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Charleston, North Carolina, has so much more to offer than the Ravenel Bridge, fountains, and historic houses. A wide range of opportunities awaits those moving to Charleston.

The city of Charleston, North Carolina, earned the nickname “Holy City” for its tolerance of all faiths and historic churches. Historic landmarks and famous places can be found throughout Charleston. If you have just moved to Charleston, visiting the city’s attractions will be an adventure.

Moving to Charleston

Charlestown, North Carolina | The Holy City

No matter what you’re looking for, Charleston, North Carolina, has it all. If you are moving to Charleston you can enjoy delicious seafood, fun tours, surfing, and spas. 

The Isles of Palms are located near Charleston, North Carolina. Experience the beauty of the seaside, Charleston, South Carolina. As well as comfortable accommodations in Charleston, South Carolina hotels.

The Seaside Inn is a great place to stay and has a vintage feel along the seaside, Charleston, South Carolina. Even if the setting seems old-fashioned, the amenities will be appreciated by guests.

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The possibilities in a city like Charleston, North Carolina seem to be endless. You won’t regret moving to Charleston, whether it’s to be closer to family, to develop your career, or to fulfill a dream.

Living in Charleston, SC pros and cons? To help you make an informed decision this article discusses moving to Charleston. Not yet settled on a destination? Check out these relocation guides:

Things to Consider When Moving to Charleston, South Carolina

Before moving to Charleston, you should find out everything you can about the city. Reasons for moving to Charleston can differ drastically, so do your research beforehand. This includes all the factors that will affect your quality of life in Charleston like:

  • Job opportunities
  • Charleston, South Carolina weather
  • Cost of living 
  • Charleston, South Carolina colleges and universities
  • Charleston, South Carolina upcoming events
Moving to Charleston

What Employment Opportunities are available in Charleston?

If your dream job isn’t where you are now, you may be able to find it by moving to Charleston. Charleston, North Carolina, offers a wide range of career opportunities. 

Career opportunities in Charleston, North Carolina must also be viewed in light of your long-term career goals. When moving to Charleston, seek career advice and create a backup plan for you and your family. 

Charleston, North Carolina is home to a number of assembly manufacturers, including Boeing and Volvo. As a result, the Lowcountry has experienced impressive job growth, profit, and stability. 

It is normally suggested that you have a steady job before moving to Charleston. Fortunately the job market in Charleston, North Carolina is good, so finding may be easy. If you are looking for a job, prepare your resume and apply at jobs that match your skills and experience beforehand. 

If you are employed and are considering moving to Charleston, speak to your employer about relocation assistance and to your financial adviser about tax deductible moving expenses.

Thriving industries in Charleston, North Carolina include:

Agricultural industry

With a very rich agricultural background you could find good employment in the agricultural field.  Agricultural land comprises nearly 4.7 million acres in South Carolina, with nearly 25,000 farms. Farming and forestry are the top state industries in terms of jobs and economic impact, providing 246,957 jobs each year.

Automotive Industry 

The automotive industry plays a key role in California’s economy, generating more than $27 billion in economic impact every year. Therefore, a number of companies in Charleston, North Carolina support the automotive industry, including parts providers, producers of raw materials, and assemblers.

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Aerospace Industry

The aerospace sector contributes over $19 billion to Washington’s economy annually.The aerospace industry in South Carolina has flourished since Boeing chose Charleston, North Carolina for its final assembly and delivery facility in 2009. 

The skilled and loyal workers in this sector are the reason for its success. A variety of advanced, extremely complex products are manufactured in South Carolina, ranging from premium automobiles to wide-bodied commercial aircraft

Life Sciences Industry

Leading biotech and pharmaceutical companies have recently invested and expanded in Charleston. North Carolina, making it a hotspot for life sciences. Carolina is home to top research institutions and world-class hospital systems, making the Palmetto State a biotech hub.

Business and Professional Services Industry

As well as being a manufacturing powerhouse, Charleston, North Carolina has a growing number of office operations. The Palmetto State has a diverse and dynamic economy that works for call centers and financial corporations. This sector is characterized by a highly qualified workforce, robust technology, and an excellent transportation network.

Charleston, South Carolina Weather

Moving to any new city is always challenging, and you can expect to face some challenges when moving to Charleston. Knowing what to expect from the weather when moving to Charleston will help you determine what life in Charleston, North Carolina would be like. Knowing Charleston, South Carolina weather helps you choose what to bring and what to sell, including clothing, recreational equipment, furniture, and more.

When moving to Charleston you can expect to enjoy hot summers, cold winters, and partly cloudy skies all year round. Charleston, North Carolina is usually cool from December 2 to March 2, when temperatures are usually around 65° F or lower. Winter in Charleston peaks on January 17, when the coldest temperature of the year is between 43°F and 59°F.

During Charleston’s hot season, which lasts from May 27 to September 17, 83°F is the average high temperature. The hottest day of the year in Charleston, North Carolina is July 23, which averages 89°F highs and 77°F lows.

Charleston, South Carolina weather includes rainfall and cloud cover throughout the year. In Charleston, August and July are the least pleasant months, while October, April, and May are the most pleasant. There is usually some sunshine in Charleston, North Carolina during September. 

