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Let’s face the truth. You only have one opportunity to make a first impression, and men take this very seriously. From our style to our ride, popular cars for men are a significant part of that impact, often serving as a visual extension of who we are. Just as a bespoke suit or a well-crafted watch can say much about a person, the car we drive can speak volumes about our tastes and lifestyle choices.

In this article, we drive into the world of popular cars for men, examining the models that capture attention and the reasons they resonate so strongly with male drivers. We’ll also look at how these vehicles enhance our image and reflect our personalities. Let’s gear up and discover the cars that made it to the top this year, and understand what makes them favorites.

popular cars for men

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What Drives Men to Love Cars?

Who do you know who just cannot stop talking about their cars? Maybe the four-wheeled lady in your garage has a special place in your heart? Relax, it’s nothing to worry about (your human lady may disagree).

The love triangle has been going on between guys, girls… and their cars for almost as long as they (cars obviously), have existed. That doesn’t mean there aren’t ladies who adore their cars as well. Clearly, it’s a different type of love. 

If you’re wondering why men love their cars, keep reading. Let’s take a little look under the (brother) hood and pull out a few theories about this and see where we end up.

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Many men love cars not just to look at them, but also to drive them. Look around a bit. On dates or road trips, men are typically behind the steering wheel. Study results showed that one of the ways that guys assert their masculinity is by driving—whether that is a good thing is debatable.

Men also enjoy a greater sense of control over their lives when they take the wheel. The event of buying one’s first car is still seen as a milestone in manhood.   

How is it that guys associate growing up with cars? A UK study revealed that only men receive an increased sense of self-esteem from car ownership —and the increase grows as the vehicle’s value increases.

popular cars for men

Women are From Venus, Men are From Detroit

You got a fast car

I want a ticket to anywhere

Maybe we make a deal

Maybe together we can get somewhere

Even in Tracy Chapman’s song she alludes that maybe because he has a fast car, they could make a deal and go somewhere. Teenage girls describe the kind of driver who is attractive to them as one with a car and a license. And they say men should not feel pressured—hah!

There is a new breed of consumer that is emerging through the ethernet, consumers who look at their vehicles like clothing. They get their peaches from Georgia and their Audi or Porsche is the last accessory that they dress themselves in. They are concerned with the color of their iPod and spend $300 on matching sunglasses, just to make sure they are looking dope and fit.

What car makes a woman cool? It doesn’t really matter, does it? A lady driving a dude car? It’s cool. And whether she drives a Prius, Porsche or Chevy? Still cool.

In contrast, men have a limited selection of popular cars for men that women find acceptable. The dude driving the “dude car” is cool. You may be mysterious if you drive a car that identifies as both male or female. But… There may be women everywhere politely chuckling under their breath to the guy waving from the “chick car.”

Love is in the air (filter) 

Men (and some women) love babying and naming their vehicles. With as much care as a newborn is given when bathing it, they wash and wax it. Even if a guy does not drive his dream car, it is easy for them to build an emotional attachment to their vehicles.

If a man can finally buy that car he’s desired since he was—in grade school?—there’s a good chance he’ll hold a special place in his heart, garage, and life for this baby.

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It may not be a mystery at all why men tend to fall in love with their cars more often than women. Cars become personal to men because they see them as extensions of themselves. The cars and trucks they drive offer them power, freedom, and adventure, so it’s easy to see how an automobile can be an integral part of a man’s life.

In the end, if a hombre invests a lot of time, energy, and money in a car or truck, why shouldn’t he fall in love? So why don’t you just drop a gear…and disappear!

popular cars for men

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) provides a forward-looking perspective on automotive trends up to 2024. Delve into their latest data to understand shifts in fuel economy, vehicle technology advancements, and the increasing role of eco-friendly vehicles in shaping men’s car preferences.

My Car is Not Just a Practical Thing

Women often consider cars to be a convenience, and they are more concerned with how the car can benefit them. Conversely, many men tend to humanize their vehicles. The cars and trucks they own are viewed as individuals with unique quirks and personalities.

Is there any practical use for a car or truck? Without a doubt. If you ask a car-loving guy to examine a special vehicle, he’ll look at the beauty and the power before thinking about trivial things like fuel efficiency, or dollar value.

When it comes to popular cars for men, the following thought explains it well: “My aspiration is a vision with a V12 engine”.

BMW reports that men are relaxed while they drive their car because they feel they have nothing to prove. A guy can feel like he is in complete control behind the wheel—or at least physically feel as though he is.

Nowadays, GPS and electronic safety systems (ADAS) can take over when necessary, but we can still enjoy the freedom of the open road. Visit our blog for hints, tips and suggestions for epic road trips.

Just the miles stretched out before you—no pressure, no fault-finding, no stress… It is one of the few activities that men are allowed to do alone without people questioning why they want to hang out alone. For some, driving across the country alone is closer to achieving zen than anything else.


For an even greater sense of security, let Nationwide ship your stress-reliever to your winter destination, safely and within your budget. Now that we have tinkered a bit around why men love cars so much—let’s look at a few of the most popular cars for men.

The Audi R8: Babe Magnet Deluxe

Women’s fancies seem to be tickled by Audis much more than by most other brands. Among the new models from the German luxury brand, the R8 will always impress potential dates.

This beautiful 21st century sports car is perhaps one of the most aggressive, yet elegant, rounded European designs. As well as the coupe, the car is available as a convertible.

What makes this car so impressive (to a man), is its 5.2-liter V8 engine, which can produce up to 610 horsepower. Hi-Ho Silver… away, and don’t worry about checking your rearview mirror, it doesn’t matter what is behind you does it?

Range Rovers Rock

Gerard Butler, Jennifer Aniston, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Gwen Stefani and Paris Hilton. It may sound like the names on a Hollywood A-list party, but these celebs all own a Range Rover. And if a Range Rover is good enough for The Boss (Yip, Bruce Springstein also owns one), why should us lesser men argue?

It’s not just that women choose a car they want to drive for different reasons, but did you know that they also admire men who drive the same model?

40% of women said that they prefer larger sport utility vehicles—and Range Rover was the top choice.

There is even a Range Rover SUV parked in the garage of Prince William of England. So if these models are popular cars for men and princes, sign me up!

Classic Jaguar E-Type, Groovy Baby

Austin Powers drove a classic Jag in, ‘The Spy Who Shagged Me’—how can you argue with the ultimate ladies man? In 1961, the Jaguar E Type was the most talked about car at the Geneva Motor Show due to its ground-breaking performance, stunning sleek bodywork, and impressive handling.

This sports car features a 4-speed manual transmission coupled with a 3.8-liter, 6-cylinder engine with independent suspension. In the black-and-aluminum dashboard, there is an array of visually appealing instrumentation for the driver and the passenger to view as they sit on leather seats. The rack and pinion steering is turned by a wood-rim steering wheel. It reaches 153mph and completes a standing quarter mile in 15 seconds. It can also reach 0-60 mph in 6.7 seconds.

The sleek, classic Jaguar E-Type is still making a splash, both with women and men alike.

Almost every man has a special place in his heart for cars and trucks. It’s no wonder there are so many vehicles known as popular cars for men. Perhaps this explains why men are ten times more likely to ship a car when they move!

Cars are extensions of the self for many men. The idea of leaving it behind was never an option. Let us take care of your precious wherever you need her to be – click here for your free no obligation quote.

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