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The tax landscape regarding ‘can I write off moving expenses” has changed in recent years!

If you’re not in the military, to write off moving expenses are off the table for now. The tax reform put a pause on these for taxpayers from 2018 through 2025. But, there’s an exception for active-duty military. If you’re moving for a permanent station change, you might still get a tax break.

Eligible military members can deduct costs like packing, shipping, and even storing your stuff, but not your meal costs. Remember, if you’re storing items, you can only deduct these expenses for up to 30 days after your move-out date. When tax time rolls around, tally up these costs, categorize them, and list them on IRS Form 3903.

Don’t forget to save all your moving receipts. They’re not just good for tracking expenses; they’re your proof if the IRS comes knocking for an audit.

For those who can’t deduct moving costs, there are ways to save some green. Maybe move during off-peak times, pack your things, shop around for moving services, or even rent a truck for a DIY adventure.

Staying informed is key, so for the latest details, always check the IRS’s official guidelines or chat with a tax expert. They’ve got the know-how to give you the best advice for your situation.

Write off Moving Expenses

Nationwide Auto Transportation understands the complexities and stresses of moving and we have compiled this article to help explain what you can write off for moving expenses, and to answer the question, “How much can I write off moving expenses?”

Moving Tax Deduction | Can You Write Off Moving Expenses?

Practically every part of the moving process is going to cost you either money, sleep or a prescription to really strong tranquilizers. If you do not have a well-thought out plan your budget could soon look as bleak as the Nevada desert in autumn and your move may cause a major meltdown. Avoid this through careful planning, and always keep in mind of what costs are coming up, and when they need to be paid:

  • Cost of a moving company
  • Deposits and advances on you new property
  • New furniture
  • Remodeling
  • Repairs

Keep a detailed list of costs and make sure that there are enough funds available to cover them, and do not forget your taxes!

Tax deductible items are constantly changing along with tax laws and moving expenses tax is no different. The most accurate way to check your eligibility for moving expense deduction, and to see what can I write off for moving expenses, is to visit, Can I Deduct My Moving Expenses. What do you do if your company asks you to move to a different office or branch? A good start is to read this post on Relocation Assistance, and then to follow it up with a call to one of our clever consultants, who will assist you with any moving advice. Call today!

Carry on reading to learn how you write off moving expenses on taxes, and further down you will find some practical money saving tips when you need to move on a tight budget.

Can I Write Off Moving Expenses?

Relocation is one of the leading stressors today, and nearly everyone asks the question if you can write off moving expenses when you need to make that big move. Although many employers do offer some type of relocation aid, it is not always the case. If you are relocating for work, it is always a good idea to check with your company’s human resources department regarding what they will, and won’t pay for. To make the entire process just a little easier, here is your copy of the NAT Ultimate Relocation Guide that you can download before learning more about moving expenses tax.

Write off Moving Expenses

Are there write offs for taxes that include typical moving costs, and can you write off expenses for moving for a job? Let’s first look at when you can write off moving expenses on your taxes: The federal tax deduction was removed by the U.S. Congress from 2018, but there is talk that the moving expenses tax deduction may become permanent, but until that is verified, the end date is the first day of 2026.

Here is a good question. If you made a physical move in 2017 because of a new career, work opportunity or company transfer, are you able to write off moving expenses for your move?

If you did not stipulate or attempt to write off moving expenses, you may indeed consider revising your federal tax return. To file an amended return, you should fill in the IRS 1040-X form within three years from the original form being filed, or within two years of the date that you last paid any tax on that particular return. 

What Are Exceptions For Writing Off Moving Expenses? 

The law may have changed around who can write off moving expenses but there are still a few exceptions when it comes to the new law:

  1. Military members who are on active duty, and have to move because of (PCS) a permanent change of station, can benefit from learning how to write off moving expenses. Here is your ultimate guide to a PCS move.
  2. Are you an entrepreneur that moved to start a new business somewhere else? You may also qualify to write off moving expenses related to the move. Visit our Auction to Dealer page, or the Car Buyer page, if you are looking at buying a vehicle for your business. 
  3. Spouses or dependent children of incarcerated, deserted or deceased military personnel may qualify for a deduction on their relocation fee and other moving expenses.
  4. Surviving families of individuals who worked overseas for the US Government, and need to relocate back, can apply for a moving expenses deduction. Read our BLOG for a variety of articles regarding military and overseas moves.
  5. If a disability caused you to lose your job, can you deduct moving expenses? Yes, losing your work due to a disability is also one of the exceptions in the tax laws for when to write off moving expenses.

Military Relocation

By now you will have seen that if you are not currently on active military duty with a PCS order, and your move happened after or in 2018, the chances are slim that your tax return, IRS Form 3903, will include writing off any tax-deductible moving expenses. So why read on? Did your move happen in 2017? Do you feel that you fall under the exceptions column? If you answered yes to the last two questions, the rest of this article will show you what you can write off as moving expenses… and don’t forget about our money saving moving tips towards the end.