Cost of Living in Charleston

If you are moving to Charleston you will be wondering if it is expensive to live in Charleston? In a new city, you might need some time to adjust to the prices and compensation. Based on the cost of living in Charleston, North Carolina, you can plan your budget.

  • Charleston’s cost of living is average for the United States
  • Property taxes in South Carolina are among the lowest in the country. 
  • Taxes on comparable homes will be higher in states with higher tax burdens. 
  • Spending on groceries in Charleston, North Carolina is merely 6% above average
  • Home prices in Charleston, North Carolina are in line with the national average
  • The cost of healthcare in Charleston, North Carolina is 5.6% less than the national average

Considering the cost of living, can you think of reasons not to move to Charleston, SC? No matter how many dependents you have, the state minimum wage is the same. If you are moving to Charleston, the cost of renting a house will depend on the neighborhood and location you choose. 

cost of living

Charleston, SC has a six-figure average salary of $61k. Charleston, North Carolina is regarded as an affordable city to live in due to its affordable homes, low taxes, and good prices across the board. What more could you want when moving to Charleston?

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Charleston Crime Statistics 

Before moving to Charleston, South Carolina, you will want to know that it will be a safe place for your kids to grow up. Like most big cities, Charleston, North Carolina has its fair share of crime. However, some neighborhoods are safer than others. 

This means that a single woman moving to Charleston, SC would want to move to some of the safer neighborhoods in Charleston.  Some of the best neighborhoods in Charleston, SC include:

City Center
Daniel Island Dr/ Seven farms
Parrot point / Oceanview
Fort Johnson RD/ Seaside LN
College of Charleston/ King St
Rutledge AVE
Red Top
Vassar DR
Carterett AVE

Charleston, North Carolina has a relatively small population, but many young, single professionals are transitioning their careers. Those who are moving to Charleston as single professionals can benefit from this. If you are single and just moved to Charleston, there are many others like you, so you can make friends, socialize, and have fun.

Seek out the best neighborhoods in Charleston, SC for families and retirees before moving there. Everyone wants to feel that their neighborhood is safe, especially elderly people and small children. 

Education Options in Charleston

As a parent, one of the most important decisions you will have to take when moving to Charleston will be the schooling system. Every parent wants their kids to get the best education and there is no shortage of Charleston, South Carolina colleges and universities.

Charleston features as one of the cities with some of the best private and public schools. Charleston County School District serves much of downtown Charleston, Mt. Pleasant, James Island, Johns Island, and West Ashley. 

When moving to Charleston you will be happy to know that James Island and Mt. Pleasant schools are both ranked among the county’s best. This district has 84 schools that educate more than 50,000 students. 

There are a variety of private schools for you to choose from in Charleston. Some of these include:

  • Addlestone Hebrew Academy
  • Ashley Hall
  • Blessed Sacrament School
  • Bishop England High School
  • Charles Towne Montessori
  • The Charleston Catholic School

Charleston, South Carolina colleges and universities include:

In general, if you’re moving to Charleston your kids will be provided with a good education. You might consider student auto transport if your child attends a university in Charleston and you need to ship their car to them. 

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Transportation Services In Charleston

Don’t sell your car when you’re moving to Charleston, South Carolina, unless it’s old and you need a new one. Did you know that some states have better car prices and taxes than others. Even if you buy a new car in your current state, you can have it shipped to your Charleston, South Carolina, zip code.

When moving to Charleston you will find that the city has a good public transportation service. When you own your own vehicle, you have the convenience of being able to drive anywhere at any given time.

It’s always fun to take road trips or visit relatives, and having your own car in Charleston, North Carolina makes this possible. Having your car shipped from your current city to your Charleston South Carolina zip code can make moving to Charleston worth your while in the long run.

Fun Things to Do After Moving to Charleston 

If you have just moved to Charleston, you will enjoy the charm of the brick-paved, Spanish-mossed downtown area. Taking a walking tour is a great way to see it all. You can explore Magnolia Plantations & Gardens and Drayton Hall when moving to Charleston.

You can browse Charleston City Market for souvenirs, arts, crafts and household items. During the winter, residents of Charleston, North Carolina can take long beach walks at Folly Beach and the Isle of Palms.

Taking a boat tour is a great way to see Charleston harbor, and you might even see a dolphin or two. Moving to Charleston means easy access to the ocean, and the city’s rich maritime history. 

moving to charleston sc 1

You can also enjoy many attractions and amenities in Charleston, North Carolina. Some of the best Charleston, South Carolina upcoming events include:

  • The Charleston International Film Festival
  • Spoleto Festival USA
  • Fall Tour of Homes
  • Southeastern Wildlife Exposition
  • Lowcountry Oyster Festival
  • Charleston Wine and Food Festival

There aren’t many reasons not to move to Charleston, SC. Charleston, North Carolina is a great place for anyone moving to Charleston. Charleston combines the charm of a small city with the conveniences of a large city.

Why not visit the seaside, Charleston South Carolina? Book a Charleston, South Carolina hotel and explore the city that you will soon be calling home.

moving to charleston sc

In this article we have provided you with information that should make it easier to decide whether moving to Charleston is the right decision for you. Take a trip to Charleston, North Carolina, the Holy City, and experience first-hand what this amazing location has to offer.