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penske truck rental

Penske Truck Rental [Independent Review]

What is Penske Truck Rental? Moving house or your business to another location? If you want to save money on moving costs, you could handle your own move by renting a truck from Penske. The company... Continue Reading
6 mins to read

Manheim Auto Auction: Your Nationwide Auto Transportation Guide to Auto Auctions

Manheim Auto Auction has been the number one name in North American and international auto auctions since 1945. The organization continues to set standards for the auto trading and vehicle... Continue Reading
7 mins to read
Classic car show

Car Show & Classic Auto Shipping Guide

At Nationwide Auto Transportation, we understand that your classic car is your baby. Whether you bought it from an auction, or put in countless hours to restore it to its former glory, it’s... Continue Reading
7 mins to read

Pre-Purchase Car Inspection: How to Avoid Buying a “Lemon”

Shopping for a used car can be both daunting and exciting. Defects may not be all that visible at first, but end up costing you a pretty penny later on. In this post, we aim to provide you with the... Continue Reading
8 mins to read

Car Shipping or Towing: What’s the difference?

So you need to move a car from one place to another; how do you choose whether you need car shipping or towing? Does it make a difference at all? If you’re new to the business of transporting... Continue Reading
4 mins to read
ship a car

Ship a Car: Should I Rent a Trailer or Auto Shipping Company?

When it comes to moving a car, you’ll face many decisions. One of the biggest choices is how you go about moving the car. Should you rent a trailer or dully from U Haul, or from Penske to tow it... Continue Reading
8 mins to read
Police Car Auctions

Police Car Auctions: Great Deal on Your Next Car [Top 26 U.S. Locations!]

Police Car Auctions Explained If you're in a pinch and need a really good deal on your next car, it may be an idea to head on over to some police car auctions. These auctions happen to be open to the... Continue Reading
8 mins to read
shipping the batmobile

Transporting the Batmobile: Batman’s First Choice in Auto Shipping

Can we transport the Batmobile?   At Nationwide Auto Transportation, we treat every customer with the same care and respect. Although every customer is equally special, some cars truly stand... Continue Reading
5 mins to read

Moving to a New Location? Try before you buy!

Moving to a New Location? Try before you buy! Ship your car and give your new neighborhood a test-drive first! Ask anyone you know, and we’d bet that they’d agree. Moving sucks. Whether... Continue Reading
3 mins to read