Take a slight detour and Explore the History of the Car Rental Industry before you check out what moving expenses are deductible, and what are not.

What Can You Write Off For Moving Expenses?

Can I write off moving expenses on taxes? After looking at your circumstances you’ve realized that you may qualify to write off moving expenses. What now, and do you know how to deduct taxes? Before we answer these, and other questions, here is a short list of what moving expenses are deductible:

  • The important thing to remember is that you can only deduct direct expenses. When I am moving to another state, how much can I write off for moving expenses, and what can I claim on my taxes? As said, only direct expenses can be deducted so with that in mind here is a list of moving expenses that can be written off:
  • Travel cost for yourself and family with you
  • Packing and moving costs
  • Cost of utilities cancellation at old home
  • Vehicle shipping cost—Nationwide Auto Transportation will assist you with relocation advice and we are experts at shipping your vehicle to your new home.
  • Overnight or temporary accommodation while traveling— You can save a few dollars and enjoy the amazing outdoor beauty while traveling. Enjoy your trip with these Car Camping Hacks
  • Parking Costs
  • You can claim 30 days worth of storage costs—learn how to store your classic car

What Can’t You Write Off For Moving Expenses?

When it comes to what moving expenses are not deductible and what you can’t write off, it is always good to remember the first rule of how to write off moving expenses. And that means only direct moving expenses can be deducted. So, with that on your mind, here are things that you should not put on your IRS FORM 3903:

  • You cannot add any meals you ate while traveling
  • The cost of any detours while on the road
  • Any trips prior to looking for a house
  • The cost of buying, renting or remodeling your new home
  • Any temporary accommodation costs accrued while waiting for a new place
  • Any return trips to your old abode

What Do You Need And How Do You Write Off Moving Expenses On Taxes?

There are a few things that you need before you can deduct moving expenses. Although the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act have excluded most Americans who want to write off moving expenses, there are still some states that allow certain moving expenses deductions. We explore three tests that will allow you to see if you qualify to write off moving expenses:

  • Distance Test: To qualify, the location of your new work opportunity should be a minimum of 50 miles further away from where you used to stay, than your previous employer’s address. A little math could save you some dollars in this case, so here goes: The travel distance between your old home and work was 20 miles and your current employer has offices that are 100 miles from where you used to stay. This means that the difference is more than the 50 mile limit, and you can qualify. 
  • Time Test: You have to relocate within a twelve month period, either before, or after you have commenced your new work.

Ask Nationwide AT for Assistance

  • The ‘How long have you worked’ Test: After you have moved you need to be employed full time for a minimum of 39 weeks. You can still qualify if you switch jobs, and self employed individuals must have full time income for the same amount of time in the first year, but need an additional 78 weeks in the second year after they have relocated.

Active members of the military that get PCS orders—or move to their place of retirement—are exempt from the last two tests.

Consultants and the drivers, at Nationwide Auto Transportation are highly skilled. The company has more than 15 years experience in specialized Military moves. We will march with you throughout the whole booking and shipping process. Read our post How to Ship Your Car When You are Transferred.

What Forms Should I Fill in to Claim Deductions?

Once you have the answer to the question, “What can I deduct on my taxes?”, you can start looking at the paperwork. Even when you apply for a standard deduction, or itemized deductions, you could still claim moving expenses. Once you have your IRS 3903, go to line 26 of Form 1040 for the year 2017, and fill in your deductions amount. 

If you’re in the military the same form is used, and for the 2018 tax year and to enter the amount on Schedule 1 of Form 1040. Here is your Schedule 1

How Much Can I Write Off For Moving Expenses For Work Tax Deduction?

Business owners who decide to relocate their business, can deduct their moving costs for the business. Business inventory and machines or equipment are also included, but can you claim rent on your taxes? If you’re a business, yes.

Self employed entrepreneurs that move to facilitate the start of a new business, can claim their personal moving expenses if it was business related. A self employed person is classified as not in part time school, full time employment, or owning a corporation. However, they must still meet the distance and work period tests.

What Are State Tax Moving Deductions?

Certain states still charge income tax. If you live in one of them, you may still be able to deduct the expenses accrued during your move.

*From mid 2019 only the following seven states still exclude reimbursements for moving and/or allow tax deductions:

  • Arkansas
  • California
  • Hawaii
  • Massachusetts
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Pennsylvania

*This is not tax advice and should be confirmed with a legal tax consultant. 

Find Help With The Moving Professionals

We hope that this blog post has answered all your questions regarding how to write off moving expenses. Check out other posts that we have on RELOCATION if you are planning a move. Nationwide Auto Transportation has an A+ Better Business Bureau rating; and our free Cost Calculator will help you with an upfront price to relocate your car. Call us today for car transport with peace of mind.

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