your peace of mind – all the auto transport drivers at Nationwide Auto Transportation can drive a manual vehicle.

Nationwide Provides Professional Auto Transportation

It makes sense that if you truly want to enjoy this activity, you will at some point be shipping off-road vehicles across the country. But you can ease yourself, and your family, into off-roading without going the whole hog and buying an off-road vehicle.

There are off-road clubs that take passengers, either by themselves, or in 6 people pickups, to experience some thrilling trails.

So, if you are ready to ramp it up and buy your first ATV or other off-road vehicle; or, you are a veteran that needs to get to the all important Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, or to your summer destination in Texas, what do you say? Why not let Nationwide Auto Transportation carry your beast to the battle?

Learn how you can protect your AWD from damage and what you can do to prevent it.

Send us a message via our online chat or give us a call at 800-311-7073 to discuss door to door auto transport. If you have any questions, we’ll be happy to answer them and provide you with a free, no-obligation quote. Shipping a whole fleet? No problem. We at Nationwide look forward to providing you with a reliable and affordable heavy duty auto shipping services. We appreciate you!